Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Three, Part Seven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I didn't even consent to anything, but now we're stuck looking for Tier.

Killfith: Honestly… do you have to involve me in all of your petty whining?

Rif: I'm sorry... but since Murno's waiting for us back at the inn, I guess we should do our best?

Killfith: Tch...

Eventually, in the Concealed Forest, we find Tier—entertaining a couple of guests.

Rif: There she is! But what is she doing?

Killfith: Those are...! Tch... that trash... even this far...

Tier: (!) Ah... it's you...

Rif: What are you doing? Trying to trick somebody else?

???: Hm, an acquaintance of yours? Isn’t that Companion Beast…?

???: Hold on, that Summon Creature is from Sapureth. I don’t believe it, is this who she was talking about…?

Tier: Right, right. Anyway, let’s head over to the inn.

???: Are you trying to tell us these children are the ones we’re looking for? They look completely different!
    -I can’t believe we almost let this girl trick us. We have nothing more to say here. Let's go.

(They start to leave, but Tier grabs onto one of them)

Tier: Wait...! Don't worry about it. Anyway, the inn...

???: Shut up! Get your hands off me!

Tier: Now, now, don’t say that…!

Rif: Gee whiz... still trying to nab people...

Killfith: Those guys are our enemies... we can't let them get near the inn.

Rif: Enemies... wait, what do you...?

Killfith: It's already decided. We have to fight them.

Rif: Fight them...?!

???: Dammit... that's more than enough!

Tier: Kya!
    -(gets flung away)

???: I don't care if you are a child! If you continue to get in our way, we will show you what pain is!

Rif: Tier!

Killfith: Let's go!

Rif: Killfith...

    -Understood! We'll fight them.  >Jumping in
    -Hold on a minute!  >Hestitation

Jumping In
Rif: I got it! We can't just sit here and watch this!

(Rif plunges into battle)

Rif: But I... why should we...?!

Killfith: You want to know?! Forget it... you just sit there and watch!

Rif: Ah! Geez!

(Killfith runs into battle. If he kicks it, Rif steps in to finish)


???: How is it these two are so strong?

???: How should I know?

???: It doesn't matter... they don't fit the kid's description. Let's go.

Tier: Ah, wait! At least have some food before...
    -(turns to Rif, annoyed) I can't believe it... what's wrong with you? Chasing away my third target of the day…

Rif: What on earth are you talking about?! Were you seriously going to argue with those guys?

Tier: Well, of course…. Wait. Maybe—
    -Maybe you fought them because you wanted to protect me?

Rif: Ah, no, that's... to be honest...

Tier: (blushing) Thank you. Umm, it's Rif, right?

Rif: Yeah. Well, actually it's Rifmonica. And this is Killfith.

Tier: Speaking of that... you said you were Craftknights, right?

Rif: What about it?

Tier: (Isn't it wonderful?! This couldn't get any more perfect...!)
    -Then how about you two use your abilities as Craftknights to work at our inn?

Rif: Huh?!

Tier: You’re borrowing that Summon Creature's power to forge weapons, right? That's why they possess such fantastic strength.

Rif: Well, it's something like that, but...

Tier: Then, aren't the weapons you forge something really special?! A product like that could become our inn's specialty!
     -With you repairing our weapons, the number of our customers should increase exponentially!

Rif: Huh?!

Tier: Please, help our inn!

Rif: Whaaa?!

Tier: So will you? Will you?! Pleeease?!

Rif: Agh, cripes... I wonder what I should do...

    -I guess it can't hurt to think about it…  >Maybe
    -No way! Absolutely not!  >Nope

Killfith: You've gotta be kidding me. There's no way I'd help you!

Tier: Ehh?! Whyyy?!

Killfith: Why I should I have to work for the sake of your shop?

Rif: And besides that, right now we have to get to Prosban, so we can't stay here.  >She shall not be discouraged

Rif: We are still making our way to Prosban, so we can't stay here as blacksmith's assistants.  >She shall not be discouraged

She shall not be discouraged
Tier: So what you're saying is, you only can't do it for now?

Rif: I think you might be missing the point…

Tier: You said it's just for now that you can't… so that means I definitely have a chance to make you work for us!

Rif: Eh?! Wait, how do you figure that?!

Tier: Now that that's settled, I'll go let Mom know.
    -(runs off)

Rif: She's pretty fast...

Killfith: These humans...

Rif: Killfith... what on earth did those men want? Does it have something to do with Murno?

Killfith: There's nothing I can tell you.

Rif: What do you...

Killfith: I made a promise with Murno that I wouldn't speak of it. Do you want me to violate that promise?

Rif: A promise... I see...

Killfith: ...

Rif: Then shall we head back to where everyone else is?

Killfith: Might as well…

//As a side note, they don't use the word for "Guardian Beast" in this game like they did in the other two. Ever. Instead, everyone says "partner," "comrade," or "assistant." In a previous version of this page, I had the goons call Killfith a "Guardian Beast," but I decided that was silly, since the term "Guardian Beast" is a very noble capacity in the previous two games. Here, what they're literally saying is "Summon Creature companion," but since that sounds awkward, I changed it to "Companion Beast."//

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