Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day Two, Part Seven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We have to find the people who took Murno’s special demon stone… But where would they be?

Killfith: We don’t have the leisure of hesitating right now. The first thing we need to do is investigate their hideout.

Rif: Their hideout… Bostaph’s Workshop…

(Bostaph’s Workshop)

Man: What does a Stray’s apprentice want here?!

Rif: Um… I’m just looking for someone…

Man: Go home!

Killfith: …

Man: What is it? You wanna fight?

Rif: N—no, of course not!

(Rif notices that further back in the workshop is Lemmy)

Rif: Ah, hold on! You! Lemmy!

Lemmy: …
    -(walks away)

Rif: (annoyed) What the heck was that?! He completely ignored me!

Man: If that’s all, then get out of here!

(Outside, Zakk walks up to them)

Zakk: Hey, Rif, what’s wrong?

Rif: Zakk! We’re saved~! Do you know where that guy is?

Zakk: Wait, what guy are you talking about?!

Rif: That guy! Umm… he’s always messing with me, and you can tell by looking at him he’s bad, and his hair is all wound up in a headband…

Zakk: Ahh, you mean Sarge? You need something from him?

Rif: Him and his friend took something really important… so…

Zakk: They took something? I knew they’d bugged you before, but that’s kinda going too far…
    -But because of what you did before, I heard that they got really hurt…

Rif: …

Killfith: Never mind that. Where is that trash hiding?

Zakk: I know they set up a hideout way deep inside of Deikel Mine where they go sometimes, but…
    -To get there you have to go past a door, and I don’t know where it is beyond that.

Rif: Then we’ll try going through the door that leads to the heart of Deikel Mine.

Zakk: Ah! There’ve been a lot of Strays coming out of there lately, so you’ve gotta be careful…

Rif: I see. Thank you! We’ll be careful.

Zakk: Good luck…
    -I mean, not that! I meant, um…
    -Well, um, it’s okay.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s go to the heart of Deikel Mine! I’m sure they’ll be there!

Killfith: (evilly) Heheh… The heart of the underground, huh… I couldn’t have asked for a more suitable location to deal with those fools…

Rif: O-okay, even I’m a little disturbed.

(While passing in front of the shop, Killfith stops suddenly and looks around)

Killfith: …

Rif: What happened, Killfith?

Killfith: It felt like something was watching us… Tch! Makes my insides squirm.

Rif: Watching… I hope there isn’t such a person…
    -Anyway, for now let’s just pick up the pace.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s go to the heart of Deikel Mine! I’m sure they’ll be there!

Killfith: It was probably one of those guys’ associates just then. It must be that trash’s way of keeping tabs on us…

Rif: That might be true, but right now we can’t let that weigh on our minds. We just have to keep going.

Killfith: Fine with me. It doesn’t really matter what that garbage is scheming, we’ll still crush them.

(Shortly after they get through the door in Deikel Mine, Killfith stops)

Killfith: Who’s there!

Jade: Cripes, you don’t have to get so mad.

Rif: Aniki, why are you here?

Jade: It—it’s got nothing to do with you guys! It’s just, look, recently I heard there were some Strays popping up around here, so I—

Rif: …

Jade: Fine… you got me.
    -I didn’t tell V.E about the cave, but it got me thinking.
    -If they’d resort to blackmail, you never know what kind of tricks they could have up their sleeves.
    -And since I’m a pretty reliable guy in a tight spot, I figured if I just tagged along…

Rif: Thank you, Aniki.

Jade: Rif…

Rif: But, I want to settle this problem with them by myself.
    -That’s why…

Jade: All right. I won’t come out at the last moment.

Rif: Thank you, Aniki.

Jade: You don’t have to thank me. And didn’t I tell you to stop calling me Aniki?

Rif: Heehee.

(Jade leaves)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: To the heart of Deikel Mine! That’s where they’ll be!

Killfith: Tch… that man makes no sense…

Rif: You mean about Aniki following us? You don’t have to talk about him like that, though. He was just worried about us.

Killfith: ‘Us?’ Don’t be an idiot! You’re the only one he was worried about.

Rif: Ah, I see. Since I’m with Killfith, he wondered if I would be safe.

Killfith: Wait… why do you say that?

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