Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day One, Part Seven

(At the Station)

Zakk: Hey, Rif! You’re late!

Rif: Ahh, sorry, sorry.

Zakk: Okay… so, your portion of medicine is—

(Lemmy appears)

Zakk: L-Lemmy… What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

Lemmy: What am I doing here…? What are you doing here, with these people?

Zakk: This isn't…! You’ve got it all wrong, Lemmy!

Lemmy: And what have I got wrong?

Rif: Sorry to butt in, but he didn’t meet up with me because he likes me. He only came to give me some medicine.

Lemmy: Medicine?

Zakk: That’s right. The Kicker Potion.

Lemmy: And why would you give such a thing to this person, Zakk?

Zakk: Well, because… when I went to get the Kicker Fruit…
     -Um, well, Rif and Killfith helped me out with this and that, and thanks to them, the potion…

Lemmy: You’re calling her Rif, now…? Exactly how long has this been going on for you to be getting along so well?

Zakk: But I…

Rif: Ahh, ahh… it’s really not as big of a thing as you seem to think.

Lemmy: …

Rif: In any case, Zakk worked really hard to find that fruit and make that medicine for you.
    -You should thank him once you receive it.

Lemmy: For me?

Zakk: Well… since Lemmy wasn’t doing so well, I wanted to find this medicine so you’d get better…

Lemmy: That was not necessary.

Zakk: Eh?

Rif: What on earth is wrong with you? You had a fever earlier, didn’t you?!
    -Just be good and accept what he has to offer to you!

Lemmy: My fever is already gone…

Killfith: What a transparent lie… I can tell from here how much your aura has faded.

Zakk: I knew it. Lemmy, you’ve been overworking yourself—

Lemmy: Regardless, I have absolutely no need of any medicine if it means I am indebted to the likes of you.

Rif: What was that?

Lemmy: You heard me. That Stray Summon injured Master Bostaph…
     -Therefore she is my enemy, as well. I would never stoop so low as to allow myself to accept hand-outs from that Stray’s apprentice.

Rif: You jerk, how dare you say that?

Zakk: Please stop… just forget about it. I’m the one who’s in the wrong here.
     -I don’t want you to get in a fight over this medicine… And if Lemmy says he doesn’t need it, then—

Rif: No, it’s not okay!

Zakk: But…

Rif: This isn’t just your problem anymore. If he really doesn’t want to accept the medicine that much…

Lemmy: (…)
    -Then you’ll make me take it by force… is that what you’re saying?
    -Fine then. This is the perfect opportunity to give her companion exactly what she deserves.

Zakk: But Lemmy, you’re still sick!

Rif: Kh!

Lemmy: What? You don’t think you can win against me, even if in my poor condition?
    -Shall we see if that’s the case?

Rif: Why are you trying to pick a fight?

Lemmy: Of course, you don’t have to worry. I’ll let you fight together with that Summon Creature of yours.

Killfith: To be mocking me so carelessly… it seems that fever has gone to your head. But don’t think we’ll let you off the hook because of that.

Lemmy: If you are able to defeat me, then I shall take the medicine without complaint.

Rif: Then it’s a promise.

Lemmy: Yes.
    -We will have our match as soon as you have finished your preparations.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We have to win this battle and make Lemmy take his medicine!

Killfith: Did you even pause to consider he might be able to win?

Rif: It’s not a question of whether he can win. We’re going to beat him no matter what!

Killfith: Hmph, how amusing… I wonder if you’ll really be able to win.

Rif: What’s that supposed to mean?

Killfith: That it will probably be left to me once your turn is up.

Lemmy: Have you prepared for your match with me?

    -I’m ready.  >Fight!
    -I still need to prepare.

Rif: I can’t say I’ll feel good about winning against a sick person.

Lemmy: Then come on—if you really think you can beat me.

Rif: All right! Let’s do this, Killfith!

Killfith: It’ll probably be fine… so long as you’ve already said your prayers.

(After kicking Lemmy’s butt)

Rif: So, do you admit defeat?

Lemmy: Kh…

Zakk: Are you all right, Lemmy?

Lemmy: Yes… I’m all right…

Rif: Then since you lost, fulfill your end of the bargain and take the medicine Zakk made!

Lemmy: … Very well…

Zakk: Then, um… here, Lemmy…

Lemmy: Yes… Thank you.

Rif: You know, that medicine also contains Zakk’s feelings, so it’s really valuable. You should keep that in mind when you use it.

Lemmy: I know that.

Rif: …

Zakk: Thank you, Rif. Here it is.

Rif: Ah, I almost forgot. Thanks so much for this, Zakk.

(Obtained Kicker Potion!)

Zakk: By the way, you and Killfith seem to be okay… so who did you need the medicine for?

Rif: Ah well, you know, just somebody…

Zakk: Maybe it’s someone important to Rif?

Rif: Yeah, that’s right.

Zakk: I see. Then hurry and take this to them.

Rif: Will do. Come on, let’s go, Killfith.

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

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