Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Two, Part Ten

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We have to make sure we’re prepared for the battle against Aniki!

Killfith It’s probably been a long time since I’ve battled against an opponent like this… Heh, it’s not a bad feeling…

Rif: That sounds pretty promising, Killfith. I get the feeling we can do this, too.

Killfith: You are really such a simpleton. But you can muster up some measure of power, so I suppose you’re useful enough.

Jade: Are you ready for the match?

    -All set and ready to go!  >Drill Fight!
    -Actually, there’s something I forgot…

Drill Fight!
Jade: All right! It’s time to see what you’re made of!
    -Against Jade the invincible!

Rif: Let’s go, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you want.

(Rif kicks Jade’s ass)

Rif: I did it!

Jade: Tsssh… I guess the little shrimp did well enough…

Rif: Well, Aniki? You’ll admit we’re not just all talk, right?

Jade: If you devote yourself to your training, it might even be enough someday to catch up to Rob’s strength.
     -But at the very least, if you wanna take the road to town, I’d say your strength now is enough to make it.

Rif: Really?! All right!

Jade: However, thanks to these earthquakes, the bridge that connects us to the town collapsed. But there is a way around it…
    -And since V.E’s got no sense of direction, she’ll need a reliable companion.

V.E: Who’s got no sense of direction?! The rock in my heart is like a compass!

Jade: I still got no clue what you’re talking about with that rock stuff… In any case, I’ll show Rif the way.

V.E: I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t give my consent!

Jade: Huh?! Hey, what do you mean?

V.E: I already said it, didn’t I? My apprentice would never lose to you!
    -It’s only natural she would win! Nothing special!

Jade: What are you talking about, of course it’s impressive!

Rif: Then what do I have to do so I can go?

V.E: I guess it’s become unavoidable. If you want to go, you have to test yourself against my skills!

Rif: Wait, Master. Is it really a good idea to have a match? Your arm is still injured…

V.E: I’d think this kind of injury would be a good handicap so you might stand a chance.

Jade: Hold on a sec! What’s that mean? Are you saying my skills are less than yours when you’re injured?!

V.E: Tomorrow, you have up until we depart to prepare a weapon you think is good enough to stand against me.
    -If your skill matches up, you’ll lead off with Murno.
    -And when I finally prove to you it’s no use, you and everyone else will be good and take care of the house! Is that understood?

Rif: Yes, ma’am! All righty! Let’s do our best, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Jade: (annoyed) Dammit! Quit ignoring me! I’m Jade the invincible!


-I probably should have started preparing for tomorrow’s test right away, but first I just had to clear my head and think about everything that had happened today.
-Anyone who holds Govan’s Demon Stone will be plagued with misfortune…
-That’s what Murno said, but what on earth is that supposed to mean…? Maybe Murno has been going through a lot of hardship…?

Rif: It’s just no good at all… what Murno might’ve been trying to say… it’s more than I can figure out by myself.
    -Right now I just have to focus on the match with Master! It’s for Murno, too… I think.
    -(?) Huh? Who’s there? It couldn’t be…

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