Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Six, Part Four

(Side Conversation)
Rif: All righty! Once we beat this sword back into shape, he'll have to acknowledge we're Craftknights!

Killfith: True enough... but first of all, since we've already obtained a weapon, we could always...

Rif: Hey, don't start plotting over there!

(The two step up to the forge, cue a quick fade to black)

Rif: Okay, we're done! What do you think?

Gallahan: Hmm…
    -You certainly possess a good deal of skill, I see.

Rif: You think so? Heehee~

Gallahan: I don't know exactly what a Craftknight's work is, but this doesn't look any different from what a blacksmith might produce.

Rif: I told you, I'm a Craftknight!

Gallahan: In any case, while I tell Tram about my deductions, you shall be returned to the prison.

Rif: Come on, are you serious?

Gallahan: Now, return your hammer to me. I will replace this seal on you as well, Summon Creature.

Rif and Killfith: (downhearted) …

(Prison Cell)

Rif: A lot of time has already gone by, but Murno still hasn't come back yet...
    -Heyyy! Excuse me!

Prison Guard: What are you shouting about now?

Rif: Hey, Murno still hasn't…

(Sudden noise)

Rif: (!)

Prison Guard: WAUGH?!
    -What are you—?!

Rif: Huh?! Hey! What's going on?!
    -Earth to prison guard! What on earth just happened?!

(Another noise)

Rif: (?) Who's there? Murno?

???: Hey, you… I’ve got some bad news…

Rif: Who are you?

???: They’ve already settled on a punishment for that Murno girl.

Rif: Punishment...

???: Keep it down! Do you want us to be caught, or do you want me to get you out of there?

Rif: I want to get out of here!

???: Hold on... Just let me get this thing open...

Rif: What...?! Wait, tell me, why would you do this?

???: You want to know why...? You guys haven't actually done anything wrong, right?
    -Using innocent people as food for Lord Nushi leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Rif: What do you mean, food for Lord Nushi?!

???: Ahh... Lord Nushi is what we call the Summon Creature that protects this village.
    -On the outskirts of this village is Requiem’s Submerged Ruins. The offerings are presented on the second floor down in the underground palace.

Rif: But you said they're going to feed him Murno, right? I'll never let that happen!

???: Calm down. Okay, I found the key and I'll open this door for you...
    -Your weapons and tools should be somewhere in this room, so grab them and get out of here.

Rif: Ah...! Thank you!

(Sound of a door unlocking)

Rif: (!) It's opened?

???: All right. Get out there and surrender to no one!

(Sounds of the mysterious helper fleeing the scene)

Rif: Cripes! He ran off!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Six, Part Three

(Gallahan’s Workshop)

Rif: Is this your workshop?

Gallahan: Indeed. Now, we shall begin the test without further delay.

Rif: Exactly how are you going to test me? Are you going to ask me to make a weapon? Or test my skill with a sword?

Gallahan: First I will test your knowledge. I will ask you questions only a smith would know the answers to.

Rif: Perfect! Just wait, we'll get every answer! Right, Killfith?

Killfith: Whatever you say.

Gallahan: Now for your first question.
    -Including the hammer itself, how many weapon types are there?

Rif: Weapon types! Let me see...

    -5 types  >Wrong
    -6 types  >Wrong
    -7 types  >Passed the First

Gallahan: That is incorrect.
    -Perhaps you would like to discuss this with that Summon Creature before trying again!

//Interestingly enough, you get to keep trying until you get it right. Isn't that nice of him? Here are the various side conversations you can have during this time://

(First Question)
Rif: Hmm... how many weapon types are there?

Killfith: Tch… figure it out for yourself.

Rif: Yeah, I know I should… weeeell, he did say to add the hammer to that equation, so if I do that…

Killfith: Good grief…

(Second Question)
Rif: A sword, ax, or knuckle... which is heavier?

Killfith: Tch... figure it out for yourself.

Rif: Yeah, yeah, I know... well, maybe I can guess from which one looks the biggest...

(Third Question)
Rif: What is the most important thing when you forge a weapon?

Killfith: Why are you asking me that? Figure it out on your own!

Rif: I know that... I just want to be able to answer confidently, so I need to practice.

Killfith: Someone just stab me already…

Passed the First
Gallahan: Indeed… of course, something so simple is only to be expected of one who calls herself a Craftknight.
    -Therefore, onto the next question.
    -Which weapon is the heaviest?

Rif: The single heaviest weapon! That would be…

    -Sword  >Wrong
    -Ax  >Passed the Second
    -Knuckles  >Wrong

Passed the Second
Gallahan: Indeed. It would seem that you know a little bit about weapons after all.
    -Now for the final question.
    -What is the most important thing for a Craftknight in forging a weapon?

Rif: The most important thing...? Well…

    -A strong shapestone.  >Wrong
    -The most expensive composite items.  >Wrong
    -A hammer that you’ve put your soul into.  >Passed the Third

Passed the Third
Gallahan: Well… good answer!

//And if you got them all right the first time around:
    -You didn't even make a single mistake.

    -I see now. I believe I no longer need to test your knowledge.

Rif: Eheheh, so you understand now, right! I'm a Craftknight!

Gallahan: Bah! You would have at least this much knowledge if you were even a blacksmith.

Rif: Oh, is that so?

Killfith: Tch… that shouldn't surprise you.

Gallahan: (steps up to Rif) That being said, this is your next test.

(Obtained a broken sword and a hammer!)

Rif: This is my hammer! … And a busted-up sword? So basically, you want me to repair it?

Gallahan: That's right. Show me what you can do.

Rif: All right! I'll give it my best!

Killfith: (...) Before that, take off these annoying handcuffs. You can't honestly expect me to work with my hands literally tied.

Gallahan: True enough. Very well, I shall remove them for you.

Killfith: ... You can take them off, right?

Gallahan: (grins) Allow me.

(He walks up to Killfith and, as promised, removes the handcuffs)

Gallahan: There you have it. They're off.

Killfith: Heh... and now I'm free to do as I please...

Gallahan: Not as free as you might think. I just happen to have a sword on hand to ensure you don’t start getting any ideas.

Killfith: (surprised) Tch… what are you babbling about, human?
    -(This guy... too unpredictable...)

Gallahan: All right. Now, demonstrate you abilities.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Six, Part Two


Man: These are the ones who trespassed yesterday, Lord Tram.

Tram: (...) How surprising... These children are really their comrades...?

Rif: (grumbles) What are you talking about, I'm not a child…

Tram: What...?

Rif: What do you mean, ‘their comrades?’ Why did you feel the need to put us through all of this?!

(Something catches Killfith's attention. Anise walks up.)

Anise: You want to know why, do you...? Ha! I can think of a couple of good reasons.

Rif: It's you...! But what are you doing here...?

Murno: …

Tram: Anise, are you feeling better already?

Anise: I am, thanks to your assistance, Tram.
    -Once it got out that I had escaped from her cohorts, these guys started chasing me, even diving into the river after me… but honestly, that’s the last thing I remember…

Tram: You drifted all the way up here, and I don't believe it was by accident. Magdorad helped you of his own volition.
    -He couldn't help but want to save you.

Rif: I don't believe it, you guys are friends...!

Anise: Friends... well...

Tram: That's right, Anise is our friend! And you are the friends of our enemies!
    -She stuck with you all this time just to ensure that neither the village nor I would be deceived by your lies!
   -(to Anise) Don't worry, no one feels any bitterness towards you. No matter what, this will always be your home.

Rif: (annoyed) Wait a minute here! What are you talking about? We don't have anything to do with Anise or her friends!
    -What are you accusing us of, anyway? You said she protected the village from us! What exactly did we ever do to you?!

Tram: Don't try to play me for a fool. As Voijin's underlings, you know very well what he did to Louise Village…
    -Don't tell me you've forgotten!

Rif: Voijin's underlings...? What are you talking about?

Anise: Ha! Did you hit your head so hard you forgot your own boss’s name?
    -However, if you pretend that you’ve forgotten how you attacked this village, I won't let it slide so easily!

Rif: How dare you accuse me of something like that when you were the ones who attacked Murno's Village!

Tram: (!) What...?

Rif: Listen to me! I'm a Craftknight! I've never met this Voijin person…
    -And I’ve certainly never attacked any villages!

Tram: (puzzled) Craftknight?

Rif: I forge weapons side-by-side with Killfith. I had a hammer with me when you found me, right?

Tram: Hammer? Ah, yes. You had it because you're a Craftknight?

Rif: Yes! A hammer is a Craftknight's life! So give it back!

Tram: (turns to the white-haired man, uncertain) Is that true, Gallahan?

Gallahan: For Craftknights, blacksmiths, or anyone who takes part in smithing, a hammer is indeed their life and livelihood.

Tram: (sweatdrops) Well, you may be a Craftknight as you say.

Rif: I am a Craftknight!

Tram: But do you have any proof that you're not Voijin's accomplices?

Rif: ...!

Killfith: (...) Well? Say something already.

Rif: Shut up, I'm thinking.

Murno: Please listen to us! Rif is telling you the truth!
    -We don't know anyone called Voijin. How could we possibly be his comrades?
    -My village was attacked by Anise and some others, so I was running away... She was the one chasing me!

Killfith: Murno...

Tram: She was chasing you? Why?

Murno: Because of what I was carrying with me... Govan's Demon Stone.

Tram: (!)

Murno: The demon stone is a trigger for disaster. Please, you have to return it to me before any misfortune visits upon this village.

Tram: The demon...?
    -Miss Murno, would you mind explaining to the two of us exactly what this is about?

Murno: I don't mind.

Rif: Wait, Murno?

Murno: Don't worry about me. Killfith, you too, okay?

Killfith: (looking away, troubled) Tch… who on earth is worrying?

Anise: (annoyed) What is this farce?! What will you do if these children already know about Lord Nushi?
    -If we don't do something about these brats quickly...

Gallahan: And how exactly do you intend to deal with them in such short order?
    -Do you want to dye yourself in the same blood red as Voijin and his men, dealing with matters as they would deal with them?

Anise: Kh…!
    -Then, what should be done with them?

Gallahan: What indeed...
    -Perhaps I should test them to see if they really are Craftknights.

Rif: Test us…  does that mean you know what it means to be a Craftknight?

Gallahan: Not exactly… however, I’ve worked as a blacksmith for longer than you’ve been alive.

Rif: I got it… in other words, you want us to prove our worth!

Killfith: If that’s what you want…

Gallahan: As you've said, little miss. Now, follow me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Six, Part One

(Still in the prison cell)

Rif: I kinda wish they’d do something already so I don’t have to just sit here and bore myself to death…

(A door creaks open)

Man: Hey. Come out.

Rif: Huh?

Man: I said, come out of there! How many times do I have to say it!

Rif: Wait a second... what are you planning now?

Man: No small talk! Just come out of there!

Rif: Gee whiz, I got it already...

(Outside the cell, we see Killfith and Murno, each of whom is led by their own guard)

Rif: Ah! Murno! Killfith!

Murno: Rif...!

Man: (annoyed) Hey, no talking!

(He grabs Murno and everyone is appalled by his rude behavior.)

Murno: Eek!

Killfith: Murno!

(Killfith, about to use his powers, is electrocuted by a pair of handcuffs.)

Murno: Killfith!

Man: I already told you, no talking. I told you yesterday what those handcuffs do. Did you forget?

Rif: Why you...! What did you do to Killfith?!
    -(gets punched)

Murno: (!) No! Rif, are you—

Man: I already told you, no complaining! Just behave and this won't have to be any harder.

Rif: ...!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Five - Murno

Rif: Murno?

Murno: Rif…! You’re safe, I’m so glad…

Rif: What about you, Murno? Are you hurt?

Murno: I’m all right. Killfith was able to save us, so…

Rif: That kid?
    -That’s right… where’s Killfith?

Murno: I don't know... all I know is that the people here found us... and Govan's Demon Stone, too...

Rif: No way...! They took the demon stone?!

Murno: They did... except... it didn't seem like they were aiming for the demon stone specifically…

Rif: I see… and they took all my things too... do you know why they thought they had to lock us up?

Murno: Well... I also wondered, but... I'm sorry...

Rif: Huh?

Murno: I'm so sorry... It's my fault that we're stuck here... If I hadn't dragged you into this...

Rif: It's not your fault! The only ones to blame for us ending up in here is Anise and her gang!

Murno: But I was the one they were chasing after... because I'm the one holding onto Govan's Demon Stone....
    -After all, Govan's Demon Stone is something that invites misfortune...

Rif: Invites misfortune...

Murno: I heard once that, a long time ago, the demon stone's power caused the destruction of an entire city…

Rif: It destroyed a city? And you've been carrying around something that dangerous this entire time?!

Murno: I have it precisely because it is so dangerous. My family has guarded the demon stone for generations…
    -Until it got to me, at least… I couldn’t protect it at all…

Rif: ... Are... are you crying?

Murno: I’ve kept it secret this whole time, but the truth is they suddenly came looking to take the demon stone, and my village...
    -And everyone... even though there was no reason to, they... it was terrible...

Rif: What exactly did they do...?

Murno: My father and the village still had a duty to protect the demon stone, no matter what… so he gave it to me…

Rif: And that's when you escaped… But do you know what became of the village or your father after that...?

Murno: I don't, but... surely, they're already—

Rif: Murno... that's...

Murno: I'm so sorry, Rif. I never meant to get you mixed up in this, but just look where I've led us...
    -I—somehow, because I... because I just couldn't…

Rif: You can’t give up.

Murno: Rif?

Rif: You shouldn't be so rough on yourself. This whole time, you've been trying as hard as you could not to get us involved in this...
    -That's why I won’t give up, either. Then you won't have to suffer through everything by yourself anymore.
    -And then you won't have to cry anymore, okay, Murno?

Murno: ...

Rif: But first off, we have to find some way out of here and take back the demon stone...
    -So let's do our best!

Murno: Thank you, Rif...

-Even though I could not see her face through the wall between us, I think that Murno might have been smiling just a little.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Night Five - Killfith

Rif: Killfith?

Killfith: Heh… I should have expected as much. Looks like you're not dead after all.

Rif: Well, naturally. How about you? Are you all right?

Killfith: Your concern is one thing I don't need.

Rif: I see... then what about Murno? Do you know what happened to her?

Killfith: No, I don't.

Murno: Killfith...

Killfith: I used up my all of my power just transporting the two of you so far... when I came to again, I was in this room…
    -If I had even the ghost of my original powers back…

Rif: I see... so you saved us back there, huh? Thank you.

Killfith: (blushes slightly) Tch! I didn't save you because I wanted to, so don't thank me.

Rif: Right, right. Anyway, do you know where we are?

Killfith: The only thing I know is that whoever found us didn’t see any reason to give us a warm welcome.

Rif: No kidding… dropping us inside of a prison like this...
    -Speaking of which, why haven't you escaped yet? Couldn't you use your powers to break down these walls?

Killfith: Tch… If I could do that, I would have done it already. These strange handcuffs they put on me block my powers.

Rif: Strange handcuffs...? I can’t believe they’d do something like that… That’s terrible!

Killfith: I already told you that I don't need any of your concern.
    -Never mind that. There’s something else we have to figure out…

Rif: I know. Where did they put Murno? Speaking of that…
    -It sounds like the demon stone is the reason why Murno was targeted. But what on earth is it, anyway?
    -… Well, I know it's a secret.

Killfith: Tch... After how much of it has already been revealed, I see no sense in trying to hide it anymore.

Rif: Really?

Killfith: It's fine, so be quiet and listen.
    -Govan's Demon Stone is something that Murno's family has been guarding for generations.

Rif: Guarding? So then it really is some kind of treasure possessing amazing powers?

Killfith: I thought I told you to be quiet and listen.

Rif: Oops…

Killfith: Tch… In order to ensure that its power was not misused, it was hidden from the rest of the world.
    -But somehow word got out about it. The village was suddenly mobbed by a group of people who wanted to steal the demon stone…

Rif: Anise’s group…

Killfith: During the chaos, her father gave her the demon stone and told her to protect it at all costs.

Rif: That's why she ran away... But then, what became of that village after that?

Killfith: I don't know. But it's not hard to guess...

Rif: But… but even though you went through so much, why did you keep silent about it this whole time?

Killfith: I know she didn't want to burden you and your friends with her troubles, but I think she might've been afraid, too. So, she tried to bear it on her own…

Rif: You know… I think I understand why you want to protect Murno so much...

Killfith: I—if you're saying what I think you’re saying, then…

Rif: That's why I'm going to do my best!
    -I'll work harder than anyone, anywhere, and together with you, we'll protect Murno better than anything!

Killfith: Tch… how annoying. But if that's what you want…

Rif: Yeah!
    -… But that’ll be pretty tough if we don’t find a way out of this mess first…

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Five, Part Nine

(Rif and Killfith beat Anise into the ground, for she is something of a wimp)

Rif: Killfith, get Murno!

Killfith: Got it.
    -(helps Murno)

Anise: Damn…

Jade: I see you’ve gotten better, Rif. You kids looked pretty awesome back there.

Rif: Oh really? Heehee…

Lemmy: Honestly, you are too reckless…

Jade: Now then, I think you all owe us a detailed explanation for what’s going on here.

Pike and Gillan: …

Anise: And let it escape...?

Rif: Don't tell me you still want to fight!

Anise: I need to have it... it's that demon stone's fault that he... Voijin…
    -Voijin died because of that thing!

Murno: (!) Because of the demon stone?! No…
    -(takes off)

Killfith: Wait! Murno!

Anise: I won't let it escape!

Rif: Stop!

Pike: (gets up, grinning) ...!

Jade: Don't even think about it!

While Pike and Gillan face Jade and Lemmy, everyone else is standing near the edge of a cliff.

Anise: Let me go! The demon stone—I will—! I will have it!!

Killfith: Rif! You have to get Murno!

Rif: Right!

(Rif approaches, but Murno backs up, nervous)

Murno: No... don’t, Rif... you shouldn't come near me…
    -If you have anything to with me…

Rif: Murno, calm down! Please!

Murno: Ah... yeah…
    -(collapses, panting)

Killfith: Murno—

Anise: Give me the demon stone!

(Anise pulls free of Killfith. Murno, alarmed, starts to back up—over the edge of the cliff)

Murno: Ah—!

Rif: MURNO!!!
    -(runs forward and grabs her just in time)

Murno: Rif...

Anise: I will...!

(She runs towards them; flash of white)

Murno: Eeaaa!

Rif: Wa—waaaugh!

(They all fall down into the river below. Killfith looks over the cliff edge.)

Killfith: Murno! Rif!
    -(jumps after them)

(The scene fades)

(Nighttime; Rif is lying face-down in a prison cell.)

(She shakes her head and slowly gets up)

Rif: Where on earth is this?
    -Killfith...?! Murno?!
    -(!) Huh? Where are my weapons? Where's my pack?!
    -Huhh?! My hammer's not here either?!

(Panicking, she checks the exit)

Rif: What...? The door won't open! Does this mean I can't get out?!
    -Hey! What's going on?! Please! Is anybody there?!!
    -(annoyed) Open up! Darn it! I need to know where everyone is!!!

???: SHUT UP!

Rif: Wh—wha...? Um… who's there?

???: Sheesh... just when the girl next to her had quieted down...
    -Fine! But I won't keep saying it! We'll conduct your investigation tomorrow. For today, just be quiet and go to sleep!

Rif: What? The girl next door to me?! Please! Wait! What do you—

???: Quiet! How many times do I have to tell you!

Rif: ... But… I just wanted…

(She walks back to pile of hay)

Rif: (...) Why did they have to lock me up in here? How on earth did it come to this...?

???: ...

Rif: (!) Huh? That voice just now, wasn't that…

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Five, Part Eight

In the next area...

Lemmy: ... Therefore, I cannot permit you to be excessively violent. I must put a stop to this.

Anise: That's enough of your fool's talk. I don't need to accept any of your useless mandates. And if you continue to put yourself between us and that girl…
    -I will simply deal with you first!

(Rif and Killfith run up.)

Killfith: Murno!

Murno: You... you shouldn't... you shouldn't have come here....

Rif: Murno…

Pike: They seem to be in pretty good shape for someone who just fought you, don’t they? Or did you just go easy on them?

Gillan: Be quiet, you! I only let her go because she's my younger brother now.

Rif: (annoyed) Quit messing around already! What did you do to Murno?!

Anise: You really are too persistent for your own good. Your attitude is exactly the same as his and it pisses me off…
    -Just like that bastard Craftknight Rob!

Rif: (!) Wha... Rob?! What do you... how do you know Master?!

Anise: Don't worry, I'll get around to exacting my revenge on you later. For now, why don't you play with my friend here?

(She raises her spear and a glowing orange orb of light appears)

Anise: Under the name of Anise, I open the gateway to a different world! In accordance with the ancient vows and through mine own powers, I summon thee…

(Huge wingless dragon appears)

Magdorad: GROOOAARR!

Rif: That's Magdorad?

(Enter Jade)

Jade: Rif! Killfith!
    -What is that Summon Creature?! Is it another Stray?! Lemmy!

Lemmy: I'm afraid that's incorrect! That person over there just summoned it...!

Jade: (annoyed) Summoned? What is this? What the hell do you think you're doing?

Anise: This has nothing to do with you or any of your friends. Unless you want to get hurt, I suggest you stay there and watch quietly.

Jade: (glares) You say you're going to hurt me? That's a pretty funny threat... you really wanna try it?

Lemmy: Put a stop to this nonsense immediately! If you do not, Master Bostaph shall not let this pass easily.

Anise: Didn't I make it clear this is none of your business? Pike, Gillan! Subdue these two!

Gillan: (looking at Lemmy) Dibs on playing with the cute little boy here.

Lemmy: Uck! Repulsive…

Gillan: What did you say?! I'll mince that ugly mouth of yours into shreds!

Pike: Then I guess that leaves me with the mean-looking one, huh? Looks like someone got to you before me, though...

Jade: Instead of worrying about my injuries, you should be more concerned about that hair of yours...
    -Because I'm going to give it a little buzzcut.

Pike: Why you—don't think you can make fun of my hair and live to tell about it! I'll smash your face in!

(They move to the side for a clear playing field)

Rif: Lemmy... Aniki…

Anise: Now then, if you hand over that demon stone now, I might just spare those kids' lives over there. What do you think?

Murno: But... Rif... Killfith... I…

Anise: Ahahahaha… so powerless, so miserable—what a wretched little girl!
    -On top of not even being able to protect yourself, you’ve even gotten other people’s lives involved. How are you going to clean up the mess you made?!

Murno: I—I...

Killfith: (to Rif) Don't tell me you're afraid of that orange behemoth.

    -I might be a little scared...  >Nervous
    -No, I'm not scared.  >Fearless

Rif: To face something that big... I can't help but be scared...

Killfith: Tch, how obnoxious... listen up. I'll teach you a method that even you can use to win.
    -Aim for the Summoner. As long as you can win against her, you won't have to directly attack him.

Rif: I see! If we do that, this’ll be a cinch!  >To the Rescue

Rif: I'm all right... I know we can do this!

Killfith: Hmph. So long as you're not just saying that…

Rif: Sure, that Summon Creature is strong, but the Summoner is still nearby... if we could get close to her...
    -I mean, as long as she's here, it would be stupid to go straight for the big guy!

Killfith: Looks like you've thought things through for once.  >To the Rescue

To the Rescue
Anise: Still no answer, hm? Then let's start with wiping out just the girl.

Murno: W—wait, I understand, so—


Murno: Rif…

Rif: You don't need to hand over anything. We won't be defeated by a person like that!

Murno: But…

Anise: If you keep bragging about things you can't possibly do, I'll have to teach you a lesson! Be ready to regret your words!
    -Now! Magdorad!! Burn them to a crisp!!!

(Magdorad roars)

Rif: Now's our chance, Killfith!!

Killfith: Whatever you wish!

(Magdorad spits out a fireball, but Rif and Killfith dodge, coming back around to face Anise)

Anise: H—how did you...?!


(They engage in battle with Anise)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Five, Part Seven

(Rif wins the fight with Gillan)

Gillan: That was a surprise. You really are quite strong, aren't you... that's fine...
    -So? What do you think of becoming my little brother?

    -I don't know where that came from, just move out of the way! I'm taking Murno back!

???: Take her back... what does that mean?

And who enters now but Lemmy?

Gillan: Oh my, well if it isn't the cute-faced boy from Bostaph's Workshop...

Lemmy: What on earth is...? Were you fighting each other just now?

Rif: He and his friends have been targeting Murno! If I don't hurry up and save her—

Gillan: How dare you say that! It's that girl's fault that the Stray Summons are acting violently!
    -She's the only one who's done anything wrong. We're just a group of good Samaritans seeking to bring her to justice!

Lemmy: That girl—she's behind...? Is that true?!

Gillan: It's the truth, cutie. If you can't take my word for it, simply try asking Master Bostaph.

Lemmy: Master—!

Gillan: In any case, we are only working for the town's best interests. So don't get in the way.
    -(to Rif) But if you want to become my little brother, I might let you tag along~.

Rif: What the heck?! Who'd want to be your brother, ya loon!

Lemmy: Hold it! If what he just said now is true, then you should not be standing in their way.

Killfith: Silence! We don't have the time to chat, so get out of the way!

Rif: I don't know if what he said was true, but I'm not going to stand around here.
    -I'm going to protect Murno!

Lemmy: Protect? So you intend to let her escape?

Rif: Those guys hurt Tier just now, and she didn't even do anything to them. I don't know what they'll do to Murno...
    -But whatever it is, I absolutely will not let them! That's why I'm going!

Lemmy: If that is the situation hand, then I will go too.

Rif: Huh?! Wait... you don't mean to help them, do you?!

Lemmy: They have a contract with Master Bostaph. If they do use excessive force, their actions will reflect on him.

Rif: And put a dent into Master Bostaph's name, right? Of course.

Lemmy: Do not be mistaken. I have no intention of obstructing their arrest of that girl.

Rif: I see… very well.

Lemmy: You and that girl… Do you believe that Murno is innocent?

Rif: Well...
    -I believe in her.  >Faith
    -I don't know.  >Uncertainty

Rif: Isn't it obvious? Murno would never do something like that!  >Proceeding

Rif: I don't know. What I am certain of is that I want to go.  >Proceeding

Lemmy: I see... well then.
    -(goes after Gillan)

Killfith: Quit standing around and move it!

Rif: Right!

(Side Conversations)
Rif: If those guys would go this far to get their hands on Govan's Demon Stone, who knows what they'll do to Murno!

Killfith: We have to hurry and go after Murno! Quit moving so slow!

Rif: Right!
    -(But what on earth is the demon stone, really...?)

Day Five, Part Six

Deep in the Flawed Caves…

Murno: No! Let go of me!

Pike: Heeheehee... Did you really think you could get away from me when you're keeping that kind of power on you?

Anise: Unless you want that child who was running after us before to suffer, you'll give up that demon stone now!

(Rif and Killfith run up)

Rif: Stop this right now, you creeps!

Gillan: Oh my, if it isn't the young lady from before...

Murno: (!) Rif! Killfith...

Anise: If they know this girl… they'll definitely try to get in my way!

Killfith: Murno, are you hurt?

Anise: Ha! Are you going to treat us like the villains? What a thoughtless bunch...

Rif: What’s that supposed to mean?

Anise: Don't you get it? The only scoundrel here is that Murno girl!

Rif: (!) That's... that's not true!

Gillan: Not true, is it? But it's this girl's fault that all the Stray Summons around here have started acting out.

Rif: ... You're lying...

Murno: (...) Rif... ... I'm so sorry...
    -It seems I've put you through a lot of misfortune, after all...

Rif: But that... what do you mean, misfortune? I don't—

Murno: Thank you, Rif... but, please, you shouldn't get involved with me any more than this...

Rif: ...?! Why—why would you...?

Anise: Ahhahahahaha… how delightful! After all the trouble you went through to chase us this far—what a miserable wretch!
    -Looks you thought you'd just come and save your friend from being abducted by a bunch of bad guys, but what are you going to do now?
    -Listen up! This has nothing to do with you! This girl’s existence is unnecessary! You being here can only get in the way!

Rif: Wh—how can you... that isn't for you to decide! You have no place saying that!

Gillan: Hold it right there, munchkin. Are you sure you want to pick a fight with us?
    -As you can see, we're a bit busy right now, and if you continue to interfere, we'll be forced to punish you…

Pike: Don't take them too lightly, Gillan. I found out for myself those twerps are a lot stronger than they look!

Gillan: Thank you for the lovely bit of advice, but there's no need to be concerned for my sake, Mr. Loser.

Pike: What did you say, you nutbag!

(While he's distracted, Murno escapes)

Pike: Darn it! Got away!

Anise: What are you just standing there for? Chase after her! As long as she has the demon stone…
    -Nothing matters but capturing that girl!

(Anise and Pike give chase. Rif gapes after them.)

Rif: Huh?! Murno!
    -(takes a step, but Gillan interrupts)

Gillan: She’s just an obstinate child; there’s no need to call out so boorishly. She just needs to be brave and come back to us like a good girl.
    -But since she keeps being so obstinate, is it really so unnatural that people end up hating her?

Rif: Hey... that...

Killfith: I know how I feel about him
    -Have you decided whether protecting Murno is the best thing to do? Tell me now, are you going to fulfill your promise or not?

Rif: Hey, Killfith, when the heck did you start saying such cool things?

Gillan: You must be joking! Summon Creatures should not be allowed to say something so audacious.
    -I suppose I shall simply have to rehabilitate him, then!

(Rif fights Gillan)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Five Side Quests


Skewers for Sale
(Red-head standing outside Benson's Workshop)
Traveling Saleswoman's Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
    -I have plans for the future to make our shop big, so for now, I need to work hard to earn enough to pay for travel expenses. But, that's beside the point.
    -By the way, you look like a Craftknight. How about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -I’ll hold off on that.

TS’s Daughter: All righty. Okay then, if you use a “Legendary Iron Skewer” when you upgrade, it will add the effect “Penetrate” to your weapon.
    -And for a limited time only, I’ll be selling a Legendary Iron Skewer for 1000 Boam.
    -Would you like to buy one?

    -No thanks

(Obtained Legendary Iron Skewer!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

Stray Extermination

//These are a couple of special side quests you can get if you go into the Council of Gold and talk directly to Janna Mortier.//

Janna: Oh my, it's you... that's right... perhaps this girl might be useful...

Rif: Yes? Is there something you need?

Janna: In case you did not already know, we are the Council of Gold. We manage all matters relating to the Summoning Arts in this entire region.
    -This means that we are the ones who punish Summoners who abuse the Summoning Arts and cause injury to other people.
    -That also includes the extermination of Summon Creatures that became Strays after they're called upon by these Summoners.

Rif: I see.

Janna: From what I understand, you have some considerable skill, do you not?
    -How do you feel about making use of those skills in some work exterminating Strays?
    -If you do admirably in your exterminations, we would be sure to reward you with some excellent materials you would be able to use to upgrade your weapons.
    -I’m sure that would have more value to you than a mere handful of Boams.

Rif: Well…

Janna: If you think that you want to accept this job, please let me know.

Upon speaking to her again:
Janna: If it's about the Stray extermination job, right now we have someone at the front desk who will be able to give you an introduction. Will you give it a try?
    -We have a confirmation of one Hulking Ogre in Bayreat Forest.

(Accept the job?)

(Received Council's Dispatch Notice!)

So then you talk to the blond purpley guy at the desk.
Receptionist: Hm, you seem awfully young... how did you come upon this job?
    -Anyway... through here we mediate jobs corresponding to the increase in the number of Summon Creatures.
    -It's a simple job and it doesn't pay much, but it is due to our steady efforts in protecting this town that it is kept peaceful.
    -How about it? If you think you might want to do it, you must proceed without reservation.

Once you have defeated a Hulking Ogre (#46 in the Beastiary), talk to Janna again:
Janna: Seems you managed to exterminate the Stray. Thank you for your hard work. Accept this as compensation for your efforts.

(Obtained Lightning Crystal!)

If you want to do another job, go to the receptionist again.
Reception: You want another job? Today's job is pretty grave, you sure you want to do it?
    -Are you sure you want to seek out and the exterminate 10 Mud Boxers in the Flawed Caves?

(Accept job?)

(Received Council's Dispatch Notice!)

And once you’re done defeating ten #51 Strays:
Receptionist: Hm, looks like you've finished the job. Good work. Here's your compensation.

(Obtained Talisman of Lightning!)

Accepting the Quests

To get this item, you need to go fishing.
(Green-looking fellow in the pawn shop)
Salesman: Why is it my search has been in vain? All this time, why is it I haven't found a Backlight?
    -If someone were able to bring me one, I would be sure to exchange it for something good.

They’re just making these names up
(dark-haired dude next to the green statue of a wizard)
Man: My wizard friend here wants to order a weapon.
    -It's called a Survivor Sword. I—I mean my friend—really wants it, but...
    -We don't exactly have any Ranger Mineral on our hands.

(Accept order?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: By the way, we don't have a shapestone, either. Well, have fun!

Here kitty kitty
Cat-Lover: Excuse me, but have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Could you save her for me? I have a feeling that she might be purring right now.

Zakk needs a weapon!
Zakk: Hey... can I ask you to make a weapon for me?

Rif: Huh? What are you asking me for?

Zakk: I'd already asked some other people I know, but they couldn't do it. I wondered if I should ask Lemmy...
    -But he's so busy, you know. But then I thought of you, and I figured you might have some free time, so...

Rif: Hey, why do you automatically assume I'm not busy?

Zakk: Anyway, what do you think? Will you make a weapon for me?

(Accept weapon order?)
    -Yes  >Why not
    -No  >Sorry, pal

Sorry, pal
Rif: Ummm, I don't think I'd be able to do it right now...

Why not
Rif: Sure, tell me what you need!

(Received Zakk's order for a weapon!)

Zakk: I wrote down there what kind of a weapon I need, so please do your best!

(The order says any weapon with a DEF of 30 or more)

Completing the Quests
(also known as, "this town is full of jerkwads")

To get this item, you need to go fishing.
Salesman: Why is it my search has been in vain? All this time, why is it I haven’t found a Backlight?
    -Perhaps because I have only looked in this town. I heard it's being sold as a premium item at a fishing hole somewhere.
    -Ohh, that's it, that right there!

(Hand over the Backlight?)
    -I think I'll keep it.

Salesman: Thanks a whole bunch. Please take this in exchange.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Salesman: What? You don't think it's an amazing specimen?
    -I'm a skilled businessman, you know. Ahahahaha!

They’re just making these names up
Man: Look at this, even my wizard friend can tell this is the work of an immature Craftknight, and he's a statue. I can't pay money for this...

(Obtained Legendary Spring!)

Man: Although my wizard friend would still like to thank you for helping us out.

Here kitty kitty
Cat-Lover: Ohhh, yes, yes.
    -I beg your pardon, drifting off like that. Please take this by way of thanks.

(Obtained Workout Guide!)

Cat-Lover: Now, no more running off to dangerous places!

Zakk needs a weapon!
Zakk: Did you finish the weapon I asked for?

(Is the weapon ready?)

Rif: I've got the merchandise right here.

(After choosing a weapon with 30 DEF or more)

Zakk: Wow, no way! This is even better than I expected.
    -Thanks. Here, take this.

(Obtained Talisman of Raging Flames!)

Zakk: By the way... could you not tell Lemmy about this?

Rif: Of course, I understand.

Zakk: No, really, don't forget.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Five, Part Five

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Those three must have chased Murno deeper into Bayreat Forest. We have to hurry!

Killfith: Aren't you still puzzling over whether or not you will protect Murno?

Rif: Killfith...
    -You can babble all you want after we've found Murno! Let's just go!

Further along, we find V.E and Jade, with Tier panting on the ground.

Rif: Ah! Tier! You...!

Tier: Rif... Killfith...

Rif: What about Murno?! Where is she?!

Tier: I don't know...

Killfith: Quit screwing around! How can you not know?! What the hell did you—

V.E: That's enough, Killfith! Calm down!

Tier: I... how did it even come to this...
    -I told her it was dangerous. I don't know what Murno was thinking... that's why—I was just trying to help...!

Rif: Tier…

Tier: We found where everyone else was, but almost as soon as we got there, these three people all dressed the same started coming after Murno, so she ran to escape from them.

Jade: Three people? The same three that were helping us exterminate that Stray?

Tier: Yeah... I was really scared, so I ran too, but…

Rif: (!) Tier, are you hurt?!

Tier: I chased after them the whole time, but it turned out I couldn't do anything. Even though I tried so hard...
    -I'm so sorry... I'll be fine, so just hurry. Murno—

Rif: Those creeps... even hurting Tier... I won't let them get away with this!

Jade: (...) I don't know what's going on here, but it sounds like this is turning into something pretty dangerous…
    -But this is no time to dwell on that. V.E! Take Tier back to town.

V.E: Wait, what?!

Jade: There's no getting around it. Tier won't be able to get anywhere by herself in this condition.
    -Given that, it'd be a lot smarter for Miss No Sense of Direction here to bring Tier back to town rather than let her get lost up ahead. Doncha think?

V.E: Why you... if you keep making cracks like that, I'll shove your hammer so far down your throat you'll have to forge with your—

Jade: Can it, will you? I’m only saying this because your arm still needs time to heal!

V.E: I—if it's my injury you're so worried about, then what about yours? You're the one who should go back...

Jade: Don't worry about me, I'm just fine—that's why I'm Jade the invincible, after all.

V.E: ... Ah... you...

Jade: Hey, hold up, now is not the time to be laughing!

V.E: Sorry, I just thought that was such a cool line. All right, as you wish, I'll head back to town. As for the rest...

Jade: Yeah. Just leave Rif and Killfith to me.

V.E: Make sure you keep an eye on them!
    -(turns to face the others) Then, Rif! Killfith!

Rif: Yes!

V.E: I leave the rest up to you! You've got no choice but to find Murno and bring her back!

Jade: Right! Let's go!

Rif: Right!

(Jade runs off)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: They even went so far as to hurt Tier... who knows what those jerks will do if we don't hurry and find Murno!

Killfith: Tch... those scrap heaps... if they've laid so much as a finger on Murno, I'll wipe them off the face of the earth!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Five, Part Four

(Near the South Gate)

V.E: Hey, Rif! Murno passed through here and went into Bayreat Forest!

Rif: She...! Then I guess she really did head towards the Stray Summons...

V.E: It seems like Tier went along for the ride, too. For heaven's sake, what is going on around here?

Killfith: That human…

V.E: We'll just have to try going in there. You two watch each other's backs.

Rif: Right!

(V.E runs through the South Gate)

(Bayreat Forest)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It sounds like Murno went into Bayreat Forest to chase after a Stray, but why would Tier go with her?

Killfith: That human... if she's planning on using Murno as a means to earn money...
    -I'll kill her.

Rif: You know, if we didn't have to keep moving, I would talk to you about how that really shouldn't be your answer to everything!

Further along…

Multicolored Ogres: Grooooarr...

Rif: I wonder if those are friends of the Stray Summons Aniki and the others came to exterminate?

Killfith: If that's true, he’s probably somewhere near here, as well…

Rif: Then let's get this over with!

(Fight with Strong Ogre, Phantom Ogre and Revenant)

Rif: We did it! We won!

Killfith: Tch... Let's just hurry up.

Rif: Right!

Further along, we find a whole party of people…

Rif: Is everyone here all right?!

Jade: I'd certainly hope so, since this is how all of our members live every day. That's how I became invincible, you know.

V.E: Seems there were quite a few Strays here... Are you all right?

Lemmy: Ah... yes...

Killfith: Just a second... was Murno here?

V.E: Jade said that he saw her, but he doesn't know where she went after that... although what in God's name he was doing at the time...

Jade: Hold up! That's not... ...
    -No... you're right. I should've kept a better eye on her. It's my fault.

Lemmy: That's not true. After the number of enemies you managed to handle at once, no one has any right to fault you.
    -If it is anyone's fault, it lies with the two children who came to a place like this so carelessly.

Rif: What did you say?! How can you say that?

Lemmy: Are you going to tell me I am mistaken?

Rif: ... Well…

Jade: Do you know why they would endanger themselves by coming here in the first place?

V.E: That's what we'd like to know, myself. In any case, we’re going to keep searching for a bit longer.

Jade: I gotcha. Let me help you out.

V.E: You can't do that, not while you're injured—

Jade: Who do you think you're talking to? They don't call me invincible for nothing, you know.

Rif: Aniki is so cool...

Lemmy: I understand that you want to help them, but if you take off, who's going to help me to settle matters?

Jade: Sorry about this, Lemmy, but right now, helping out my friends is more important to me.

Rif: Aww... Aniki…

Jade: I'll owe ya one, Lemmy, but what's left that you can't—ah, right, the Council of Gold...

Lemmy: It's all right. I will be able to do it. For the time being, I will…
    -Wait, weren't there three other people with us?

Jade: You mean those guys Bostaph hired? I don’t know what that lot is up to, but won’t they be able to get back on their own?

Lemmy: My apologies. I don't actually know all that much about them…
    -But for now I have these ones to worry about. We will head back to town.

(He leaves with the spike-haired dudes and one anonymous member of the Patrol Unit)

Rif: A group of three people... it can't be...

Killfith: It must be them... We have to hurry.

V.E: Wait up a minute! What exactly are you two hiding from us?

Rif: We—well...

Killfith: Now is not the time to be standing around here babbling!

V.E: ... Fine. I got it. But keep in mind, you two—
    -Once that’s over with, I will not forget this.

Rif: ...!

Jade: Right, if we're done with that, let's move out!

V.E: You and me will split up. Let's go!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Five, Part Three

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno... where could she have gone? If only we had some kind some kind of clue…

Killfith: Tch... rather than wasting time worrying about that, just keep your mind focused on searching.

Rif: I know that, at least!
    -(Since Murno only disappeared when the Stray Summon showed up, I can't help but wonder if it’s somehow related...)

(In front of Bostaph's Workshop)

Rif: Hey, Zakk, have you seen Murno anywhere?

Zakk: Yeah... I saw her just now, going towards the shops.
    -It kinda looked like she was chasing after Jade.

Rif: So in the same direction as the pawn shop... I see, thank you!

Zakk: Heheheh, not a problem!
    -I mean, yes it was!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Zakk saw Murno headed towards the shops!

Killfith: Quit dragging your feet and move it already!

Rif: (Since Murno only disappeared when the Stray Summon showed up, I can't help but wonder if it’s somehow related...)

(In the marketplace square, Rif stops)

Rif: Ah! That person...!
    -(runs up to Velworen)

Rif: Ah! Excuse me!

Velworen: Hm? Weren't you the girl who was with Murno before?

Rif: Um... Mr. Velworen, I don't suppose you know where Murno is right now, do you?

Velworen: What do you mean? Isn't she at Benson's Workshop?

Killfith: Isn't she with you?!

Velworen: Whaa?! But… didn't we promise on a different time? In case there’s anything more to discuss…

Rif: Discuss? Discuss what?

Velworen: Huh? About returning to Mishews Village. Didn't she tell you?

Rif: Return? Does that mean that Mishews Village is the place where Murno used to live?

Velworen: That's right. She wanted to know how it’s doing now, or if anything had happened there lately…
    -Although she sounded concerned about the village, it seemed to me as if she felt some responsibility regarding the Stray Summons’ recent violence…

Rif: What do you mean ‘responsibility’?!

Killfith: You bastard... what did you say to Murno?

Velworen: What did I… no, I… I told her a few things, but we only spoke of some rumors that have been going around town.
    -Although we did speak of a rumor about how she was the cause of the Stray Summons acting violently… Come to think of it, I believe I mentioned that to Bostaph, as well…

Killfith: Why would you tell him such a worthless rumor about Murno?!

Velworen: But no, you see—Bostaph explained about wanting to see the demon stone, and since she had it, I thought that perhaps…

Rif: Demon stone...!

Velworen: There are some rumors that it has the ability to summon powerful Summon Creatures, and that it holds incredible magical powers… I also heard that anyone who possesses it would be able to control Summon Creatures…
    -It's a bit frightening to think there is really something with such incredible power… frankly, I would be afraid to defy that girl.
    -Ah, but I was thinking before that perhaps by using that demon stone, one would be able to tame Stray Summons…

Rif: Then, Murno might have gone to somewhere where there are a lot of Stray Summons?!

Velworen: Sh—she didn't say anything to me about that!

Rif: Come on, Killfith! Some Strays appeared near the South Gate, so let's try there first!

Killfith: Tch...!

(Velworen departs, flustered)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno might have gone to where there are a lot of Stray Summons...!

Killfith: Didn't a Stray recently appear near the South Gate? We have to hurry!

Rif: Right!
(Side Conversation)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Five, Part Two

//The pawn shop is the store missing most of its front wall in the area below the workshop.//
Rif: Hello. I have a package here from Benson's Workshop.

(Delivered Package from Jade)

Shopkeep: Oh, hold on. Let me look at this.

If you ran,  >Can’t Sneak It Past Inspection
If you walked,  >Good Work

Can’t Sneak It Past Inspection
Shopkeep: You ran here, didn't you...

Rif: Huh?! H—how did you...

Shopkeep: Anyone who looked at this merchandise would understand! It's a good thing it's not too scuffed up, but it'll still cause trouble for us!

Rif: I'm sorry...

Shopkeep: And you look like you might be a blacksmith, too. I'm going to give you something to study from.

(Obtained Scroll for the Art of Obedience!)

Rif: I'll do my best...
    -Well, now that we've finished that errand, shall we go back to the workshop?

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Good Work
Shopkeep: Good! High quality items as usual. Thanks for bringing it in.
    -It's a good thing you were careful with these. If you take your work as a blacksmith as seriously as how you handled these merchandise, you're a girl with some real prospects.
    -As a reward, take this.

(Obtained Scroll of Essential Understanding!)

Rif: Thank you very much!
    -So, now that we're done with that errand, wanna head back to the workshop?

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s head back to the workshop!

Killfith: Got it.

Either way, as soon as you step out of the shop, you hear a bell clanging.

Rif: Ah, this sound...

Killfith: Tch... it’s the signal for something nearby… another abomination of a Stray?

Rif: This time it came from the South Gate…

(They both look towards a path that leads to the south)

Rif: A Stray Summon... those people might appear there again...

Killfith: Enemies... yet another thing to make my skin crawl. You ready to head back yet?

Rif: Ah, yeah!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I'm worried about Murno. Let's hurry back to the workshop!

Killfith: Then quit slowing us down and move it!

Rif: R—right!

(Inside Benson's Workshop)

Rif: Ah, Master, you're back. How did the discussion go?

V.E: Discussion? Oh yeah, it went great. As soon as that Stray showed up, he disappeared.
    -Never mind that, Rif. Where have you been? Isn't Murno with you?

Rif: What do you mean where, Aniki asked me to go on an errand. And Murno is with Eliez...

Eliez: Nope. Big sister Murno left.

Killfith: Left? Where?

Eliez: I dunno.

Killfith: What do you mean? How can you not know? Try to remember!

Eliez: Nn... um… big brother had to go to get rid of a Stray, and Murno followed after him...
    -(panicking) Nnn…

V.E: That's enough, Eliez. Thank you.
    -Are you happy, Killfith? Was yelling at a small child really that unavoidable?

Killfith: Tch…

V.E: (...) She's been acting strange ever since we came here. This is not the best time to make us worry…
    -Jade has already gone out with the Patrol Unit. Do you two know anything about what she might be doing?

Rif: Do I...

Bostaph: Everything is that girl's fault. It is thanks to her that Stray Summons have begun to act violently in this area...

Rif: (No way... it couldn't have something to do with the Stray Summons...)

V.E: ... Guess it can't be helped, then.
    -We'll have to comb the area! Move out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Five, Part One

Rif: (I know that Murno is still here and has decided not to leave town yet.)
    -(What I don't understand is why… and Killfith won't tell me, either.)
    -Man... what's the best thing to do...

Killfith: That girl… Even though I've already said there’s a swarm of enemies staying in this town, how long does she intend to linger here?

Rif: Yeah... and staying here thinking about it sure isn't helping things…

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno is being targeted. If we don’t get a move on, we’ll be sitting ducks!

Killfith: I am fed up with your useless chatter. If you don't want me to slap you, then hurry up!

Rif: So you are worried about Murno!

Killfith: (blushing) Like I said, if you don't want to be slapped for your useless babbling, then hurry up!

Jade: Yo, you're up. Do you guys wanna help out around here? Murno's already doing something right now.

Killfith: Murno is helping? What exactly are you making her do?

Jade: What’s with that tone? It's already been decided! Don't forget...
    -You're staying with us! It's natural you'd do a thing or two to help around here. Right, Master?

Holy crap he’s like a ninja!

Benson: ...

Rif: Eep! Since when have you been standing there?

Jade: V.E's already gone off to see Bostaph, and God knows where that Tier kid went...

(Enter Murno)

Murno: Um, Mr. Jade, I finished tidying up. If there's anything else I can do...

Jade: No, that's enough, thanks for helping out... nah, actually, I think I'll take you up on that offer. You mind doing me one more favor?

Killfith: She wasn't offering!

Murno: I don’t mind at all. What is it?

Jade: Not much. I know it's a pain, but could you do me a big one and keep Eliez company?

Murno: Of course... if it's just that, I would be glad to.

Jade: Thanks. You're a real life-saver.
    -Well? How about that? Do you guys mind helping out? Come on, speak up!

Killfith: Don't be an idiot. While we’re off doing whatever inanities you have planned, who’s going to protect Murno?

Jade: What did you say?!
    -Protect her from what? Eliez?! You think Eliez is going to attack Murno? What a funny joke, I didn't know you had a sense of humor.

Killfith: What was that, you cretin!

Murno: (annoyed) Killfith! Stop this right now! I'll be fine.
    -Besides, you're Rif's partner right now... so you should help her out.

Killfith: Murno…

Murno: Rif, please take care of Killfith... okay?

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: (sweatdrop) Hey, it's fine if you don't want to tell me what's going on, but can I ask you to do something?

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: I need you two to take this to the pawn shop.

Rif: Uh... yeah...

Jade: Don't gimme that kinda half-assed response! If I’m gonna hand you our valuable merchandise, you gotta at least sound like you’re not gonna be blown over by a strong breeze!

(Obtained Package from Jade!)

Jade: Watch it when you set out. These are some extremely delicate goods, so you gotta handle it with care.
    -If you shake it or swing it around while you're carrying it and it gets one little bump or scar, it'll be completely ruined. Therefore…

Rif: Ye—yes, sir!

Jade: You'll be fine just as long as you remember, absolutely no running. Anyway, the dealer at the pawn shop is waiting on this, so once you get to the street, just keep in mind—
    -No running, just hurry up and get there.

Rif: Ye—yes, sir!

Jade: Then get on your way!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's transport this package from Benson's workshop to the pawn shop dealer.

Killfith: Don't run but hurry up... that man is completely unreasonable...

Rif: But if we run, it seems like we might end up breaking it, and apparently the pawn shop dealer is waiting for us, so it should be fine so long as we don't run there.

Killfith: If you have the patience for it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Night Four - V.E

V.E: So this is where you ran off to...
    -What are you doing out here, Rif?

Rif: I... just went for a walk, and before I knew it, I was here...

V.E: After so many things happening in one day, you’d think there wouldn’t be much left to worry about…

Rif: ... I'm sorry...

V.E: Are you really?

Rif: (sad smile) Maybe not…

V.E: Well, I don't know what happened, but I'm glad that Murno and Killfith said that they wouldn't be leaving town just yet.
    -I still have business left over with Bostaph. That guy, I don't think he honestly wanted to hear anything I had to say…

Rif: It's true, even when he spoke to me, it didn't sound like he would stop hunting for Strays...

V.E: You met up with Bostaph?

Rif: Ah...! Yeah...

V.E: Did you see him while he was exterminating Stray Summons? No, wait…
    -Does he know about why Strays are appearing?

Rif: If that was the case, Aniki didn’t seem to know…

V.E: Rif... what on earth is going on? Have you gotten yourself mixed up in something?

Rif: I can’t…

V.E: Can't tell me, huh... Looks like even you are starting to keep secrets from me.
    -Man... don't tell me you're already turning into that kind of an adult.

Rif: That…

V.E: Well, I suppose you have your reasons, right? It's fine. And anyway, I have to make sure Bostaph listens to me tomorrow.
    -However, if you try to worry over your problems all by yourself, things could easily spin out of control before you even have a chance to do anything.

Rif: ...

V.E: Don't forget. I'll always be by your side to help you.
    -You never have to worry that you're alone.

Rif: Yeah... Thank you, Master…

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Night Four - Tier

Tier: Ah, Rif!
    -What are you doing here? I've been looking for you, you know!

Rif: Oh, yeah, I'm sorry... I wanted to go for a walk, and somehow or other I ended up here...

Tier: You don't sound very happy, though, do you? I thought something was wrong. I've been worried about you since you came back to the workshop.

Rif: Well...

Tier: Have you betrayed me?

Rif: Huhh?

Tier: Don't even try to play dumb! It's Eliez, isn't it?

Rif: Whaa?!

Tier: You're supposed to work with me at Smile Cottage, but all of a sudden you’re going places, working with Eliez!
    -Don't tell me you've already forgotten the vow we made that day!

Rif: How am I supposed to forget some absurd vow I never made!

Tier: Heehee… that's it, that's the Rif I know!

Rif: Eh?

Tier: The person you are right now, that's more like Rif! Don't forget that!

Rif: I think that kinda just went over my head, but I do feel a little better now. Thank you, Tier.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Night Four - Murno

Murno: Rif… here you are.
    -I wondered where you went off to since you weren't in the workshop.

Rif: Ah, I'm sorry… I just went for a walk, and somehow or other I ended up coming here...
    -But that's not important. Murno, are you sure it's okay for you to be out here?

Murno: You mean because that man, Bostaph, is looking for me…?
    -I'm sure he would be surprised if he found out that I was so close this whole time…

Rif: What are you talking about? Is it really all right that you haven't escaped yet?

Murno: But, I... there are still some things that I have left to do in this town...

Rif: That you have to do? What on earth…

Murno: …

Rif: It's a secret, right? Guess it's the same as always, then.

Murno: No, it...!
    -... I'm so sorry...

Rif: Ah... no, I should be the one saying sorry. That was a terrible thing to say...

Murno: No... you didn't do anything bad. I'm the only one who did anything bad…

Rif: Murno… what on earth are you…
    -No, never mind. Do you wanna head back to the workshop?

Murno: … Yeah… I’m so sorry, Rif.

Rif: …

(black screen)
-I could not ask Murno why she was being chased because at that moment, she seemed so pitiful.
-Or maybe I was just too scared of what the truth might be…

Monday, February 7, 2011

Night Four - Lemmy

Lemmy: Huh…?
    -…? What are you doing in a place like this?

Rif: I was trying to think some things over. I took a walk, and somehow or another…

Lemmy: Somehow or another? You’re going to find yourself in another mess if you keep stumbling around like that. How you managed this far is beyond my comprehension.

Rif: What? Did you come out here because you were worried about that kind of thing?

Lemmy: (blushing) Wh—who would—
    -I was simply doing my rounds. Our workshop is also part of this town’s Patrol Unit. I just happen to be one of the members.

Rif: Oh, the same as Aniki. Then, were you in Lute Caves earlier because you were doing rounds?

Lemmy: Um…
    -That’s right.

Rif: I see. That must be a tough job… but, you really saved us with your help back then.

Lemmy: Except I was on patrol! It had nothing to do with you.

Rif: But as for Bostaph… it might turn into another match between us, won't it?

Lemmy: Why would you say that?

Rif: …

Lemmy: I guess it doesn’t matter. However, I won’t be defeated next time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Night Four - Killfith

Killfith: So this is where you went…
    -How did you end up here?

Rif: Ah, well... I just went for a walk, and somehow or another, you know...

Killfith: Are you sure that's a good idea? Bostaph's workshop isn't far from here. You don't want to be caught in a place like this staring off into space.
    -Will you be able to protect Murno?

Rif: Well, but about that... if it's so dangerous here, why hasn’t Murno run away yet?

Killfith: Probably for her own reasons.

Rif: I guess it's a secret, huh. Well, that’s nothing new, though…

Killfith: Tch…

Rif: Man, the more I find out, the less I seem to know…

Killfith: Hmph… sounds like you won’t be able to muster up the heart to protect Murno.

Rif: It's nothing like that... Like Master said, a Craftknight's promise is stronger than steel.
    -With you as my partner, I will protect Murno the best that I can!

Killfith: And what if it turns out that Murno had something to do with why those humans died? Like Rob, for instance?

Rif: That… I don’t…

Killfith: If that time should come, perhaps it would be best if I was released from being your partner.

Rif: Wha—why…?!

Killfith: If I was gone, then won’t any need to protect Murno also disappear?

Rif: Killfith… but, you said—and a Craftknight's promise is…

Killfith: That idiocy doesn't have anything to do with me.

Rif: Killfith…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night Four - Jade

Jade: Ah, Rif.
    -You're here?

Rif: Yeah. When I went for a stroll, somehow or another…

Jade: I see… I was a little worried.
    -When Murno and Killfith suddenly started saying they were thinking about leaving some time, I thought you might have gone with them when they did…

Rif: I'm sorry…

Jade: What really happened? You can always rely on me to be your strength, you know?

Rif: Thank you, but…

Jade: I see… you can't, huh?

Rif: I'm sorry, Aniki…

Jade: You don't have to apologize. I don't mind. But, I want you to promise me just one thing.
    -If you get into something dangerous, don't stick your neck in any further than absolutely necessary.

Rif: Wha?

Jade: I'm a part of this town's Patrol Unit. If something dangerous starts to heat up, it's okay to ask for our help.

Rif: But...

Jade: You don't live in this town, so you don't need to jump into any of its problems by yourself.
    -Even under normal circumstances, you're the type to act first and ask questions later. Of course we’re gonna worry about you.

Rif: Sorry…

Jade: Hey, no, it's not like I'm mad or anything!

Rif: Yeah. I know.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four, Part Nine

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We should return to where Master and the others are.

Killfith: (opens mouth to say something) ...

Rif: Killfith...

Killfith: (looks away again, conflicted) Whatever you wish...

V.E: I can't believe you two sometimes. You were relatively safe, but the second a Stray appears you go out of your way to meet it? You're too reckless.

Jade: Listen to her! You know, it's okay to call us for back-up against the Strays around here.
    -If someone made a mistake and forgot to ring the alarm, the guys on patrol would have no way of knowing you were in deep trouble.

Killfith: Has Murno returned yet?

V.E: Uh, yeah, she's back. I think she's inside.

Killfith: I see.
    -(goes inside)

V.E: (?) Is it just me, or was he acting strange? Does he have something he needs to do?

Rif: No... Killfith just wanted to come back here as soon as possible...

V.E: R-really? Seems like everyone’s coming back all at once, huh?
    -Although I still haven't been able to come to any kind of agreement with Bostaph.

Rif: ...

V.E: Rif, what on earth happened back there?

Rif: I...

(black screen)
-In the end, I couldn't tell Master anything...
-I couldn't, because I thought maybe Murno was somehow responsible for the Stray Summons acting out...
-And if that was Murno's fault, then maybe Master Rob's death...


-I don't know what Murno and Killfith talked to each other about, but it looks like Murno will stay in town for now...
-I wonder what kind of face I made when I understood that…

Rif: … But, I won't be able to come to any kind of solution here. I should head back already…
    -Huh? Is someone there? It couldn't be…

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Four, Part Eight

Near the heart of Lute Caves…

???: It’s not enough… the pain…

Rif: What was that voice?

Killfith: An unpleasant one… it’s that human from before.

(Inside the cavernous area)

Pike: The pain…

(Rif and Killfith are puzzled)

Pike: The pain…

Rif: What is he talking about?!

Pike: (turns around) There's one left over! A Stray Summon!

Rif: Stop! He's not a Stray!

Pike: You're that runt from before! Didn't I tell you not to come near here? Or do you want to be squashed?

Rif: I—I'm sorry, it's just… I thought we might be able to help exterminate the Strays…

Pike: Help?! What could a couple of small children like you possibly do to help?

Killfith: I'm not a child! You should be grateful I don’t slap that mouth of yours for mocking my appearance!

Pike: What was that?! Summon Creatures shouldn't back talk to their human lords!

Killfith: What…!

Pike: And you! If you're its owner, you need to properly discipline it.

Rif: His owner...? What are you talking about? I’m Killfith's comrade—his partner!

Pike: His partner? You must be joking… if the owner doesn’t personally discipline it, then of course it’ll turn out rotten…
    -You think that’s fine? A Summon Creature is a weed! Weeds shouldn't talk back, and therefore back-talking Summon Creatures need to be eliminated!

Rif: Wha...!

Pike: I know just what to do. I'll simply replace its exalted master so that I can teach that Summon Creature how to behave, myself.
    -And I say any Summon Creature that talks back to its human lords needs to be punished!

Killfith: You ugly bastard, if you continue to talk to me like some sort of dog, I will be the one to teach you, in full, how to behave.

Pike: Try to use some of that fight in you to make sure I enjoy this at least a little!

Rif: Geez!

(Beats Pike into the ground for being a dink)

Pike: Urgh... that’s smarts…

Killfith: Tch… I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Pike: Heeheehee... that's good... more pain...

Rif: Huh?

Pike: More pain… give me more!

Rif: What the heck is he talking about?!

(Someone else walks up)

???: What abominable thing is shouting over here? I know it couldn’t have been that little lady over there.

Killfith: Another one?

Rif: Wow… another weirdo arrived…

???: Oh my, what did you say? Shouldn’t you take care to watch that mouth of yours?
    -I don't care if you are a child, I'll make an example of anyone who insults the beautiful Lord Gillan by tearing them to pieces with my Poison Claws!

Rif: The beautiful Gillan…

Killfith: This guy's serious! Rif!

Gillan: What's this? This wouldn't happen to be your Summon Creature, would it?

Rif: Y-yeah.

Gillan: So, Pike, did you happen to see anyone like the picture of the child around here?

Pike: No. And the only Companion Beast I’ve seen around here is this one.

Gillan: Such a chore! Doubtless even talking with these two wouldn't help any. Ah, what a pain…
    -Although that one girl I saw on the way here was rather cute.

Rif: Wha—wait, who are you talking about?!

???: What are you doing playing around here?!

Rif: Didn't that voice belong to a woman this time?

(Two people walk up)

Gillan: Once again, dear Anise, your cute face will never come to anything if all you ever do is scowl.

Anise: I'm not interesting in hearing that from you! Who is that?

Rif: (looks at Bostaph) Ah! He’s…

(Momentary flashback to a dark, rainy night)

Rif: (stunned) …

Gillan: Ahh, that? Seems that girl there is that Companion Beast's child.
    -After all the trouble you must have gone through to come here—such a disappointment.

Killfith: That man Bostaph's aura is a foul color… if he's the one aiming at Murno—

Bostaph: It's been a long time, Rifmonica. I had heard from V.E that you had come to Prosban.
    -I couldn't believe my ears when I heard you'd gotten a Summon Creature... Looks like you've finally become a Craftknight.

Rif: Uh, yes... because Master said I would need to have a forging partner...

Anise: If she's a Craftknight... she might be acquainted with...

Bostaph: (amused) Indeed… she is Rob's rumored apprentice. What do you think?

Anise: (!) That kid... I see...

Rif: Wh… what is it? Why are you glaring at me like that?

Anise: (to her companions) Did any Stray Summons appear in this area?

Pike: Yeah, there were about five or six. I ate the entire party, but they weren't very filling.

Gillan: Whaat?! And you didn't leave even one for me? You just enjoyed it all by your greedy self, did you? You're the worst!

Anise: I see. Then there is nothing more to do here. I'm heading back.

Pike: I'm still hungry, so I think I'll find something to eat...

Gillan: I'll go too, then.

Killfith: Why is it our enemies have all gathered here...?

Bostaph: You should also hurry back home to your village. I've already told V.E that I won't put a stop to the Stray Hunting.
    -To return the favor of the scar on my face and Rob's death... with these hands, I will take my revenge.

Rif: Um... But, Mr. Bostaph, it sounds like you're searching for a kid who has a Summon Creature as a companion...
    -Why would you do that? What on earth did that kid do?

Bostaph: Do you want to know?

Rif: Uh... yes...

Bostaph: I see... what, you ask... heheheh...
    -If you want to know the truth, that girl is at the heart of the calamity that has overtaken us!

Rif: Calamity...?

Bostaph: Everything is that girl's fault. It is thanks to her that Stray Summons have begun to act violently in this area. Therefore...
    -It is that girl's fault that I have this scar on my face and that Rob died!

Rif: Wha...

Bostaph: Of course, that is dependent upon whether that man’s word is good. But whether it is or not, eradicating every Stray in this area will only do us good.

Rif: That...

Bostaph: Until we meet again. Be sure to send my regards to V.E.

Rif: Killfith... was what he said about Murno true?

Killfith: ...

Rif: Well?! Is it really Murno's fault that all the Strays have been acting out?!

Killfith: I don't know.

Rif: What do you mean, you don't know?!

Killfith: I don't know if Murno is the cause of the Stray Summons attacking people, or why they would say that.
    -What I do understand is that right now, as long as Murno is anywhere near this town, she is in danger.

Rif: I…
    -What’s the best thing to do? Master…

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Four, Part Seven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Since we've already come this far, let's aim for the very heart of Lute Caves!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Eliez: Hooray!

Killfith: Darn it... I'm starting to get used to it...!

(Further along, Killfith stops)

Killfith: Something's coming!

Rif: A Stray...?!

(A man runs up)

Man: Yikes! A Stray Summon?!

Killfith: You... don't be an idiot!

Rif: Ah, this is my partner!

Man: I see... he's not a Stray, then...
    -Ah, you—you all should get away from here right away!

Rif: What are we running away from, Mister?

Man: Deeper in, these Stray Summons appeared! They were huge, and there were a lot of them!

???: Is that all?

(Clown-looking man walks up)

???: Huge Stray Summons don’t make for a very interesting story, do they?

Rif: (Wh—what the—?! What is up with his hair?!)

Killfith: (Will you quit staring at his head! That guy is wearing the same uniform as Murno's enemies.)

???: Hm? Is that Summon Creature a Stray?

Rif: N—no, he's not! He’s my partner!

???: Hohh, so you have a Companion Beast?

Rif: Wha—what are you looking at? Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?

???: My, I don't see what that has to do with anything. It's just a convenient way to examine someone.
    -(to the man) You said before there were some strong Stray Summons, didn't you?

Man: Ah—yes… that's right! A huge number of them!

???: I see… that kind of party might be good enough to satisfy me.

Man: Eh? Hold on a moment, are you saying you're going to defeat them by yourself? Isn't that dangerous?!

???: Dangerous? What fun would it be if it wasn't! It doesn’t matter what attack it faces, a castle of steel never falters!
    -And I am the one and only Steel Pike!

Rif: Steel Pike…?

Pike: Heeheehee… So long as the party rewards me with a bit of pain, it should be good…
    -It would probably be best if you didn't get too close. A Stray could accidentally end up squashing you like a bug!

Rif: What!

Pike: Children should hurry back home to their mothers! Hahahahaha...
    -(he leaves)

Rif: Why that...!

Man: I—in any case, I'm going to inform the town about this. You should also hurry and go back!

Eliez: He said there were scary Strays, big sis...

Killfith: Tch… if we let that guy take care of them, we could see if Murno's back yet.

Rif: What should we do? That man just went off... but with Eliez here…

Tier: Ah! There you are! Rif!

Rif: Oh, Tier. How did you know we’d be here?

Tier: When I went to Jade's workshop, I heard that you had been at the workshop and that you'd gone this way with a girl…

Eliez: Hi, I'm Eliez.

Tier: Hi, I'm Tier. I'm Rif’s future business partner.

Rif: Hold on a minute!

Tier: You know, you're terrible! Leaving me behind and going home without me...!
    -Can you believe that Janna person? Even after my impassioned sermon, she wouldn’t give me even a single Boam…
    -Che... I'm soooo unlucky!

Rif: Sorry I went home without saying anything, but Aniki was leaving, so...

Killfith: If you're done talking about worthless things, what happened with Murno?

Tier: It looked like she was still talking to that Velworen guy. Miss V.E's still out, too.

Rif: Tier, there's a favor I want to ask of you. Can you please escort Eliez back to town?

Tier: Why can't you do it?

Rif: There's something here I'm worried about. I want to continue up ahead, but it looks like some scary Strays have appeared there.

Tier: So you're saying it's dangerous for a kid? But then wouldn't it also be dangerous for you if you keep going ahead?!

Rif: That may be true, but...

Killfith: I don't feel like going back.

Tier: Well, I guess... Man...
    -Okay, okay... well, if that's how it is, I guess I can take her back for you.

Rif: Thank you for doing us this favor, Tier.
    -Since it's very dangerous, please be careful when you're headed back.

Eliez: Okay!

Tier: And of course, I'll be sure to collect the fee for escorting her once you get back.

Rif: What?! But I didn't…

Killfith: Let’s go.

Rif: R—right!

(Side Conversation)
Killfith: Follow that clown!

Rif: Right!

Killfith: Heh... let’s go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Four, Part Six

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We should just keep looking for materials for now...
    -Though I can't help but think about whoever might be following us...

Killfith: Hmph... Whoever it is, I'm sure it's no one to be concerned about.

Eliez: Then, maybe it's Master Benson.

Killfith: If it really is him, it'll give me a good excuse to fight him.

Rif: I don't think that's the right answer here...

And so they continue on blithely, until...

???: Hey! You!


Man: I just want to ask you one thing.

Rif: What is it?

Killfith: Tch... It was just these guys...

Eliez: Big sis... I'm scared...

Rif: It's all right! Don't worry.

Man: You're that Summon Creature's apprentice Rifmonica, right?

Rif: I don't believe it... the only people who call me that are from Bostaph's Workshop.

Man: We suffered horribly because of that woman.

Rif: I thought something like this might happen... did Master hurt you with her fists? Poor things…

Man: Quit screwing around! If you're her apprentice, you should man up and take responsibility for this!

Rif: Sheesh, settle down. But first, I want to have a little word with you.

Man: A word about what...?

Rif: You see, my master told me it wouldn't be good to get into any fights...
    -And besides that, are you really going to start something when there’s a little girl right here?

Man: You…
    -Don't you screw with me!

(Thus ensues a fight with some dudes who aren't important enough to have their own names)

Man: Crap… These guys are strong!

Eliez: Big sis...

Rif: Hey. I told you to calm down. You're scaring Eliez!
    -If my Master did something wrong, then I'll apologize. But I can’t do that if I don’t know what I’m apologizing for!

Man: What was that, you pipsqueaks...!

Lemmy: If that’s all, then how about we put an end to this?

(Guess who enters the equation?)

Rif: Lemmy?!

Lemmy: Perhaps you thought you had a right to insult anyone you liked because the deceased Rob struck you?

Man: You…

Lemmy: Only you were not struck by these people’s Master. Rather, you are fighting to defend our Master Bostaph, correct?

Man: ...

Lemmy: And yet, wasn't it said that all of that was a misunderstanding? That your resentment is unjustified? Your conduct now is shameful.

Man: I can't believe it... are you saying you support that Summon Creature woman? Traitor!

Lemmy: Traitor...? How so?

Man: Huh?

Lemmy: Exactly how have I betrayed anyone!

Rif: Lemmy...

Lemmy: Do you not understand what you are doing?! You are throwing mud onto Master Bostaph's face.
    -Unless you are trying to tell me that one must soil Master Bostaph—no, the name of our workshop—in order to remain an ally.

Killfith: Heh... his aura right now is pretty interesting...

(The men run off, tails tucked between their legs)

Rif: Thanks. You saved us.

Lemmy: Saved you? I only did it for Master Bostaph's sake.
    -I had no intention of saving any of you.

Rif: Honestly, you're always like this...

Lemmy: (looking at Eliez) …
    -And exactly what are you thinking taking a child so young to aimlessly wander in a place like this?

Rif: I'm not taking her along anywhere. Eliez said she wanted to go.

Eliez: Um… I…

Rif: Ah... no, I don't mean to say that it's your fault.
    -What I mean to say is, see, I had some free time, you see, since Master is over at your place, and Murno is at the Council of Gold…

Lemmy: The Council of Gold? What business could she possibly have in such a place?

Rif: Beats me. All I know is she wanted to talk to some guy named Velworen.

Killfith: You really need to learn when to stop talking.

Rif: Ah, sorry...

Lemmy: Velworen… a man who entrusted this town’s Council to people who cannot directly use the Art of Summoning.
    -It is a detestable name, yet now I learn that you are connected with it. How is that supposed to be funny…

Rif: What do you mean by that?

Lemmy: Nothing really.

Rif: Ah, wait!

Lemmy: (…)

Eliez: ?

Lemmy: Take… care.

Eliez: Eh? Okay.

Rif: Well, that was weird. Anyway, Eliez, do you still want to go inside?

Eliez: Mm-hm! I wanna go even more now!

Rif: All righty then! Off we go!