Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Two, Part One

Rif: All righty, first thing for today…

Killfith: Have you already met with her this morning?

Rif: Met with… um, who exactly?

Killfith: You know… her.

Rif: Ahh, you mean Murno! Sorry about that. Of course she’s on your mind.

Killfith: You id…! Who’s on whose mind? If you keep harassing me with that—

Rif: Heehee… anyway, do you want to go see how Murno’s doing?

Killfith: What the… I’m telling you, you’re the only one who was thinking about her.

Rif: Whatever you say. Let’s just go make sure her fever’s completely gone, okay?

Killfith: Hmph. If it’ll make you stop bugging me.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s check up on Murno!

Killfith: If you want to go that badly, I suppose I can’t stop you.

Rif: Okay, but I don’t see what the difference is.

(Outside the workshop)

V.E: Hey, Murno, are you ready to go yet?

Rif: (?)
    -Master, are you going out?

V.E: Yeah, we’re headed off to visit Chief. Murno hasn’t introduced herself to him yet.

Killfith: You mean because she was sick before?

V.E: Bingo! But she’s completely recovered now with the help of the medicine you two got.

Rif: Heehee.

V.E: Hold on a bit. She’s about to come down in a new change of clothes.

Rif: New clothes? What for?

V.E: She is going to meet with Chief. Her outfit before made her look too suspicious—I couldn’t present her to Chief looking like that.
    -So I lent her some hand-me-downs to help brighten up her appearance.

Killfith: You gave her some of your hand-me-downs, woman?

V.E: Call. Me. Master. How many times do I have to say it before it gets through?

Murno: Um… Miss V.E…

V.E: Are you ready yet? Let’s see how you clean up.

(Murno comes down in a new outfit, looking a little embarrassed)

Murno: …

V.E: How do you like it? It looks cute.

Murno: Um… it’s a lot cuter than what I had before, but… it doesn’t look strange on me?

Killfith: (blushing) Um…

V.E: Ooh, good answer, Killfith. Even better than I hoped for. How about you, Rif?

    -It’s nowhere near strange!  >So Cute!
    -…  >Pause

So Cute!
Rif: It suits you! Very much so!

Murno: Thank you.

V.E: Seems we have a unanimous vote.

Murno: Miss V.E…  >Stories

Rif: …

V.E: Do you have something to say? Or has she robbed you of speech, too?

Rif: If you had such cute outfits, how come you never lent me one?

V.E: Well… it’s not like there was ever an opportunity or anything…
    -Anyway, it’s like… you don’t exactly have the figure to pull it off, you know…

Rif: So you can pull it of, then?!

V.E: Quit being so rude!
    -(runs up and smacks Rif over the head)

Rif: Owwwie… that was uncalled for.  >Stories

V.E: Now, before we head off, let’s get our stories straight.

Rif: What do you mean?

V.E: When you introduced Killfith to Chief yesterday, did you say anything about why we’re giving this girl shelter? Is there anything we shouldn’t say?

Rif: Oh, that.

Murno: Excuse me…

V.E: Although a Craftknight having ambition isn’t really a problem, you probably wouldn’t want to let show that very much, huh…

Murno: Excuse me…

Rif: How about we say she’s your relative? Maybe your cousin or something.

V.E: Except for the fact I’m a Summon Creature!

Rif: Oh yeah, good point.

Murno: Excuse me…

V.E: One thing at a time! And quit saying “excuse me!”

Murno: Excu—I mean… yes, ma’am.

Killfith: Hey, watch how you speak to her.

Murno: It’s all right, Killfith.

Killfith: …

V.E: If we can get back to the matter at hand, even just trying to pass her off as a relative of Rif’s isn’t a very clever plan.

Killfith: So if it isn’t clever, we can’t use it?

V.E: Fine, then. We’ll use the setting I thought up.

Killfith: Tell me you’re joking.

Rif: Is that what you call it? A setting?

V.E: Then, Miss Murno, are you ready to start?

Murno: …
    -I am.

Rif: Why the sudden change in atmosphere?

Murno: Before I came here, I had been working as a maid in a mansion owned by a wealthy family.
     -Because the Lady of the house was so strict, my job was sometimes nerve-wracking, but it had been doable.
     -The Landlord, on the other hand, was a very gentle man. He’s the one who gave me a job and let me live under his roof.

Rif: I see.

Murno: But… as the Landlord and I became close friends, living together in the same house…
    -We ended up falling in love.

Killfith: (stares) …

Murno: However, that love was never meant to last. Once the Lady realized how we felt about one another, she drove me out of the mansion.
   -After all the time that had passed, I couldn’t return to my parents’ home, so I wandered aimlessly through the forest until, after a long, hard struggle, I found this village.
    -I came across the wounded Miss V.E by chance, and she was kind enough to hire me as an assistant.

Rif: …
    -Um, excuse me…

V.E: No, I can’t allow any questions! Not after such a tale of the prohibition of love!
     -If you force her to speak again so soon after she’s already spoken in such length, you’ll only wound her heart.
    -So you can’t!

Rif: Yeah, I guess…

V.E: So, Rif, what do you think of entitling this “The Prohibition of Love Strategy?”

Rif: You ask that but… you’ve already got your mind set on it, don’t you?

(V.E chibifies)

V.E♡: Oh, the prohibition of love… It’s just like how Rob and I were…
     -A perilous relationship that burns so sweet and bright, it is impossible to explain to another person…

Rif: Yeah, well…

V.E: It’s the perfect scenario. All of America would weep to hear it!

Rif: Ameri what now?

V.E: Just leave it to me!
     -Let’s get going, Murno. This kid worries about you way too much. She won’t be able to get any training done as long as we hang out here.

Rif: Hey!

V.E: Well, study hard.

(V.E and Murno depart)

Killfith: …

Rif: Yeah… will it really be all right, I wonder?

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