Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Seven, Part Eight

(Side Conversation)
Rif: The best way that we can help is to help the prison watchman escort Anise!

Killfith: What I want to know is if bringing that person along will really do us any good.

Rif: I can’t say I know the answer to that, but if this is the only thing we can do right now, then we are going to do it!


Rif: Excuse me! Prison Guard! Mr. Prison Guaaard!!!
    -Don't tell me... he's not here? Where could he have gone at a time like this?!

Anise: If it's the guard you're looking for, looks like he ran out of here.

Rif: (!) He ran away?! You’ve gotta be kidding!

Anise: I told him, “I heard a voice before. Has Magdorad lost control?”
    -Then I mentioned he'd probably come to see how I was doing, and it got quiet all of a sudden.

Killfith: I see... so he ran off.

Anise: Hey, what exactly did you guys do to Magdorad?!

Rif: We didn't do anything! He just suddenly attacked us, without an order or anything!
    -That's why we came to fetch you...

Anise: Then hurry up and get me out of here!

Rif: You say that but... where is the key?!

Anise: How am I supposed to know! If you don't have a key, just use your hammer to break the lock!

Rif: Fine, just stand back...!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Since we don't have a key to get Anise out of her cell, we'll just have to break the lock!

Killfith: If you want a pat on the head for figuring that out, don’t look at me.

Rif: (smashes the lock) Okay, I broke it!

Anise: (comes out) Took you long enough. We have to hurry!

Killfith: You say that, but how do we know you're not just planning to escape?

Anise: I wouldn't do that at a time when Magdorad needs me! Do you still doubt me?

Killfith: After everything you've done, how are we supposed to believe anything coming out of that ugly mug?

Anise: Ha! You just can’t let go of a grudge, can you? Aren’t you supposed to be my shepherd and lead me out of here?

Killfith: Shepherd? Don’t think you can screw with me, you little—

Magdorad: (from a distance) roaaaarr…

Rif: We don’t have time for this. We have to hurry! You come with us too, all right?

(She holds out a hand to Anise, who slaps it away)

Anise: Don't touch me! I don't want any apprentice of his anywhere near me!

Rif: That again… I guess asking what happened between you and Master Rob will have to wait, though…
    -Let's go!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Anise, we'll take you to the ruins, and hopefully you'll be able to get Magdorad to settle down.

Killfith: Go ahead and try to run. It'll give me a good excuse to put an end to you.

Anise: If you have the time to make pointless threats, then pick up the pace.

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