Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day One, Part Five

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s go find Zakk!

Killfith: Whatever.

Rif: But how did he fall down when the bridge was already collapsed?

Killfith: Well, whatever the case, at least I will find it highly amusing.

Rif: What is wrong with you?!

Killfith: What? Weren’t we going to hurry and check on him?

Rif: Hold on! I wasn’t finished talking!


Rif: Hey, kid, are you all right?

Zakk: Aw, it’s fine. Even though it kinda hurt when I fell down, I’m A-Okay. Thanks for ask—
    -I mean nothing! Who asked you?

Rif: What are you talking about? There was already a hole in the bridge. How on earth did you fall down?

Zakk: Sh-shut up! I was in a real hurry, so I just didn’t notice it!

Rif: Well, what were you hurrying for?

Zakk: I… I came looking for the Kicker Fruit at the heart of this forest!

Rif: Kicker Fruit? You mean you’re going all the way to the center of a Stray-infested forest just to get some fruit?
    -Wow, you must like it a lot.

Zakk: That’s not it at all! I only want Kicker Fruit so I can make medicine and give it to…

Rif: Medicine?

Zakk: Don’t you know about it? You can use Kicker Fruit to make a really effective remedy!

Rif: An effective remedy, huh? But you seem pretty healthy, so why do you need…
    -Wait, it’s for that guy, isn’t it? I thought there was something wrong with him.

Zakk: Yeah… Lemmy’s not feeling well… he even got a fever.
     -He doesn’t want to say anything… I think it’s because he doesn’t want Master to worry, but he’s been working himself way too hard.

Rif: Hmm… I guess even though he’s got that kind of face, he must be nice enough for you to do so much for him.

Zakk: What do you mean, that kind of face! Don’t you know? Lemmy is the coolest ever!
     -He forges the best weapons, and in battle, he’s super strong! He could easily cut you two down to size!

Rif: Hmph… So, is he really that strong?

Zakk: You bet! I wanna be just like him when I grow up!
     -That’s why I have to find that Kicker Fruit as soon as possible. Because I want him to get healthy as soon as possible!

Rif: I see.

Killfith: Didn’t you say we could use the medicine from that fruit to lower a fever?

Zakk: Huh? Yeah, that’s right… maybe you two want to get the Kicker Fruit, too?

Killfith: That’s none of your business, brat.

Rif: Killfith…

Zakk: I get it now! Well, I won’t let you take it all for yourself! You won’t beat me!

Rif: H—hey wait! Will you really be all right? There are all those Stray Summons around…
    -He’s gone already.

Killfith: What do you want now?

Rif: Well, you were just suddenly so curious about that fruit that he was…
    -I see, you want to get it for Murno, right?

Killfith: Wha… who ever said anything like…

Rif: Anyway, let’s get going, okay?

Killfith: Tch… whatever.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: The Kicker Fruit should be in the heart of Manig Mine’s forest, so help me keep an eye out, okay?

Killfith: There’s no point.

Rif: What does that mean! I thought you really…

Killfith: You don’t even know what the Kicker Fruit looks like, do you?

Rif: Oh, yeah… I guess so, huh. It probably grows on a tree…
     -It might be sweet, but it could be bitter, too. Personally, I like the sticky, syrupy fruits best.

Killfith: I knew it. Not a clue.

And so our intrepid adventurers continue on their way…

Rif: Huh? What is it this time?

Zakk: It’s just… last time, one of the bridges was broken, so I wondered if, you know, one of these might be…

Rif: That shouldn’t be a problem this time around. After all, you only have to worry about landing on your backside once. After that, you just have to avoid the bridge with the big hole in it.

Zakk: Sh-shut up!

Rif: Hey, Killfith, I’ll bet you know which one it is, right?

Killfith: …

Rif: I figured you’d know… although I’ll bet you wouldn’t tell us which it is…

Killfith: Hmph…
    -(looks at the upper bridge)
    -That bridge is going to collapse.

Rif: Wow, Killfith really just came out and told us. I… can’t help but wonder why…

Killfith: I can’t believe it. You honestly thought I was telling you the truth?

Rif: I see how it is…

Zakk: I’ve got it! Then, I’ll go first!

Rif: Ah, hey, wait a minute!

Zakk: (!) Awwahh?!

Rif: He fell!
    -A—are you okay?!

Zakk: I’m fine!

Rif: Thank goodness.
    -What was that about? Why did you trick him like that?

Killfith: Don’t be an idiot! I didn’t mean to—

Rif: Huh? You mean you didn’t trick him on purpose?

Killfith: Gh…!
    -Of… of course it was on purpose…

Rif: Eh?

Killfith: That’s right, I did it on purpose. I wanted to have a good laugh at the bewildered looks on your faces. Hahahaha…

Rif: (looks dejected) Oh.
    -Anyway, we should try to find where he is.

Killfith: You’ve got to be kidding me with that… why should I have to go looking for him?


(She starts to run off, but a Stray suddenly appears)

Rif: Eeaaa!

(Rif can’t do any damage in the fight, so Killfith steps in)

Rif: That was dangerous… If Killfith hadn’t stepped in, I’d be a goner by now…
    -Thank you, Killfith.

Killfith: It’s annoying in a different way to hear words of thanks coming from you.

Rif: Isn’t that because we’re partners?

Killfith: Tch…!

(Zakk comes running up)

Zakk: Ahh, that really surprised me. Turns out the cave under that other bridge and the one under this bridge are connected!

Rif: You came all the way from there? Thank goodness you’re safe.
    -Zakk, I’m really sorry about what just happened.
    -The fact is, neither of us actually knew which of the bridges would collapse.

Killfith: !

Zakk: Well, I forgive you.

Killfith: Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong.

Rif: That doesn’t matter. My partner’s mistakes are my mistakes, too.
    -So we should always apologize together.

Killfith: Tch…

Zakk: Don’t worry about it. Besides, at least now we know which bridge is okay to cross, so everything worked out all right, right?
    -So, I’ll go on ahead!

Rif: Looks like it will be okay this time.

Killfith: …

Rif: Okay! Let’s get a move on!

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