Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Two, Part Nine

After Rif wins the fight with Sarge…

Rif: We did it! We won!

Sarge: Guess I lost…

Rif: So are you going to give back Govan’s Demon Stone or what?

Sarge: Who said I was gonna give it to you?

Rif: What?!

Killfith: You cretin… I think I’ve put up with this for long enough…

Sarge: I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna give it back at all. I’m just gonna return it to that girl in person.

Rif: Huh? In person…?
    -Thank you!

Sarge: Eh?
    -(blushing) Y-yeah… ‘n sorry, I guess.

Rif: What was that last part?

Sarge: I didn’t say nothin’! Let’s just go already.

Jade: That worked out pretty well, huh, Rif?

Rif: Yup! Anyway, we better head back!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Since Sarge is gonna give the demon stone back to Murno, let’s head over to the house!

Killfith: Imbecile… do you honestly trust that guy after everything he’s done?

Rif: Well, yeah. I don’t know if it’s because of the match we had, but I feel like we reached an understanding… so, I think his word is good…

Killfith: Hmph… perhaps it’s because he’s a simpleton just like you…

(In front of the V.E’s house)

Jade: Oh, they finally came.

Sarge: What were you draggin’ your feet about? You’re late!

Rif: Geez, what’s the rush!

Sarge: Shut up. I’m goin’ in.

V.E: Where is that noise coming from!

Sarge and Rif: Yipes!

(V.E storms out, annoyed)

V.E: What is this huge racket outside my house? Rif? If this is another fight…

Rif: No, it’s not! He’s here to return the demon stone.

V.E: (smiles) Hmm… I see. If that’s how it is, then…
    -Hey! Murno!

Murno: (comes out) …

Rif: It’s okay. He wanted to return the demon stone to you in person.

Murno: …

Sarge: Here… take it.

Murno: … Thank you.

Sarge: No… I’m sorry for before… you didn't get bruised, didja?

Murno: Eh? No, I didn't…

Sarge: Well, that’s good… then, I’ll get goin’ now.

Rif: Hey, thanks, by the way!

Sarge: There’s no reason ta thank me!
    -(runs off)

Murno: I’m so glad…

Rif: I’m sorry, Murno. It’s my fault you had to go through all—

Murno: No, it’s fine. Actually, I should be the one apologizing…
    -Ever since I came here, it seems like I’ve been nothing but trouble for you and everyone…

Rif: You haven’t been any trouble at all!

Killfith: It’s true. You shouldn’t worry about something like that.

Murno: Killfith… you…
    -Thank you. Both of you…

Rif: Eheheh…

Jade: Now that expression is much better to look at. I wonder where you picked it up?

V.E: Rif…

Rif: I’m really sorry, Master… I ended up fighting after all…
    -So, I guess nothing’s really changed…

V.E: What are you talking about? Hasn’t there already been a huge change?

Rif: Eh?

V.E: You know, that guy’s expression.
    -Do you really think that expression on his face meant he’d be coming back to retaliate?

Rif: I guess not.

V.E: Then, as far as I can see, you did well.

Rif: Um, so in other words…?

V.E: In other words, not everything can be solved with strength… although that’s not exactly it, is it?
    -What I mean is, I don’t think he would have done something like returning it unless something important in the mood between you changed or…
    -Augh! Geez, never mind! Figure it out yourself!

Rif: Whaat?

Killfith: Ugh…

V.E: Ah, that’s right! A long time ago, Rob said something.
    -“For us Craftknights, our first objective is not simply to become a means of forging weapons.”
    -So, you get it now, right?!

Rif: Yyyeeeahh…?


Rif: I got it!

V.E: Good. Now I have to go make preparations to leave for town.

Rif: Master… if I said that my motives weren’t for revenge, would you let me come with you?
    -I don’t want to stay here and house-sit while something’s going on in town. Especially when I’m supposed to be training as hard as I can.

V.E: What are you trying to say? It’s no use. You’re staying here.

Jade: Hey, listen, Rif. It’s not all about training.

V.E: Just think about it. Are you going to leave Murno here all alone?

Rif: Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry, Murno. I was being selfish.

Murno: Rif…

V.E: So, if that’s settled, please leave yourself in Rif’s care.

Murno: Um, Miss V.E… if I said I wanted to come too, would you still say it’s no use?

V.E: Hold on… what’s this, all of a sudden?

Murno: Because until Miss V.E’s injury has gotten better, it is my duty to personally look after you.

V.E: No, you—the circumstances going to town… your help won’t be needed there.

Murno: But… I would like to go very much. Please.
    -I don’t have to just look after you. I can carry luggage and do other odd jobs.

Killfith: You really mean it, don't you?

V.E: Why are you…? You know, you’re so quiet most of the time, but when you want to stand up, you can do it pretty explosively, can’t you?

Murno: Well…

Rif: Eh?

V.E: Hmm… it seems you’ve been thinking about this.
     -But you know, lately there’s been a dangerous increase in Strays… I’m fine on my own, but frankly, you’d be pretty helpless.

    -This time, it’s my turn!  >Bravado
    -Like Master said, it’ll be dangerous…  >Caution

Rif: Then let us come along, and it should be fine!  >Not the Problem

Rif: Certainly, if Murno went, she would be in danger…

Killfith: You do realize this is a perfect situation to exploit, don’t you?

Rif: Ah, that’s right! I could protect Murno!  >Not the Problem

Not the Problem
V.E: You could, but I wouldn’t be any less troubled.

Rif: Wha?!

Jade: Geez. Don’t you get it? V.E would be worried about you if you came along.
     -As far as I can tell, you guys are mostly talk. In the forest, it’s not gonna be one man like today, it’ll be loads of tough Strays.

Rif: But…

Jade: If you really think you’re up for it, how about you personally test your strength against me?

Rif: Huh?! Really?! You mean beat you in a match?

Jade: Yeah… if you can beat me as Craftknights in a match, then you can go.

Rif: Hooray! As one would expect of Aniki! So cool!

V.E: What is this… who gave you the authorization to make such a decision?
    -You really think my apprentice would lose to you? What do you think, Rif?

    -Anyone with enough determination can win!  >Let's Do This!
    -To be honest, I’m not confident I can win…  >Honestly

Rif: I wonder…

Killfith: … If you have worries, hurry up and put them aside.

Rif: Killfith…  >Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!
Rif: Yeah! Of course!

Jade: You said it. Don’t hold back. Give me all you got.

V.E: And when he says don’t hold back, he means it. Is that understood, Rif?

Rif: Yes, ma’am!

Jade: All right, Rif. Tell me when you’re ready.

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