Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day Eight, Part Eight

Killfith is in the next room over, handcuffed.

Rif: Killfith, are you okay?!

Killfith: Never better… I just got these annoying handcuffs slapped on me again…

Rif: What a horrible thing to do…! Give me a second, I’ll get you out of them!
    -(breaks the handcuffs with her hammer)
    -All right! They’re off!

Killfith: What on earth was all that noise about earlier?

Rif: Lemmy came to save me, and now he’s fighting Red Wing all by himself…! Anyway, we have to get out!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Are you okay, Killfith? Come on, we have to get out of here!

Killfith: I got it…

(In the main cavern room, there is rumbling coming from the next room over…)


Rif: What? Lemmy…

Killfith: Sounds like they’re having a party over there. What’s the plan?

Rif: The plan…
    -We have no choice but to run away now. >No Choice
    -We have to go save Lemmy! >Engage Hero Mode

No Choice

Rif: I think, for the time being, we have to find a way out of here…

Killfith: I get it. You’re saying we should abandon Lemmy.

Rif: I don’t want to… but…

Anise: He killed my lord, Voijin!
    -You’re his apprentice. Surely you cannot be surprised that I curse you as well…?

Lemmy: I’ll deal with that Stray somehow.
(End Flashback)

Rif: Kh…!
    -It’s no good after all… I can’t run away now… that would be way too uncool!
    -Let’s go help Lemmy!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Engage Hero Mode

Rif: Do you even have to ask?
    -There’s no way we’re going to leave Lemmy to fight that thing by himself!

Killfith: That sounds like something you’d say. Well, as it pleases you.

Rif: Uh… thank you!

In the next room up, we see Lemmy standing by himself.

Rif: Thank goodness you’re safe…
    -Where’s Red Wing?

Lemmy: I defeated it… I think.

Rif: Amazing! All by yourself?!

Lemmy: Huh?! Uh, yeah…

Killfith: (!) Above you!

(A giant bat with red wings swoops onto the ground, knocking Lemmy aside.)

Lemmy: Urgh…

Rif: Crimany! Are you okay?!


Killfith: Here it comes!

(Rif and Killfith fight off Red Wing)

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