Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Four, Part One

Rif: Turns out, instead of being charged an inn fee, we’ll have to take Tier along with us. Never mind that we only borrowed one room…
     -Why is it we always have to spend the night together in the workshop! Even though we were staying at a long-awaited inn!!

Killfith: Why do you always go on about trivial things? You humans, what does it matter if where we sleep is the same?

Rif: Come on, don’t you get it? I want to taste the spirit of traveling at least a little!

Killfith: If it’s bad sleeping posture you want, you can always sleep on the floor, you know…

Rif: Um…
    -Aaaanyway! I wonder if everyone’s ready to leave yet! Today for sure we'll be going to the Town of Prosban, you know!

Killfith: I can tell you’re just trying to distract me, you know…

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems Tier is coming with us to the Town of Prosban after all...

Killfith: ... Don't cause any more trouble.

Rif: I don't have the self-confidence to say I won’t.

V.E: You're finally up, Rif. Jade already left, you know. We better hurry, too.

Tier: Right, right, let's get going!

Rif: Ah... so you're coming after all?

Tier: Obviously. How else would you find a way to clear up that inn fee?

V.E: Ugh...

(Tier walks up to Rif and hearts her very much)

Tier: Now that that's settled, let's head out, Rif!

Rif: Ah, hold on…

Murno: (annoyed) ...

Rif: Um, that is...

Murno: (grabs V.E’s arm) We've already taken up an excessive amount of time here. We should really head off towards town now, Miss V.E.

V.E: I—I got that, but... geez, ouch—that hurts, Murno!

(Murno starts dragging her away)

V.E: Hey, Rif, be sure to keep on our tails!

Rif: They're going to get lost that way... geez, what is this...

Tier: Don't worry about it. This just means that we can head over to town at our leisure!

Rif: Wait... What are you saying...

Killfith: How miserable... let's just go.

Rif: Right.

Roche: Have a good trip! Take care, everyone!

Thus: Please take good care of our daughter.

Rif: Uh... yes, sir!

(The Bearded Forest)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: In any case, we have to head over to the Town of Prosban. But Master has no sense of direction, so I can't help but be concerned...

Killfith: Unless you want to lose sight of them, stop pausing, will you?

Tier: At the rate we're going, there'll be a fight up ahead. Really, such troublesome people.

Rif: Whose fault do you think it is that we have to go through this in the first place?!

Eventually we find the other half of the party standing and waiting…

Rif: Ah, Master, Murno… thank goodness. Looks like you took the right way.

V.E: You're the one who’s lagging behind. I thought you’d gone off on your own or guessed wrong about which path to take.

Rif: What does that mean? Of course I wouldn't get lost, but I was seriously concerned about you guys.

V.E: Oh geez... thanks for your concern, but exactly how many times have you been to the Town of Prosban?
     -I, on the other hand, can’t count how many times I’ve been there, so I wouldn’t simply get lost! Speaking of which, from this point, we should probably…

(Cue clanging noise)

Killfith: What was that piercing sound…?

Rif: Was that a bell?

Tier: It's the alarm! Something must have happened nearby! I wonder if a big Stray has appeared?

V.E: We still have to continue on towards town... everyone, be careful.

Tier: Well since I'm with Rif, I don't have to worry no matter what kind of Stray it is!

Rif: Yeah! Leave it to me!

Murno: And since I'm with Miss V.E, I also can have some peace of mind. Shall we head off, Miss V.E?

V.E: Er, yeah...

Rif: Um…

Killfith: Ughh...

Rif: What?!

Killfith: I didn't say anything.

Rif: You… ah, never mind, let’s go!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Looks like something appeared near town, so we have to step cautiously.

Killfith: You're one to talk about being reckless. You should learn caution yourself before advising other people.

Rif: Oh, yeah... I'm sorry.

Tier: Hey, hey, everybody gets down sometimes, but you've gotta pick yourself right back up again!

Rif: Whose fault do you think all this is, anyway!

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