Monday, December 6, 2010

Ritch's Prologue Part Five

 //Since Ritch’s meeting with the mysterious kid is so different from Rif’s, he gets his own translation!//

(A flash of bright light)

Ritch: (!) What was that?! (looks around)
    -Who’s there?! Come out now!

(Someone appears within the trees)

Ritch: Hurry and get out here!

???: …

Ritch: A kid… what are you doing here?

???: Nothing…

Ritch: I’m looking for a Summon Creature. Did you see one around here with a drill on his head?

???: N-no, I haven’t seen it…

Ritch: I know I saw him come this way. What are you doing here, anyway? Did you really not see anything?!

???: …

Ritch: What is it? What was that light just now? What’s really going on here?!

???: You…

Ritch: Hn?

???: You shouldn’t associate with me!

Ritch: Huh?!
    -What do you mean?

???: You’re better off if you don’t associate with me, so just…

Ritch: (annoyed) What are you talking about? Explain yourself! That guy hurt my Master!

???: Hurt?! No, you’re lying…

Ritch: I’m not lying! So if you know anything, tell me! (grabs the kid)

???: Wait, stop… Ah!

(They fall down)

???: …!

Ritch: Just tell me what you know about that Summon Creature! Hey!


Ritch: (?) What just smooshed?
    -(blushing) Is this… what I think it is…?

???: N…
  nNYAAaa!!! (shoves Ritch off her, stands up)

(Ritch gets up slowly)

Ritch: Y-you’re a girl! Oh man, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize!

???: Creep…

Ritch: Hey, it’s not my fault! How am I supposed to tell you’re a girl when you don’t even look
like one?

(The kid starts to leave, but Ritch grabs hold of her)

Ritch: Hold up! You still haven’t told me anything!

???: Don’t come near me!

Ritch: Geez, calm down! It’s not like I’m getting close to you because I want to!
    -So how about you don’t get close to me!

???: …! (slaps Ritch)

Ritch: That hurt…

???: You shouldn’t get yourself mixed up with me…. It would… it would only bring you misfortune…

Ritch: (Is she crying?)

(She runs off)

Ritch: Hey!
    -What was that… only bring me misfortune? What’s that supposed to mean?
    -And my cheek still hurts…
    -But it was just a slap, right? It’s fine, no problem!

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