Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Eight, Part One

Rif: Okay! Today we have a meeting at the Council of Gold! … Well, easy enough to say…
    -The truth is, I'm really bad with speeches.

Killfith: Feeling self-conscious, are we?

Rif: ... That's not what I wanted you to say!
    -Anyway, I'll do my best. I just have to make everyone understand that Anise and her gang are trying to nab the demon stone!

Killfith: Heh... do the best you can.

Rif: For some reason, I feel kind of cheated, but thanks anyway!
    -All right! Let's go!

(Rif exits the forging room)

Tier: Oh, Rif, how are you? Were you able to sleep all right?

Rif: Yeah, I slept like a rock!

V.E: Is that so? I'd like to ask if you've already figured out what you're going to say, but…
    -Knowing you, I'd be happy just as long as your eight hours of sleep helped your brain to put everything in order.

Rif: You'll see! Soon we'll tell everyone flat-out how Anise and her friends have been trying to get the demon stone!
    -But if Master Bostaph really is friends with those guys, I wonder what'll happen…
    -Master Bostaph is still pretty suspicious... not to mention scary-looking...

Eliez: (...) Master Bostaph is... suspicious...?

Jade: (annoyed) Hey, Rif! Don't be so bent on distrusting someone just because they're ‘scary-looking!’

Rif: Uh, right! Sorry, Aniki.

Jade: Hold on there! What kind of apology was that?

Killfith: Hmph. If it's just a scary face that makes a villain…

(Everyone looks at Master Benson)

Benson: Hm?

Murno: Killfith, be nice!

Jade: Anyway, don't give that kind of nonsense a second thought. Okay, Eliez?

Eliez: (still upset, but with a small smile) ... Mmkay.

V.E: Well, shall we go, then?

Jade: We'll be waiting outside, so hurry up.

Eliez: I’ve got stuff I need to do, too!

(Everyone departs)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Today's the big meeting. Let's get to the Council of Gold and stir things up!

Killfith: I think you might actually be incapable of shutting up.

Rif: That’s beside the point!

(Outside the workshop)

V.E: Are you ready to go to the Council of Gold yet?

    -Of course I'm ready!  >To the Council
    -Just a little longer.  >Arg

V.E: Hurry up.

To the Council
V.E: All right, let's go.

Tier: Yay~!

V.E: Hold up, who said you're coming with us?!

Tier: Huh?!

Jade: There’s no helping it. Even if you came, there's nothing you could do.
    -Just keep an eye on the workshop for us.

Tier: Cheh… Fine, I'll just leave, then.

Jade: H-hey, wait up…

Murno: (to Killfith) I wonder where she went.

Killfith: Business transaction, probably.

Jade: Good grief. She goes off on her own just because of a little scolding.

V.E: Only because she didn't want to consent to a little house-sitting. Really, how dreadful.
    -Well, no point in dwelling on it. We have some business of our own to put in order.
    -Time to get serious! Put on your war face!

Rif: Yes, ma'am!

In front of Bostaph's workshop, Lemmy watches the group, fuming silently. Without a word, he goes into the workshop. Meanwhile, everyone else is staring after him.

Rif: What was that about...?

V.E: Don't get distracted. We’re moving out!

Rif: Uh—yes, ma'am.

(They head off; fade to black)