Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day Seven, Part Eleven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I really don't want to go through Master's wrath, so I'm really not looking forward to going back to the Town of Prosban…

Killfith: Aniki will probably want to give us a scolding as well. Hmph… delightful.

Murno: (while looking at Rif) Tier is sure to be just as scary as both of them. She would have been really worried about you.

Rif: (Right now Murno is scarier than all of them combined...)

(Bayreat Forest)

???: Hey…! Rif…!

Rif: (?) Wasn’t that voice—?!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It sounds like someone's looking for me. I wonder who…

Killfith: Probably Master. I don't even want to think of what'll happen if she finds us. Hmph… just wonderful.

Rif: W-when you put it like that, it makes it even scarier… but if it was Aniki, he'd definitely put us through the wringer…

Murno: And who knows what Tier would do…

Rif: Yeah... we better make sure we're fully equipped.

As soon as you walk up the stairs, someone appears.

If last night you lamented missing V.E’s stew,  >Redhead
If you wanted to see Aniki’s scary face,  >Tough Guy
If you wondered about Tier,  >Genki Girl

(Enter V.E)

V.E: (!) Ah…

Rif: Uh, Master!

V.E: You kids...! What on earth have you been doing, this is...!
    -(steps forward)

Rif: Eep! I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!

(V.E wraps her in a hug)

Rif: Huh...? Um...? Master...?

V.E: You had us worried out of our minds...
    -(lets go and smacks her over the head)

Rif: Youch!!

V.E: Killfith! Murno! You too!

Killfith and Murno: (panicked) ...!

V.E: (turns away) (sigh)
    -Gee whiz, after all this time wandering all over the place…! Everyone has been worried sick looking for you!

Rif: Everyone else, too...?

V.E: Hey! I've found Rif and the others!  >Reunion

Tough Guy
(Enter Jade)

Jade: (!) Huh...?!

Rif: Ah, Aniki!

Jade: Y... you guys...
    -(annoyed) We've been worried out of our minds looking for you. Tell me, have you put some thought into an excuse that'll explain where you've been all this time?

Rif: No... I mean... tha—wait I'm not ready!

(While she panics, Jade walks up and puts a hand on her shoulder)

Rif: (!)

Jade: I'm sure there'll be plenty of time to hear all that later. Just be sure you’ve got something to say.

Rif: Er...? Um...? Aniki...?

Jade: Murno, Killfith… You guys too.

Murno and Killfith: (surprised) …

Jade: (turns away) Honestly... worried half to death...
    -Anyway, we'd better let everyone else know you're all right so they can have some peace of mind.

Rif: Everyone else...?

Jade: Heey! I've found Rif and the others!  >Reunion

Genki Girl
(Enter Tier)

Tier: (!) No way… Rif...?

Rif: Tier...!

Tier: IT'S RIF!
    -(runs up to Rif and gives her a hearty glomp)

Rif: What the—?! Hold on, what just happened?!

Tier: Rif! Rif!
    -(hugs tighter)

Rif: Urk…! Wai… can't… breathe…!

Tier: Oh thank goodness! What on earth happened with you?! I was so worried!

Rif: We... were... ......... ............ ghk...!
    -(convulses slightly)

Murno: Tier, wait! She's suffocating!

Tier: Huh?! Oh...!
    -(lets go)

(Rif, literally blue in the face, takes deep breaths)

Rif: Oh boy... I thought I was a goner...

Tier: Well... that's what you get for worrying me half to death!

Rif: Ah… yeah, about that...
    -I'm sorry.

Tier: You should apologize to everyone! Murno and Killfith should, too!

Murno: (while Killfith looks depressed) Yes.

V.E: (from off-screen) Hey! Tier, did you find something?  >Reunion

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