Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Five, Part Three

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno... where could she have gone? If only we had some kind some kind of clue…

Killfith: Tch... rather than wasting time worrying about that, just keep your mind focused on searching.

Rif: I know that, at least!
    -(Since Murno only disappeared when the Stray Summon showed up, I can't help but wonder if it’s somehow related...)

(In front of Bostaph's Workshop)

Rif: Hey, Zakk, have you seen Murno anywhere?

Zakk: Yeah... I saw her just now, going towards the shops.
    -It kinda looked like she was chasing after Jade.

Rif: So in the same direction as the pawn shop... I see, thank you!

Zakk: Heheheh, not a problem!
    -I mean, yes it was!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Zakk saw Murno headed towards the shops!

Killfith: Quit dragging your feet and move it already!

Rif: (Since Murno only disappeared when the Stray Summon showed up, I can't help but wonder if it’s somehow related...)

(In the marketplace square, Rif stops)

Rif: Ah! That person...!
    -(runs up to Velworen)

Rif: Ah! Excuse me!

Velworen: Hm? Weren't you the girl who was with Murno before?

Rif: Um... Mr. Velworen, I don't suppose you know where Murno is right now, do you?

Velworen: What do you mean? Isn't she at Benson's Workshop?

Killfith: Isn't she with you?!

Velworen: Whaa?! But… didn't we promise on a different time? In case there’s anything more to discuss…

Rif: Discuss? Discuss what?

Velworen: Huh? About returning to Mishews Village. Didn't she tell you?

Rif: Return? Does that mean that Mishews Village is the place where Murno used to live?

Velworen: That's right. She wanted to know how it’s doing now, or if anything had happened there lately…
    -Although she sounded concerned about the village, it seemed to me as if she felt some responsibility regarding the Stray Summons’ recent violence…

Rif: What do you mean ‘responsibility’?!

Killfith: You bastard... what did you say to Murno?

Velworen: What did I… no, I… I told her a few things, but we only spoke of some rumors that have been going around town.
    -Although we did speak of a rumor about how she was the cause of the Stray Summons acting violently… Come to think of it, I believe I mentioned that to Bostaph, as well…

Killfith: Why would you tell him such a worthless rumor about Murno?!

Velworen: But no, you see—Bostaph explained about wanting to see the demon stone, and since she had it, I thought that perhaps…

Rif: Demon stone...!

Velworen: There are some rumors that it has the ability to summon powerful Summon Creatures, and that it holds incredible magical powers… I also heard that anyone who possesses it would be able to control Summon Creatures…
    -It's a bit frightening to think there is really something with such incredible power… frankly, I would be afraid to defy that girl.
    -Ah, but I was thinking before that perhaps by using that demon stone, one would be able to tame Stray Summons…

Rif: Then, Murno might have gone to somewhere where there are a lot of Stray Summons?!

Velworen: Sh—she didn't say anything to me about that!

Rif: Come on, Killfith! Some Strays appeared near the South Gate, so let's try there first!

Killfith: Tch...!

(Velworen departs, flustered)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Murno might have gone to where there are a lot of Stray Summons...!

Killfith: Didn't a Stray recently appear near the South Gate? We have to hurry!

Rif: Right!
(Side Conversation)

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