Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Seven, Part Four

(At the end of the level, Tram and the others are waiting)

Tram: Seems you somehow managed to muddle through after all. This is the Time of Judgment.

Rif: This is...? Isn't it just a big, open space?
    -Why did we have to come all the way out here, specifically, just to have a match?

Tram: Legend says that a match held here during this time of day will only allow the righteous to come out victorious.
    -For that and various other reasons, we decided that this would be the best place for the match.

Killfith: What an idiotic superstition.

Tram: This is also where trespassers would face judgment, which makes it an even more suitable place to hold a match with you.
    -Of course, since you're not a trespasser, you don't have to worry that we'll drop you into the lava in the event that you lose.

Rif: Saying you drop trespassers into the lava is just a joke, right...?

Gallahan: It is almost time, Tram. Is it really a good idea to scare her off before we’ve even gotten to the match?

Tram: Ah, my apologies. I should have been more careful.

Rif: (annoyed) What was that?! I'm not afraid of anything!

Killfith: Calm down. Don't you want to win this thing?

Rif: That's right… sorry, I almost lost my cool.
    -Thanks, Killfith.

Gallahan: Hoho... you certainly look fierce enough.
    -However, both parties may only use one weapon in the match, so you must choose one before we can begin.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: The time has finally come for the one-on-one match with Tram! I have to choose my strongest weapon and prepare as thoroughly as I can!

Killfith: We've already come this far. Rather than waiting for you to lose, I don't see what's preventing me from getting rid of those two myself.
    -I could end this in the blink of an eye.

Rif: I'm going to pretend that you're only saying such disturbing things because you're worried about me!

Once Rif is equipped with only one weapon and four items for use in battle, she steps up to the plate.

Gallahan: Seems you have all your preparations for the match in order.

    -You've got that right!  >Let's Go
    -Erm, hold on just a minute longer.  >Wait

Gallahan: Very well... although I hope you'll be able to get ready in short order.

Let's Go
Gallahan: Then let us begin…

(Rif and Tram face each other with everyone else on the sidelines)

Murno: (...) Rif...

Killfith: Hmph... you know, if you wear such a concerned look on your face, it'll probably only
make her more anxious...

Murno: Ah, I'm sorry, Killfith...
    -That's right... I just have to believe in Rif...

Rif and Tram: ...

Gallahan: All right... then...

(Rif and Tram fight)

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