Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day Eight, Part Three

(Outside the Council of Gold)

Jade: Well now! For the time being, how about we sniff out those guys’ whereabouts?

(For some reason, Rif, Killfith and Murno are surprised. It's like they don't know him at all.)

Rif: Wait a second, Aniki! Didn’t she just say that the Patrol Unit should focus on their job?

Jade: It’s fine. After all, it’s still patrolling, isn’t it? Nothing to worry about!

V.E: Honestly. You are such a man…
    -Okay! Then let’s split up and search for them!

Jade: I have to disagree with Rif and Murno on one point, because I don’t think that band is coming back to this town…
    -First, we should try searching the town’s perimeter. Leave the Bayreat Forest near the South Gate to me!
    -V.E should cover Lute Caves, and Rif can take care of the Bearded Forest up until Marneil Inn Town.

V.E: Couldn’t they also be near the west gate down the stairs? What are we going to do for over there?

Jade: It should be fine to leave Slenge Mines alone for now. Rumor has it there’s a dangerous Summon Creature there called “Red Wing.”

Killfith: “Red Wing”…? Heh… what’s that supposed to be, a red birdie?

Jade: That’s right… and it’s huge enough to swallow a man whole.
    -That “birdie” is dyed in deep red with the blood of its kills.

Rif: Amazing! So that Red Wing is really something cool…!

Killfith: It’s cool?

Jade: As long as you don’t approach it, you won’t get hurt, since it doesn’t seem to move around much, but…
    -Well, considering how few there were of those guys, if they decided to hide there, they’ve probably been eaten by now.

V.E: All right! Shall we start investigating, then?

Murno: Um… then I…

Jade: Since that demon stone you’re carting around is so important, you should lay low and go back to the workshop. Isn’t that what Ms. Janna said, too?
    -‘Exercise some prudence?’

Murno: But…

V.E: Aha… what Jade is trying to say is that Murno needs to keep a strict guard over the demon stone.
    -And since Master Benson is at the workshop, it would give us some peace of mind, you know?

Murno: All right… I understand.

V.E: (to Rif) On a related note, Rif, Killfith, I’m gonna ask you to be Murno’s escort to the workshop.

Rif: Got it! Just leave it to us!

Jade: Then let’s go! Just be sure to pay extra attention so you don't get lost. Especially V.E.

V.E: Although your undying concern for me moves me to tears of joy…
    -… if you keep throwing that crap into the wind, it’ll eventually end up in your eyes.

Jade: Don’t worry about me. I’ll just dodge so it’ll get in Rif’s face instead.

Rif: Hey! I’m right here!

V.E: Then, we leave it to you!

(Jade and V.E leave; Jade to the south, V.E to the east)

Rif: (…) Geez, what the heck…

Murno: Will you lead the way, Rif?

Rif: Ah—right! Let’s go to the workshop!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s escort Murno to the workshop!

Murno: I’m sorry. It’s my fault that you have to do something like this, since I’m so useless…

Rif: What are you talking about? You’re protecting the demon stone. That’s super useful!

Killfith: It’s a serious responsibility. You’ll have to give it your utmost.

Murno: Thank you, Rif, Killfith…

(Rif and the others arrive at Benson’s Workshop)

Rif: Um, Master.

Benson: Hm?

Rif: We’re going to go out for a little bit. Please look after Murno while we’re gone!

Benson: Hm.

Murno: I’m very sorry for the trouble.

Benson: Hm.

Murno: Thank you very much.

Benson: Hm.

Rif: (…) Man, it looks like they can communicate just like that… I’m a little embarrassed that I can’t follow…
    -(stares at Killfith) …

Killfith: (annoyed) What?

Rif: Hm.

Killfith: What’s that! Don’t be disgusting, I’ll kill you!

Rif: (shocked) Di—?!
    -(disappointed) It seems I just can’t do it…

Eliez: Do your best, big sis!

Rif: Eh?! Ahahahaha…
    -Okay! Let’s go and find out where Anise and her gang are hiding!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Now then! Time to find out where Anise is hiding!

Killfith: We have to go along the road up till Marneil Inn Town. You’ll do your part by doing your absolute best.

Rif: Yeah! I won’t let a single clue pass us by!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Eight, Part Two

(Scene fades back in with Eliez running up to the workshop)
Eliez: I'm ba~ack!
    ‑(goes inside)
    ‑Is everyone still not here yet?

(Inside the Council of Gold)

Rif: … And that's everything.

Bostaph: …

Rif: Um…

Velworen: (while looking at the demon stone) So perhaps Govan's Demon Stone really is concealing such extraordinary powers…
    -I can’t believe that something so amazing was hidden in that Mishews Village!

Jade: Do you mean the Council of Gold already knew about that village?

Janna: Around the time this town was established, we sent out a thorough investigation of this area. That was when we discovered it.
    ‑However, since we believed the village had very little worth, we refrained from getting too involved.

Velworen: At that time, I was sent to this town to offer our greetings.
    ‑I discovered some rather interesting ruins. I've lost count of how many times I’d wandered through them.
    -But after the deaths of Rob and the others, I was no longer permitted to enter them…

Janna: In any case, what you’re saying is that if we return this demon stone to your village, the Stray Summons should settle down.

Jade: Except Anise's gang is trying to get their hands on it.

Velworen: It's hard to believe they’re such evil people… what will you do, Bostaph?

Bostaph: What shall I do, you ask...? I don't intent to do anything.

V.E: (annoyed) Hold on, what are you—

Bostaph: I have a contract with her group. Unless you can offer me definitive proof, I see no reason to doubt them.

V.E: That ‘group’ laid hands on my precious apprentices! Are you really going to stand up for those creeps?

Bostaph: As long as they continue to bring down Stray Summons, yes.

Killfith: Wake up. Those cretins…

Bostaph: Silence!

(Le shock!)

Bostaph: A Summon Creature should keep his mouth shut!

Killfith: …!

Janna: (…) Certainly, Bostaph does have a point.
    -It would not be good to rake these people over the coals simply on these children’s word.

Rif: But that…!

Janna: (To Bostaph) I am sorry to ask this so bluntly, but we will need you to put together a dossier of the party in question.

Bostaph: I am not of such poor principles that I would betray those I have a contract with. I will not do as you ask.
    -Excuse me.

(Bostaph leaves)

V.E: Hold on a minute there!

Jade: Forget it, V.E! Bostaph’s not gonna listen to anything we say right now.

V.E: … Tch! I suppose making a move in public would only make a scene.

Jade: That’s right. First things first, we should try to do some of our own investigating.

Janna: I think it would be good for you not to forget your job as a member of the Patrol Unit. The damage caused by Strays has been increasing.

Jade: You really know how to rub salt in it, don’t you? That’s fine, though. I get what you’re saying.

Murno: (…) Um… if that’s everything, then the demon stone…

Velworen: Ah, sorry, of course.

(Govan’s Demon Stone has been returned to Murno)

Janna: Hold on! Why are you returning it? If we had a little longer to inspect it, then…

Velworen: But if we have this in our possession, we will also end up being targeted…

Janna: Ah… I-I suppose… all right then.

    -(to Murno) But will you be all right, Ms. Murno? Until Anise and her gang’s identity comes to light…
    -I also have my doubts about whether you manipulated Summon Strays, since the details are not perfectly clear yet.

Murno: …

Janna: From your explanation today, it seems that we will not have to place you under arrest, but please be sure to exercise some prudence in the future.
    -In accordance with the aforementioned conclusion, we expect that you will offer us Govan’s Demon Stone at another time so that we might inspect it.

Murno: Yes, ma’am…

Janna: Then, we are adjourned for the day.

(fade to black)