Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Four, Part Eight

Near the heart of Lute Caves…

???: It’s not enough… the pain…

Rif: What was that voice?

Killfith: An unpleasant one… it’s that human from before.

(Inside the cavernous area)

Pike: The pain…

(Rif and Killfith are puzzled)

Pike: The pain…

Rif: What is he talking about?!

Pike: (turns around) There's one left over! A Stray Summon!

Rif: Stop! He's not a Stray!

Pike: You're that runt from before! Didn't I tell you not to come near here? Or do you want to be squashed?

Rif: I—I'm sorry, it's just… I thought we might be able to help exterminate the Strays…

Pike: Help?! What could a couple of small children like you possibly do to help?

Killfith: I'm not a child! You should be grateful I don’t slap that mouth of yours for mocking my appearance!

Pike: What was that?! Summon Creatures shouldn't back talk to their human lords!

Killfith: What…!

Pike: And you! If you're its owner, you need to properly discipline it.

Rif: His owner...? What are you talking about? I’m Killfith's comrade—his partner!

Pike: His partner? You must be joking… if the owner doesn’t personally discipline it, then of course it’ll turn out rotten…
    -You think that’s fine? A Summon Creature is a weed! Weeds shouldn't talk back, and therefore back-talking Summon Creatures need to be eliminated!

Rif: Wha...!

Pike: I know just what to do. I'll simply replace its exalted master so that I can teach that Summon Creature how to behave, myself.
    -And I say any Summon Creature that talks back to its human lords needs to be punished!

Killfith: You ugly bastard, if you continue to talk to me like some sort of dog, I will be the one to teach you, in full, how to behave.

Pike: Try to use some of that fight in you to make sure I enjoy this at least a little!

Rif: Geez!

(Beats Pike into the ground for being a dink)

Pike: Urgh... that’s smarts…

Killfith: Tch… I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Pike: Heeheehee... that's good... more pain...

Rif: Huh?

Pike: More pain… give me more!

Rif: What the heck is he talking about?!

(Someone else walks up)

???: What abominable thing is shouting over here? I know it couldn’t have been that little lady over there.

Killfith: Another one?

Rif: Wow… another weirdo arrived…

???: Oh my, what did you say? Shouldn’t you take care to watch that mouth of yours?
    -I don't care if you are a child, I'll make an example of anyone who insults the beautiful Lord Gillan by tearing them to pieces with my Poison Claws!

Rif: The beautiful Gillan…

Killfith: This guy's serious! Rif!

Gillan: What's this? This wouldn't happen to be your Summon Creature, would it?

Rif: Y-yeah.

Gillan: So, Pike, did you happen to see anyone like the picture of the child around here?

Pike: No. And the only Companion Beast I’ve seen around here is this one.

Gillan: Such a chore! Doubtless even talking with these two wouldn't help any. Ah, what a pain…
    -Although that one girl I saw on the way here was rather cute.

Rif: Wha—wait, who are you talking about?!

???: What are you doing playing around here?!

Rif: Didn't that voice belong to a woman this time?

(Two people walk up)

Gillan: Once again, dear Anise, your cute face will never come to anything if all you ever do is scowl.

Anise: I'm not interesting in hearing that from you! Who is that?

Rif: (looks at Bostaph) Ah! He’s…

(Momentary flashback to a dark, rainy night)

Rif: (stunned) …

Gillan: Ahh, that? Seems that girl there is that Companion Beast's child.
    -After all the trouble you must have gone through to come here—such a disappointment.

Killfith: That man Bostaph's aura is a foul color… if he's the one aiming at Murno—

Bostaph: It's been a long time, Rifmonica. I had heard from V.E that you had come to Prosban.
    -I couldn't believe my ears when I heard you'd gotten a Summon Creature... Looks like you've finally become a Craftknight.

Rif: Uh, yes... because Master said I would need to have a forging partner...

Anise: If she's a Craftknight... she might be acquainted with...

Bostaph: (amused) Indeed… she is Rob's rumored apprentice. What do you think?

Anise: (!) That kid... I see...

Rif: Wh… what is it? Why are you glaring at me like that?

Anise: (to her companions) Did any Stray Summons appear in this area?

Pike: Yeah, there were about five or six. I ate the entire party, but they weren't very filling.

Gillan: Whaat?! And you didn't leave even one for me? You just enjoyed it all by your greedy self, did you? You're the worst!

Anise: I see. Then there is nothing more to do here. I'm heading back.

Pike: I'm still hungry, so I think I'll find something to eat...

Gillan: I'll go too, then.

Killfith: Why is it our enemies have all gathered here...?

Bostaph: You should also hurry back home to your village. I've already told V.E that I won't put a stop to the Stray Hunting.
    -To return the favor of the scar on my face and Rob's death... with these hands, I will take my revenge.

Rif: Um... But, Mr. Bostaph, it sounds like you're searching for a kid who has a Summon Creature as a companion...
    -Why would you do that? What on earth did that kid do?

Bostaph: Do you want to know?

Rif: Uh... yes...

Bostaph: I see... what, you ask... heheheh...
    -If you want to know the truth, that girl is at the heart of the calamity that has overtaken us!

Rif: Calamity...?

Bostaph: Everything is that girl's fault. It is thanks to her that Stray Summons have begun to act violently in this area. Therefore...
    -It is that girl's fault that I have this scar on my face and that Rob died!

Rif: Wha...

Bostaph: Of course, that is dependent upon whether that man’s word is good. But whether it is or not, eradicating every Stray in this area will only do us good.

Rif: That...

Bostaph: Until we meet again. Be sure to send my regards to V.E.

Rif: Killfith... was what he said about Murno true?

Killfith: ...

Rif: Well?! Is it really Murno's fault that all the Strays have been acting out?!

Killfith: I don't know.

Rif: What do you mean, you don't know?!

Killfith: I don't know if Murno is the cause of the Stray Summons attacking people, or why they would say that.
    -What I do understand is that right now, as long as Murno is anywhere near this town, she is in danger.

Rif: I…
    -What’s the best thing to do? Master…

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