Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ritch's Prologue Part Eight

(Back at the house)

V.E: Weeell, let’s see if I’ve got this straight…
     -Although he looks like this now, RUN-DOR here is the same Summon Creature that attacked me earlier.

Murno: When Summonite is so close to its raw form, you need skill in order to properly cast the summoning spell… That he was able to summon anything at all is pure good luck.

Ritch: Well I am pretty amazing, after all.

V.E: It’s nothing to be proud of! It’s thanks to your failure of a summoning that this turned into such a mess!

Ritch: Nn…

V.E: So you came inside looking for some food for Murno when I heard the crash.

Murno: But what I don’t understand is why you would hurt her…

RUN-DOR: Upon detecting her heightened battle prowess, I conjectured that if I did not strike first, I would be destroyed.

V.E: So that’s why.

Murno: I’m sorry… I only took my eyes off him for a second. If only…
    -I’m really sorry. RUN-DOR, you should apologize, too.

RUN-DOR: Please excuse my actions.

V.E: If you just wanted something to eat, you should have just asked. You shouldn’t resort to burglary.

Murno: I’m sorry.

V.E: … You don’t have to keep apologizing. But considering how desperate your situation is, do you even have anything with you?

Murno: Well…

V.E: And what are you planning to do from here on out?

Murno: …
    -First things first, to leave this village.

V.E: And where do you hope to go?

Murno: …

Ritch: Murno… maybe they don’t have anywhere to go…

V.E: I see.
    -Then, how about you stay here?

Ritch: Master…!

Murno: That won’t work!

V.E: Why not?

Murno: That… If you get mixed up with me, it will only bring you misfortune…

V.E: It will bring misfortune?! I’ve already been injured, and thanks to that I won’t be able to work for quite a while.
    -So by way of apology, why don’t you work as my assistant? How does that sound?

Murno: But what do you mean by ‘assistant?’

V.E: Nothing much. I’d just have you do some general housework. But RUN-DOR, on the other hand…
    -Perhaps he could be Ritch’s blacksmith assistant?

Ritch: Mine? You mean he’d be working with me in the forge?

V.E: That’s right. You can forge weapons with a Summon Creature as part of your training to become a Craftknight.

RUN-DOR: Blacksmith assistant…

V.E: How does that sound, you two? You mind helping out around here?

Murno: Would that really be okay?

V.E: You sure do talk a lot! You’ll never get a guy to fall in love with you if you keep dancing around the answer. Just say yes or no!

Murno: Y-yes! Then… Please let us work for you!

V.E: All right! Then it’s settled! RUN-DOR, why don’t you…

RUN-DOR: I decline.

V.E: Huh?

RUN-DOR: My duty is to protect Lady Murno. Working as a blacksmith’s assistant will not fulfill that duty.

Ritch: It’ll be all right, because Murno will be with me!


Ritch: What’s that look mean?

RUN-DOR: I conclude that you do not possess the capabilities to protect Lady Murno.

Ritch: What was that?! Did you just call me weak?!

RUN-DOR: Approximately.

Ritch: Oh yeah? Then let’s have a match! I’ll prove I’m not weak!
     -If I win, that should prove I’m capable of protecting Murno, so you’ll have to work as a blacksmith’s assistant!


Ritch: Heeyy!

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: Why? Are you scared?

RUN-DOR: You would be wounded. Lady Murno would be unhappy.

Ritch: That’s a pretty interesting reason, saying you wouldn’t want me to lose…
    -But I’m telling you now you’re mistaken! Come on, a match!

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: Shut up and fight me! You drill-head!

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: I’m not giving up, so just fight me!

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: Please fight me?

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: Pretty please… have a match with me…

RUN-DOR: I decline.

Ritch: You know, I’m not gonna give up…

V.E: At this rate, they’ll never stop.
    -Heyyy, Murno. Can you ask him to take the match with Ritch? Please?

Murno: … I understand.
    -RUN-DOR, please have a match with him.

RUN-DOR: Understood.

Ritch: You did it! Thank you, Murno!

V.E: Well, now that we’ve finished with the negotiations, how about we head outside?
     -Who would have thought a simple summoning could result in such a serious contest between a human and Summon Creature?

(They exit)

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