Saturday, April 30, 2011

Night Seven - Tier

Tier: Here you are!
    -What are you doing? Weren't you supposed to stay at the workshop for the rest of the day?

Rif: Sure, but Anise and her gang could be anywhere, planning to capture Murno again, you know.
    -I can't just sit still and do nothing.

Tier: You should stay home and do nothing. Didn't you ever pause to consider you might be causing everyone else a lot of trouble?

Rif: I never meant to do that…

Tier: Oh yeah?! Do you have any idea just how worried I was?

Rif: Oh, well... I guess it would be harder at the Smile Cottage with one less poster girl than you had planned...

Tier: MORON!!

Rif: Wha—what?!

Tier: Quit joking around! I was seriously worried about you!
    -After you fell of that cliff... I couldn't help but wonder if... maybe...

Rif: I'm sorry...

Tier: Are you really reflecting on your actions?

Rif: I'm reflecting! I'm really sorry!

Tier: Okay then. In that case, I forgive you.
    -So from now on, let's pick up a new mindset and plan out our future in earnest, okay?

Rif: Aha… ha, ha…


  1. Holy cow you are still working on this? It may not help much, but do know I greatly await this and appreciate the work you are putting into it!

  2. pleaaase! don't give up! Thos game has much to show! It DESERVE to be known and understood by the world, I really believe in this. If you need any help, please, just ask, but just don't give up!

  3. don't you have a plan work together with someone else to make translation patch for this game? just asking, no offense, thanks.

  4. Actually, I had started to work with someone to make a patch... but he disappeared suddenly, so I don't know what's up... :(

  5. Thank's for your response NybCR, actually someone suggest your translation on gbatemp > keep up the good work!