Thursday, December 9, 2010

Night Zero - Murno

Murno: Um… good evening…

Rif: Murno! What are you doing all the way out here?

Murno: W-well… because it looked like you had gone out, so…

Rif: Oh, me? It’s just that after all that’s happened today, I figure I’d come out here to cool off.
    -Is something wrong?

Murno: Ah, no, nothing… It’s just, I wanted to thank you.

Rif: Thank me?

Murno: Y-yeah. For when you saved me earlier today.

Rif: For… no, it’s okay, I mean, something like that…
     -I mean, it seems to me that if anything, you should be apologizing for slapping me earlier, you know?

Murno: What? But that—I mean you… all of a sudden, you just…

Rif: Hold on, it’s not like—! That was an accident! It wasn’t my fault!

Murno: So… are you saying that it was my fault…?

Rif: I—I didn’t say that…

Murno: …

Rif: Uh, um… I’m sorry.

Murno: No, it’s okay. Um… I… I think I’ll head back now.

Rif: Is it just me, or did I end up as the bad guy here?

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