Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night Two - V.E

V.E: I thought you might be here.

Rif: Master.

V.E: Even though it’s the night before the match, you look pretty composed.

Rif: It’s not really that. It’s just, there's no point trying to wiggle my way out of it now, you know?

V.E: You’re talking pretty big… it’s painful to see you getting so elated just because you managed to beat Jade.

Rif: That’s not why! It’s because everything—all of the fighting and the results of the training I’ve gone through till now—makes me want to work even harder.
    -You'll see!

V.E: It seems like you're finally starting to understand what true strength is.

Rif: True strength...? I don't really understand something complicated like that.

V.E: Real strength is not just about power... how should I say this. It's that the strength of the soul is also important.
     -It's said among Craftknights that if you invest your own soul in a weapon that you created that you can feel your partner's soul as well.

Rif: To feel a weapon you invest in... I'm not sure, but I got a feeling I might understand.

V.E: Ohh? Sounds like you might have even experienced it once.
    -Then, tomorrow, you show me that strength of yours.

Rif: Yeah. I'll do my best!

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