Saturday, July 5, 2014

Night Eight - Killfith

Killfith: Heh…
    -You must be feeling back to your usual energetic self to be strolling around at a time like this…

Rif: What about you, Killfith? Are you doing okay? They put you through the ringer too, right?

Killfith: I already mentioned I was in the same room with that shaggy-headed idiot, but the magnitude of the disgrace… just thinking about it makes me angry.
    -Next time I encounter that clown, I’ll be sure to reward him with a generous disembowelment.

Rif: Haha… I was in a bind, too, but I think I was way worse off.
    -I did hugged by that Gillan person, you know.

Killfith: Heh… if it was me, I would’ve wiped him off the face of the planet before I got into such a pathetic situation.

Rif: Don’t laugh, I was in some serious pain…
    -And then, there’s also what Anise said…

Killfith: And what was that?

Rif: Ah, no… it was nothing special, don’t worry about it.

Killfith: … You’re backtracking… she dropped some kind of bombshell on you, didn’t she?

Rif: Ah, no… how could that be…?

Killfith: Heh… it doesn’t matter. Next time we cross paths with those cretins, I’ll be sure to pass on my gratitude for what they did to the both of us.
    -I’ll show them such delicious agony that they’ll wish they were dead…!

Rif: I am both happy and a little freaked out…

(fade to black)

-In the end, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to Killfith about Master Rob…


  1. Isn't 'backtracking' too loose a translation for 態度?

    1. Perhaps. It is, more literally, "Your attitude", but in the context of the situation (he noticed that she started to say something, but then changed her mind), him pointing out that she's backtracking is still appropriate. And maybe it's just me, but saying "Your attitude" out of nowhere sounds awkward in normal conversation, since English tends to be more specific than Japanese.