Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Three, Part One

Rif: Come on, we have a match set with Master before the departure! Let's show them how powerful we've gotten by forging the highest order of weapon!

Killfith: I honestly don't want to know what goes on inside that head of yours...
    -I wonder if it'll really be all right to bring this idiot into town...

Rif: You know, you don't seem very energetic. I used to be partners with Master, and she's always had a strong mind-set.
    -If she doesn't approve of us, you, me and Murno will all have to stay here and house-sit.

Killfith: House-sit? With you?
    -That’s it. We have to win no matter what.

Rif: Uh, yeah... I don't know where it came from, but please keep that attitude up.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's make sure we're prepared for the match with Master!

Killfith: Of course. And if you even think about losing today…
    -I'll kill you.

Rif: Wow, you really don't want to house-sit, do you?

V.E: I see... so your feelings won't change.

Rif: (?)

Murno: Yes...

V.E: I understand. If that’s true, I guess those kids just aren't giving you enough support.

Murno: ... I'm sorry.

V.E: What are you talking about? It’s no good not to have a firm pair supporting you.

Murno: … Right!

Rif: Um...

V.E: Oh, Rif. If you're already prepared, I'll be waiting outside.

Rif: Ah, right!

V.E: Jade has already returned to town, you know, and I don't have a lot of free time, either. I won't wait up for you forever.
     -Besides, you might actually have a chance if we start before I’ve finished finding a way to fight with this shoulder of mine.

Rif: Understood.

Murno: Um...

Rif: What?

Murno: (blushing) Um...
    -Good luck.

Rif: Huh?
    -Yeah! Thanks, I'll do my best!

Killfith: Guess I don’t really have a choice but to give it a shot…

Rif: I thiiink we might have just been caught eavesdropping on something weird, but who cares! We’ll definitely win!


V.E: So? Were you able to prepare a weapon good enough to satisfy me?

    -Of course I was!  >Test
    -Please give me a little more time.

V.E: Which one do you want to show me?

(They bring out a weapon. As she examines it, Murno walks out)

Murno: Rif... Killfith...

V.E: Hmmm...

Rif: So?

V.E: I must say... I can easily feel both your souls emanating from this. Killfith especially did well.

Killfith: Obviously.

V.E: However, a Craftknight must be able to handle a weapon in order to be fully grown.

Rif: Master… you're really not going to let go of this match, are you?

V.E: Listen well. Only an amateur would let an injury like this slow them down.
     -If you're anxious about whether you’ll be forced to stay here and house-sit, how about we put an end to this?

Rif: ...!

Murno: … Rif…

Rif: Let's do this, Killfith…

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

V.E: Bring it!

(Rif and V.E fight)

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