Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day One, Part One

Killfith: How depressing…

Rif: Huh?

Killfith: Why must I introduce myself to the village chief?

Rif: What do you mean why? If you’re going to live here, it’s only natural you greet our Chief.
    -At least, that seems to be how Master feels about the whole thing.

Killfith: Tch…

Rif: It’ll be all right. Since you don’t look all that scary anymore, you’ll be fine so long as you don’t say anything.

Killfith: What does that… I don’t want to hear those kind of bad jokes coming from you.

Rif: What are you getting angry about? Do you like being scary?

Killfith: Be quiet… you’re putting a damper on my mood.

Rif: What the heck! If you really want to be scary, why do you go around in that weird get-up? Because it doesn’t exactly scream ‘scary,’ you know.
    -Although, it might help if we drew a horn on your face.
    -Drew… a horn…

Killfith: Argh! What are you laughing about! What kind of thing were you imagining?!

Rif: Sorry, sorry. Really, it’s nothing~.

Killfith: Tch, forget it.

Rif: Wait a sec! Where are you going? If it’s to see Murno…

(He leaves)

Rif: He left…
    -I think Murno should be in her room upstairs. I wonder what I should do…

Just as Rif is about to leave the workshop…

Killfith: Let me go! Forcing me to greet someone—

V.E: Geez! I heard you the first time.

Rif: Oh, Master… and Killfith.

V.E: Maybe… were you two thinking of sneaking out to see Murno?

Killfith: Nrh—! I don’t know about this idiot, but why would I do something like that?

Rif: Well, for me…
    -I was going to go up to Murno’s room.  >Sneaky!
    -Hadn’t even crossed my mind.  >Not Guilty!

Rif: Not everyone had come back yet, so I didn’t see the harm in it…

V.E: Uh-huh. Really, you guys were just worried about her. Ahh, honestly…  >Murno

Not Guilty!
Rif: I just thought I’d wait by the doorway since I’d already finished preparing.

V.E: Yeah, yeah, say what you like. You’re so easy to figure out.  >Murno

Rif: Wh-what’s that supposed to mean? I wasn’t…!

V.E: Oh man, even though you guys are trying to play hooky, I can’t help but think she’s become like a princess in a dream.
    -She was pretty exhausted, but she should be okay with a little bit of rest.

Rif: I see. That’s good.

Killfith: In that case, maybe I should get a little bit more sleep too…

V.E: Excuuuse me? That kind of thing should be reserved for when you have free time. We still have your training to pick up on.

Rif: You mean now?!

V.E: Why do you sound so surprised?! What a miserable student this poor master has to teach!
     -You need to hurry and become at least skilled enough to do repair work. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just usable enough so that people won’t be ashamed to accept it. Otherwise I’ll really be worried about our income!

Rif: Wow, practical as ever…

V.E: If you understand how harsh reality can be, you won’t slack off in your training!

Rif: Yes ma’am.

V.E: Killfith, you too!

Killfith: Whatever you want…

V.E: Today, you will learn how to disassemble weapons.

Rif: Disassembling, huh?

Info: By disassembling a completed weapon, you can restore the shapestone used to craft it.
     -During the process, the other component used in the weapon will be lost, but the shapestone itself will retain some of the weapon’s attributes.
     -Your blacksmith’s rank and TEC will increase based on how big the changes in the shapestone’s inherited attributes are.

Rif: All right, let’s give a try. You ready, Killfith?

Killfith: Let’s get this over with…

(It is now possible to converse with your partner)

Info: When your character is not busy, you can speak with your partner.
    -In order to do so, simply press Select.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: All right, let’s disassemble this sword!

Killfith: Forging weapons only to break them down again. Am I the only one who finds it bothersome?

Rif: But disassembling weapons that’ve been used for a while can be made much stronger after tempering and fixing them up.

Killfith: So, we’re dismantling that sword now because it can’t be used for a long time?

Rif: Th—that’s not what I meant! Anyway, you’ll understand better once your training builds up!

(Forging funtimes)

Rif: We were able to disassemble the sword.

V.E: Then, with the materials you have, you and Killfith will forge a new weapon.

Rif: A weapon with Killfith…

Killfith: …

V.E: Isn’t that what we were practicing for yesterday? Go on, give it a try!

(Forging funtimes)

(Obtained Amateur Knife!)

Rif: We did it…

V.E: How did it go?

Rif: Well…

Killfith: Just spit it out.

Rif: It’s awesome! Compared to the one I made by myself, this is in a whole other league!
    -You did really great, Killfith! Look, look, see! It’s soooo cool!

Killfith: Knock it off… so annoying.

Rif: What the heck, you think a guy would like some praise after all the trouble we went through.

Killfith: That’s why I said it’s annoying.

Rif: Hey, don’t tell me you’re feeling embarrassed.

Killfith: Wh—who would feel embarrassed! Not me!
    -Mocking me like that, you want me to kill you?

V.E: Hahaha… you guys really get along, huh? Come on, let me see it.

Rif: Sure.

V.E: (…)

Rif: Well?

V.E: I’d give it a ‘so-so.’

Rif: Only ‘so-so’…

V.E: While forging this weapon with your partner, did you realize anything important?
     -When you’re finally able to communicate with one another’s heart and mind, your weapon’s strength will be limitless!

Rif: Limitless! Awesome!

V.E: But look at you two now. Why, it reminds me of when Rob and I first met—as if Fate itself had brought us together…

(V.E chibifies)

V.E♡: Although I didn’t know anything about being a blacksmith, Rob gently took my hand and showed me how to do it, step by step…

Rif: Ahh… I think we lost her…

Killfith: The weapon is finished, already. Shouldn’t that mean the lesson is over too?

V.E: What’s wrong? Are you still worried about Murno?

Killfith: Shut the hell up. There’s no cause for me to feel something so foolish.

V.E: It really is no good keeping you distracted, is it? All right, I guess this was a pretty good session, so you’re free to see her if you like.
    -Okay, Killfith? You can go now.

Killfith: Hey, wait, I never—!

V.E: Rif, why don’t you go too?

Rif: Me?

Killfith: Listen to me!

V.E: You both showed me you could work hard, so I guess you’re off the hook. Besides, I’m sure Murno would be happy to have some company.

Rif: I see…

Killfith: Forget it… Just do whatever you want…

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