Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day Eight Side Quests


Didn’t another kid give you that Mountain Spring Water before?
(Purple-haired kid just north of the shops)
Child: Do you wanna trade that Mountain Spring Water…
    -… for my Common Ring?

(Obtained Common Ring!)

Child: Hehehe… sucker.

If you hit the target in Slenge Mines
Archery Maiden: Good to see you again! Take this prize!

(Received Kitchen Ore!)

Archery Maiden: Be sure to continue your devotion to the bow!

Stray Extermination

//Today’s Stray Extermination quests are hosted by Velworen.//

Velworen: Ahh, it’s you… would you like to know a little secret?

Rif: Eh? Not really…

Velworen: I came to the Council of Gold because Ms. Janna asked for my help in processing the Stray Summon Extermination requests.
    -But it seems like everyone strong enough to take on the requests is busy with something else now that the budget is running low.
    -We have some nigh-impossible-to-do requests that haven’t yet been fulfilled. It’s getting to be a bit worrisome.

Rif: Okay…

Velworen: Considering all that, I would consider it an act of mercy if you two could undertake one of the Stray Extermination jobs.

Rif: An act of mercy, huh?

Velworen: If you can finish up the job, I’ll reward you with raw materials that can help strengthen your weapons!
    -Ms. Janna told me that, as a blacksmith, that would be far more useful to you than money, so that should be fine, right?

Rif: Right…

Velworen: Well, let me know if you feel inclined to take on a job.

Upon talking to Velworen again:
Velworen: Ah, you’re not here to do the new Stray Summon Extermination job, are you?
    -It seems there is one Boulderhide running amock in Slenge Mines.

(Accept the job?)

(Obtained Council’s Dispatch Notice!)

After defeating a single #78 Stray, talk to Velworen:
Velworen: I heard you exterminated the Stray. Thank you. Here’s your compensation.

(Received Scroll of the Essential Point!)

Remember the blond purple-y guy we love so much? I know I don’t.
Receptionist: Hm, you want a job? Today’s job is very serious. Are you going to give it a shot?
    -There have been 20 Last Muppets spotted in Slenge Mines. Do you think you can handle them?

(Accept the job?)

(Obtained Council’s Dispatch Notice!)

After defeating twenty #72 Strays, talk to the blond receptionist:
Receptionist: Hm, it looks like you finished the job. Good work. Here is your compensation.

(Received Scroll of the Art of Health)

Accepting the Quests

It’s funny how no one questions you barging into their house
(Under a blue-roofed house just south of the shops, there are two people dressed in purple)
Woman: I wonder if you’d be able to lend a hand…

Man: There’s a weapon I want to order.
    -I really want a sword called Gimmick Sword, but…
    -It seems it needs some Gallic Ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: If you can do it, I’ll be really pleased.

What is an Cat Lady without any cats?
Cat Lover: Excuse me, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -She had only just come back home, but suddenly she’s not here.
    -If you find her somewhere, please offer your assistance. I’m sure that she’s just purring away right now.

I like to think of this guy as “Leprechaun-esque”
Green Merchant: Are you going to do some exploring? While you’re at it, there’s this Blood-Sucking Pump… though you probably won’t be able to find it.
    -Although, if you can prove me wrong, I might be willing to trade.

Completing the Quests

It’s funny how no one questions you barging into their house
(After giving the man a Gimmick Buster, which is a #20 Sword)
Man: Here. Instead of money, let me give you this.

(Received Sash Ore!)

Man: Please come by any time.

What is an Cat Lady without any cats?
Cat-Lover: Oh, yes yes!
    -Sorry for all of the trouble. Please accept this as thanks for everything.

(Received Sash Ore!)

Cat-Lover: I just hope she doesn’t find herself in anymore dangerous places.

I like to think of this guy as “Leprechaun-esque”
Green Merchant: Ohh, that’s it right there.

(Trade the Blood-Sucking Pump?)

Green Merchant: Thank you. In exchange, why don’t you take this?

(Received Sash Ore!)

Green Merchant: Come by again.

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