Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Four, Part Five

(Outside the workshop)

Rif: So, how do we get to Lute Caves?

Eliez: Uhhm, lesse. That way.

Zakk: (runs up) Ah! Rif, it's terrible!

Eliez: Oh, Zakk! Hi!

Zakk: Ah, yeah, hi.
    -No wait, Rif! Your Master!

Rif: What is it? Did she start a riot or something?

Zakk: Yes, she did!

Rif: What? Really?!

Zakk: There haven't been any punches thrown, but she’s kicked up a huge fuss.

Rif: I don't believe this! After telling me not to do anything, she goes and gets herself into a fight.

Killfith: That is how adults tend to operate.

Rif: That's terrible!

Zakk: Anyway, everyone’s really angry. It'd probably be best to avoid our workshop for now.

Rif: I understand. Thank you.

Zakk: Nah, it's nothing.
    -… I mean, no! That wasn't, I mean, I just didn't want Eliez to get dragged into it, that's all!

Rif: I gotcha. We'll be careful.

Eliez: Thank you, Zakk.

Zakk: Well, anyway, that's all I had to say. See ya!

Rif: Ah, hey, be careful not to fall down!
    -I wonder why he always seems so busy. Anyway, shall we go?

Eliez: Okay!

(Slightly off-screen)

Man: Keh…
    -(walks away)

Further along the path…

Eliez: Big sis, we go this way for raw materials.

Rif: Got it.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We're off to Lute Caves to gather materials!

Killfith: ... Whatever you wish.

Eliez: Yay!

Killfith: (blushing) Tch... what an annoying reaction...

When the road forks…

Eliez: Big sis, we'll get outside if we go this way.

Rif: Got it!

(At the gate)

Rif: Can you get to Lute Caves from here?

Eliez: Yep! If you look around a bit, you can find a lotta raw materials.

Gate Watcher: Eliez, are you collecting materials today? So long as it's Lute Caves, it's fine, but...
    -It's too dangerous in Sport Cavern right now because of these earthquakes. No one's allowed entry for the time being.

Eliez: Okay!

Rif: Well, let's go inside.

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

(Lute Caves)

Down some stairs, Killfith pauses.

Killfith: …

Rif: What's wrong?

Killfith: It feels like someone's been watching us this whole time... someone who doesn’t like us. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Rif: Something like this happened before, too… do you think it's Aniki again?

Eliez: Eh? Is big brother here too?

Rif: He might, but... somehow I get the feeling that's not the case this time.
    -Maybe I'm just over-thinking it.

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