Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Three Side Quests


It actually says you obtained Some Sticky Tree Liquid
(woman standing by the top of the stairs in Deikel Village)
Woman: Hey, that potato dumpling you have there.
    -Wouldn't you like to trade that with this sticky liquid I found on some tree trunks?


(Obtained Tree Sap!)

Woman: Wait, why do I feel like I just lost?

Have you gone away?
Cat-Lover: Snowflake isn’t here right now, but…
     -I sensed he had a strong desire to send me a message that he has gone on a trip somewhere… that’s what I believe.
    -It seems that's why this friend of his came to introduce himself to me. Ahh, alas.

(This isn’t actually a quest, but it does explain a little side-quest you can get in Marneil Inn Town…)

If you hit the target in Bazan Forest…

???: You there!

(blue-haired woman runs up)

Rif: Ummm… where did you come from?

???: I am one possessed of a ceaseless love for archery, and I just happened to be passing by!
    -You may call me the Archery Maiden!
    -I see that you also make habitual use of a bow.
    -That is why I want you to take this!

(Received Rock Star Crystal!)

Archery Maiden: From now on, please take care to devote yourself!
    -(runs off)

Double Strike for Sale
(Red-haired girl beside the ruined pillar)
Traveling Saleswoman’s Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
     -I have plans for the future to make our shop big, so for now, I need to work hard to earn enough to pay for travel expenses. But, that’s beside the point.
     -By the way, you look like a Craftknight. How about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -I’ll hold off on that.

TS's Daughter: All righty. So if you upgrade using an “Acceleration Spring,” it will add the special attack “Double Strike” to your weapon.
    -Ah, but keep in mind that, depending on the weapon type, the special attack might not be added.
    -But for one time only, I’ll be selling an Acceleration Spring for only 350 Boam.
    -Would you like to buy one?

    -I’ll buy.
    -I won’t buy it.

(Obtained Acceleration Spring!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

If you hit the target it the Concealed Forest…
Archery Maiden: Hello again! Take this prize!

(Received Wing Fossil!)

Archery Maiden: Please continue devoting yourself!

Accepting the Quests

Kicker Potion Needs
(old woman standing by the Deikel Village gate)
Old Woman: Why? I need a Kicker Potion, yet I haven’t been able to obtain one.

Be sure to complete this quest before rescuing Tier
(dark-haired man standing inside the inn)
Man: Hey, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -If you don’t mind looking for her, I have a hunch she might be purring right now.

A Woman Has Needs Too
(blond woman at the train station)
Woman: I would like to order a weapon.
    -An “Iron Arrow” Bow.
    -But it seems I need some Large Ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Woman: I’ve already prepared part of the order. Here, a shapestone.

(Obtained Bow Shapestone!)

Woman: Ahh, please hurry, I want to shoot some targets.

Completing the Quests

Kicker Potion Needs
Old Woman: Isn’t there anywhere I can find a Kicker Potion?
    -Ohh, that’s it! Please give it to me.

(Hand over the Kicker Potion?)

Old Woman: As thanks, I’ll give you this.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Old Woman: I won’t forget this kindness you’ve done me.

Be sure to complete this quest before rescuing Tier
Man: Ahh, Miss White~
    -As thanks for bringing her back, please take this.

(Obtained Bow Shapestone!)

Man: Now, it’s no good to be wandering off to dangerous places, sweetie~.

A Woman Has Needs Too
(After giving the woman an Iron Arrow, which is a #05 Bow)

Woman: Here, I want you to take this. You really helped me out.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Woman: Ahh, even though I want to shoot some targets, there aren’t any targets around here. Mmm, how troublesome.

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