Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Two, Part Two

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Come on! Chin up, we’ve got a lot of training to do!
    -Hey, Killfith, maybe it’s just me, but it seems like your mood got a lot worse.

Killfith: Tch! How can I be in a good mood when that woman is selling Murno off as a maid? Who could rely on a woman like that!

Rif: You know… to be honest, I really don’t get it all that much, but I was wondering…
    -What is a ‘maid?’ Is it something cool?

Killfith: … Yet another person that can’t be relied on.

//Rif’s confusion makes a bit more sense in Japanese, where they're actually using the English word for maid (メイド) rather than a Japanese word. But it’s still a bit of a "…seriously?" moment.//

(Rif steps out of the house)

???: Wahh!

Rif: This seems familiar…

Killfith: Make sure you didn’t drop your hammer this time.

Zakk: Tha—that won’t a problem!

Rif: What are you doing around here today?

Zakk: I was training in Manig Mine! I want to be just as strong as Lemmy as soon as possible!

Rif: Didn’t he lose to us?

Zakk: You only won that time because he wasn’t feeling well!
    -Anyway, his fever’s gone down, so you’ll definitely lose next time!

Rif: (smirking) Is that right? If we get another match…
    -… Oh, who cares. I’m just glad to hear that the medicine worked.

Zakk: Well, I was only able to pull it off thanks to your he—
    -I mean, that’s not what I meant!

Rif: Of course.

Zakk: Anyway, now that he’s healthy again, he’s gone to beat up this amazing Stray.

Rif: An ‘amazing’ Stray? What do you mean?

Zakk: While I was headed towards the town, this enormous monster appeared in the road. So, Lemmy went to help take it down.

Rif: If he’s going, maybe we should also…

Zakk: Don’t even try. You two wouldn’t stand a chance.

Rif: Watch it! You don’t know that for sure.

Zakk: The proof is that you weren’t called as back-up. You should just go back home and train.
     -And anyway, the Gate Watcher is keeping an eye on the path to town, and he’s not going to step aside just because you ask nicely. It’s too dangerous.

Rif: Hm…
    -I’m going to try to get there anyway!  >Hero to the Rescue
    -I guess there’s nothing we can do. We should give up.  >Disheartened

Rif: I guess we should go train…

Killfith: Tell me that was a joke.

Rif: Killfith…?

Killfith: Did you lose your brain somewhere? You think I’m on equal ground with this kid? I won’t lose to some half-cocked Stray, no matter what the circumstances are.

Zakk: What did you say?

Rif: I got you, Killfith. And since you’ve said all that, I guess we have no choice but to go!

Zakk: You say that, but the gateway is blocked off. The only way to get through would be to go through the Gate Watcher.  >Hero to the Rescue

Hero to the Rescue
Rif: The way will open up for anybody with the willpower to do it. So we’ll go and take down that Stray!

Zakk: I wonder how long you can keep that up before you’re knocked down. Anyway, see ya.

(Zakk leaves)

Rif: In any case, let’s go see if we really can’t take the path to town.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Okay! Let’s get onto the path to town so we can kick some Stray butt!

Killfith: …

Rif: But we have to be careful, because we don’t know what might appear as we continue down the path leading to town!

Killfith: Don’t shout so close to my ear! I can hear you, already…

Gate Watcher: Up ahead a Stray Summon appeared in the path. It’s dangerous, so until we can exterminate it, no one is allowed passage.

Rif: I’m here to help exterminate the Stray.

Gate Watcher: What are you talking about? Now’s not the time for jokes.

Rif: But—!

Gate Watcher: Look here, maybe after you’ve trained some more, you can help out.

Rif: Hey, now…

Killfith: We might be able to take care of this little obstruction. What do you think?

Rif: Maybe we really should train a little more.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: If we really can’t do anything out there, maybe we should just go off and train?

Killfith: I still say we should just get rid of the Gate Watcher.

Rif: We can’t do that!

(As Rif heads along the path to the left of the shop, she stops suddenly.)

Killfith: Why did you stop?

Rif: It just hit me! If I remember this right, then just up ahead, in Deikel Mine, there’s a road that goes around the main gate!

Killfith: If you remember… So what you’re really saying is, it may well be a fool’s errand.

Rif: Oh come on! We might as well give it a try.

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