Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Two Side Quests


Storage Battery for Sale
(Red-haired girl on the bridge)
Traveling Saleswoman’s Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
     -It seems like my mother wants me to go off and play, but I’d much rather invest in future prospects for our business.
     -Are you a Craftknight? Since you’re here, do you want to hear some information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -Maybe later.
TS’s Daughter: All righty, so if you use a “storage battery” when you strengthen, the special attack “Thunder Shot” will be added to your weapon.
    -Ah, but it depends on the weapon type. In some cases the special attack won’t be added, so you have to be careful.
    -But for a limited time, I’ll be selling storage batteries for only 200 Boam.
    -Would you like to purchase one?

    -I’ll buy it.
    -I won’t buy it.
(Obtained Storage Battery!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

Fishing Bait
(dark-haired kid standing to the right outside of Rif’s house)
Kid: That Superior Paper!
    -Wanna trade my potato dumpling for it?


(Obtained Potato Dumpling!)

Kid: Heheh, I definitely won that one.

Accepting the Quests
Find Me My Kitty
(blond woman at the train station)
Cat-Lover: Hey, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Could you help me? Oh, I don’t know what I’ll do without her!

These Newfangled Contraptions
(old man inside the shop)
Old Man: All of these drills nowadays are so needlessly complicated. I need one with a much simpler design.
    -Do you think that you could make me one? I’d be able to handle a Hard Motor-type drill.
    -All you would need to make it is some Cutting Ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Old Man: Ah, good. Here is something that you’ll need.

(Obtained Drill Shapestone!)

Old Man: I shall await your return.

For some reason it’s called an Ignition Apparatus in this game.
(blond woman in the back of the shop, to the right)
Shopkeep: Hey, would you do me a favor and find some Cutting Ore?
     -I need it for one of my customers. I promise I’ll give you something good as compensation. So? What do you say?

Completing the Quests

These Newfangled Contraptions
(after giving the old man a Hard Motor, which is a #03 Drill)

Old Man: Take this as a reward.

(Obtained Water Tank!)

Old Man: Now this is how it should be, nice and simple…

For some reason it’s called an Ignition Apparatus in this game.
Shopkeep: Hey, you have some Cutting Ore.
    -Hey? Please.
    -That, that, please give it to me?

(Hand over the Cutting Ore?)
    -Hand it over  >Ya sure
    -Don't hand it over  >Sucka

Shopkeep: Stingy~.

Ya sure
Shopkeep: Here, you can take this.

(Obtained Lighter!)

Shopkeep: Come back again sometime, okay?

Find Me My Kitty
Cat-Lover: Ooh, welcome ba~ack, Snowflake.
    -Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I’m just so happy, it’s like I’m floating inside a dream.
    -Take this as a token of my gratitude.

(Obtained Cherry Bomb!)

Cat-Lover: (to cat) Now, promise me you’ll never go anywhere so dangerous ever again, okay~?

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