Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Seven, Part Thirteen

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Now that things have calmed down, I'm getting really hungry. Let's hurry back to the Town of Prosban.

Murno: Heheh, that’s so like you. But actually, I seem to be running on empty, too.

Killfith: Tch… you guys are too optimistic... that Benson menace is still there in that workshop.

Rif: When you put it like that, I actually do get kind of scared…

Near the exit of Bayreat Forest...

Eliez: Ah, there they are! Big sisters Rif and Murno!

Murno: Thanks for coming to welcome us, Eliez.

Zakk: Are you guys all right?

Rif: Sorry, Eliez, Zakk. Seems we made you worry, too.

Zakk: Can you blame us? Disappearing out of nowhere like that…
    -I mean, I wasn't! I wasn't worried or anything like that, not really!

Killfith: Hmph... you haven't changed, have you.

Zakk: By the way, when Lemmy came back just now, he was acting kinda weird.
    -Did something happen? Did you guys...

Tier: It’s just something that happened when we found Rif. It’s a long story.

Zakk: Um, uh, okay... if you say so…

V.E: Well then, we're going to report everything you've told us.

Jade: Be sure to look after Eliez.

Rif: Right.

(Benson's Workshop)

Eliez: I'm home! And look, so's everyone else!

Rif: Um... I'm really sorry for any trouble we might have caused.

Benson: Hm!

Rif: Um... you're not angry, are you?

Benson: …

Killfith: Tch…

Eliez: Master's really happy.

Benson: Nn?!

Murno: Heheheh… he's just shy…

Benson: Hm!

Rif: ... I don't get it at all.


-Master and the others came back that evening. They told us that everyone's going to gather at the Council of Gold tomorrow to discuss what's happened.
-I guess there's no way around it, but if we don't catch Anise and her accomplices as soon as possible…

Rif: Master said that while we were in Louise Village, no one saw Anise's comrades anywhere near the town.
    -Which leaves the question of where on earth they could be hiding…
    -(?) Huh? Looks like someone's there…

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