Friday, January 7, 2011

Night Two - Lemmy

Lemmy: I thought someone…
    -So it's you after all…

Rif: What do you mean ‘after all?’

Lemmy: I saw a suspicious silhouette, so I simply came to investigate.

Rif: When you say suspicious, do you mean me? How am I suspicious?

Lemmy: I suppose you haven't realized... you're plenty suspicious.

Rif: What does that mean?

Lemmy: You're here every night, without fail, disturbing this place.

Rif: I... can't really deny that...
    -That reminds me. How are those guys who were hurt?

Lemmy: Their injuries weren’t anything serious, so they have recovered... no, I shouldn't say that, should I...

Rif: What do you mean? How bad have they gotten?

Lemmy: No, it's not that they're injured, but they've become oddly quiet, as if they are reflecting on something... which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Rif: I see. Then they're all right. I was especially worried about Sarge.

Lemmy: Because you beat him up in another petty quarrel?

Rif: It wasn't a quarrel! It was a match!

Lemmy: Oh? What's the difference?

Rif: It's completely different! It's like, you know... the heart of it or something?

Lemmy: Heh... heart, huh... I envy you sometimes.

Rif: Hey... you're not making fun of me, are you?

Lemmy: Who knows.

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