Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Four, Part Five

(Outside the workshop)

Rif: So, how do we get to Lute Caves?

Eliez: Uhhm, lesse. That way.

Zakk: (runs up) Ah! Rif, it's terrible!

Eliez: Oh, Zakk! Hi!

Zakk: Ah, yeah, hi.
    -No wait, Rif! Your Master!

Rif: What is it? Did she start a riot or something?

Zakk: Yes, she did!

Rif: What? Really?!

Zakk: There haven't been any punches thrown, but she’s kicked up a huge fuss.

Rif: I don't believe this! After telling me not to do anything, she goes and gets herself into a fight.

Killfith: That is how adults tend to operate.

Rif: That's terrible!

Zakk: Anyway, everyone’s really angry. It'd probably be best to avoid our workshop for now.

Rif: I understand. Thank you.

Zakk: Nah, it's nothing.
    -… I mean, no! That wasn't, I mean, I just didn't want Eliez to get dragged into it, that's all!

Rif: I gotcha. We'll be careful.

Eliez: Thank you, Zakk.

Zakk: Well, anyway, that's all I had to say. See ya!

Rif: Ah, hey, be careful not to fall down!
    -I wonder why he always seems so busy. Anyway, shall we go?

Eliez: Okay!

(Slightly off-screen)

Man: Keh…
    -(walks away)

Further along the path…

Eliez: Big sis, we go this way for raw materials.

Rif: Got it.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We're off to Lute Caves to gather materials!

Killfith: ... Whatever you wish.

Eliez: Yay!

Killfith: (blushing) Tch... what an annoying reaction...

When the road forks…

Eliez: Big sis, we'll get outside if we go this way.

Rif: Got it!

(At the gate)

Rif: Can you get to Lute Caves from here?

Eliez: Yep! If you look around a bit, you can find a lotta raw materials.

Gate Watcher: Eliez, are you collecting materials today? So long as it's Lute Caves, it's fine, but...
    -It's too dangerous in Sport Cavern right now because of these earthquakes. No one's allowed entry for the time being.

Eliez: Okay!

Rif: Well, let's go inside.

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

(Lute Caves)

Down some stairs, Killfith pauses.

Killfith: …

Rif: What's wrong?

Killfith: It feels like someone's been watching us this whole time... someone who doesn’t like us. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Rif: Something like this happened before, too… do you think it's Aniki again?

Eliez: Eh? Is big brother here too?

Rif: He might, but... somehow I get the feeling that's not the case this time.
    -Maybe I'm just over-thinking it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Four, Part Four

(Benson's Workshop)

Benson: …

Rif: Um, uh...

Benson: ...

Killfith: Ugh...

Jade: Master's pleased. That's good.

Rif: He is?!

Jade: Just make yourselves at home until your friends get back. I'll be headed out in a bit, and I probably won't be back for a while.

Rif: Make yourselves at home, he says…

Benson: ...

Rif: Umm…

//As a side note, if you want a quest from Jade, now would be a good time to ask.//

(Side Conversation)
Rif: What should we do in the meantime?

Killfith: Should we take down that guy?

Rif: You don't mean Master Benson, do you?! We can't do that! We'd be flirting with danger!

Just as the duo is about to leave, another character pops in...

???: I'm going out now.

Jade: Oh, Eliez. Going on an errand?

Eliez: Mm-hm. I'm going to get some raw materials.

Jade: Raw materials? You're not going to Lute Caves, are you?

Rif: Wow… even a kid this young is working. That's pretty amazing.

Killfith: Is she your child?

Jade: Come on, Killfith… do I really look old enough to have a kid?

Killfith: As if I care enough to tell.

Jade: You know, I'm the worst person to choose to make fun of, because I—

Eliez: Big brother, no fighting! It's bad.

Rif: Big brother? Aniki, does that mean you have a younger sister? You two don't look related at all, though.

Jade: Yeah, well, we live in the same workshop like a family, but she's not really my younger sister.
    -What? You didn't think it was possible I could have a real younger sister?

Rif: Nah, it's just that Eliez doesn't have a scary face at all.

Jade: Don't you think we're old enough now that you can knock it off with that joke already?

Killfith: If you’re really that old, does that mean she's your kid after all?

Jade: You guys are impossible! Can we just move on already?

(Eliez steps up, saving poor Jade from further grief)

Eliez: It's really nice to meet you. I'm Eliez. I help out at this workshop.

Rif: Ahh, is that how it is? It’s nice to meet you. I'm Rifmonica, and this is Killfith.

Eliez: Nice to meetcha.

Killfith: Don't speak to me so familiarly. I hate children.

Eliez: I like Killfith!

Killfith: (blushing) Urk… I especially dislike this type of human…

Rif: (amazed) That this kind of little kid is already working…

Jade: Well... there are a lot of reasons.

Rif: (?)

Eliez: Then, I'll be going!

Jade: Ahh, wait a minute! This is gonna sound pathetic, but could you hold off on going out?

Eliez: Whaat?! Whyyy?

Jade: There've been a lot more really brutal Strays appearing lately. I mean, just not too long ago, a whole pack popped up. It might okay if someone else went with you but…
    -I know, why don't you show Rif and her partner around Lute Caves?

Rif: Ehh?!

Eliez: Really?!

Jade: Yeah, you guys want to, right? Rif, Killfith?

Rif: Hold on...!

Eliez: You…  don't want to?

    -Of course I do.  >Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes
    -No!  >I will not fall victim!

I will not fall victim!
Eliez: You really… don't…

Rif: Ooh... don't make that face…

Killfith: How could you be so cold, just like a demon.

Rif: Arg! Okay, fine! It's fine if she shows us around!  >Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes

Sucker Punched by Puppy Dog Eyes
Eliez: Yaayy! Thank you, big sis!

Rif: Heehee... so I'm a big sis now, huh?

Jade: Don't frolic off somewhere. Be sure to keep an eye on her.

Rif: What! I don't frolic!

Killfith: You were frolicking two seconds ago.

Rif: Augh! Geez! Let's just go!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Four, Part Three

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It sounded like Murno has some kind of business with the Council of Gold... what on earth could she want with them?

Killfith: She said she wanted to meet with that Velworen guy, but other than that, I don't know.

Rif: I see... In any case, we better keep going.

(The Town of Prosban)

Jade: The Council of Gold is at the end of this road up ahead, on the inside of the bend… just stick to my tail.

Rif has only gone a few steps when a voice calls out…

Zakk: Ah, Rif, is tha—ack!


Rif: You really have to be more careful with your feet.

Zakk: Shut up! I was just in a rush because I've got to report things and stuff!

Rif: Is that right?
    -By the way, be sure to take good care of our Master, since she just headed over to your workshop.

Zakk: Huh?! Your Master? What for?!

Rif: Well, a bunch of stuff, you know. Like to discuss things…

Killfith: Tch… Is this really the place for idle chatter?

Rif: Oh, that's right. we're in a bit of a hurry ourselves. We don't have time for small talk.

Zakk: That’s right, I’m in the same boat!

Rif: Then shall we go?

Further ahead, Rif pauses.

Rif: Um, I think the Council of Gold might be…

Killfith: Tch...! It's this way. You need to remember at least that much…

(He scooches her towards the left)

Rif: Oh yeah, on the inside of the bend.

(In front of a big, white-and-gold building)

Rif: So this is the Council of Gold.

Jade: You bet. Summoners come here to settle the accounts of the Town of Prosban.
    -Right now, all the members have probably gathered together. Ready to go?

Tier: Okay! I'm definitely going to get that attack fee!

Jade: I don't think that Ms. Janna will actually pay you, but do your best anyway.

Murno: Hmm...

Rif: Murno...
    -Hey, Killfith, what kind of a person is Velworen?

Killfith: I don't know.

Rif: Is that true?

Killfith: You talk too much.

Jade: Well, come on.


Jade: ... So please help us out with all that.

Tier: Finally I'll have a meeting with who's in charge!

Murno: Thank you very much.

Jade: Well, it was me asking. Of course they'd listen. Because after all…

Rif: They're probably terrified of you.

Jade: No, it’s because I always do good things around here! And just who are you calling scary?

Tier: Muahaha… In that case, I'll be able to receive my attack fee...

Jade: You're going to have to negotiate that by yourself.

Receptionist: Presenting Lady Janna.

Janna: Welcome, I am Janna Mortier. Are you the ones who wanted to meet with Lord Velworen?

Tier: Ah! Yes yes! That's right!

(And so someone with long, flowing black hair enters)

Velworen: It... it's you!

Murno: Ah...

Velworen: I thought you... Mishews Village's... what are you doing here?

Rif: Mishews Village?

Murno: Um... I…

Velworen: (!)

Murno: (crying) Um...

Velworen: Eh...? Ehhh?!

Killfith: Murno?!

Rif: (annoyed) Why is she crying? What did you do to her?!

Velworen: Wha...?! But, I...

Murno: Stop, Rif. It's not that... that's not it at all...

Rif: Murno...

Murno: Eh... um, I…
    -Um... I would like to tell you a story.

Tier: Th—that's right! Um, the Stray's...!

Murno: But... because it's my... the village's story... telling it here…

Velworen: Ah, I see. Then... let's go to my room.

Janna: Lord Velworen?

Killfith: I’m coming too.

Murno: I'm sorry, Killfith. I'll be all right by myself. You stay here with Rif.

Rif: So... you won't let me go with you either?

Killfith: Tch... whatever you wish.

Murno: Thank you, Killfith.

Rif: Killfith…

(Murno and Velworen leave; Janna is not pleased.)

Janna: Hold on just a minute. I—

Tier: (grabs hold of her) Ahh...! Ms. Janna, there's something else! Please listen to me!

Janna: Hold on, what are you doing?

Tier: Well, you see, I beat up a Stray and protected this town, so I thought...

Janna: You thought...?

Tier: Ah! Um... I thought... a reward... I wondered, since it seemed like I should receive one, if...

Janna: Oh my... are you telling me you want money?
    -Ohohohoho… what a lovely story that is.

Tier: But... um...!

Janna: However, young lady, whatever it is you seem to think about reality, it is not lovely.
    -But have a nice day. I will simply inform you that this is an adult's world.

Tier: Eh? But… wait…!

(Janna walks away, Tier still hanging off her arm)

Jade: Something tells me our colleagues won't be back for a while.

Rif: Then, what should we do now?

Jade: It'd be a bother for you to stay here, so you might as well come to my workshop. I'm sure Master Benson will be ecstatic.

Rif: I—is that right?

Jade: Of course he will. My master loves a good, spirited blacksmith.
     -So, don't worry about those guys. We'll just leave a message up front so they'll know we headed over to the workshop.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Four, Part Two

V.E: See? We got out of there all right, and now we're at the Town of Prosban.

Rif: Hmm... we made it at last.

Tier: Are you tired already? Wow, what a sloth.

Rif: You... whose fault do you think it is?

(And then a bunch of Strays pop up out of nowhere)

Murno: Kyaa!

Killfith: Tch! Can’t believe I didn’t notice them!

Rif: Let's go!

(Fights a Chapeau and two Hats, I am not kidding those are their names)

V.E: Is everyone all right?

Tier: Of course!

Rif: Murno? Were you hurt?

Murno: I'm all right. Thank you.

Rif: That's good.

Killfith: Honestly… it’s about time you both made up.

Man: I heard someone fighting nearby!

(People walk up, one of them Jade-looking)

Jade: Argh! You guys have to be careful! Lately people around here have been ambushed by a large herd of huge Strays!

V.E: Yeah, well if that was the herd just now, we defeated the lot of them. If they thought today was their lucky day, they got handed a severe disappointment.

Jade: Then it was you guys we heard just now... man, it must not be my day either since I just missed it, but I guess it's too late to complain now.
    -But as for disappointments, I'd say you're the ones who got landed with that, considering...
    -You didn't get to see my magnificence in battle.

V.E: Uh-huh, right.

Man: It looks like we weren't needed here after all... we'll go back to our rounds.

Man: We’ll leave the rest up to you, Jade.

Jade: Understood. I’ve got it covered.

Tier: So that means your job is to exterminate Stray Summons, right?

Jade: Yeah, I’m a member of this town's Patrol Unit. My job's to take down any Strays that appear in this area.

Tier: What an opportunity…! It’s wonderful!

Killfith: This kid... her aura just turned up.

Tier: Hey, Mr. Ja~ade…

Jade: Wh-what is it?

Tier: I’ll accept that attack fee now. ♥

Jade: What attack fee?

Tier: Well, I did just do your job for you. Isn't it only natural I'd be paid?

V.E: I see now. That's a pretty good point, isn't it?

Jade: Hold on, V.E… even if you say you want money, I can't give out rewards for handling Strays.

Tier: But if we don't receive any money, how are we supposed to earn a living? People who beat up Strays need to eat too, don’t you agree?

Jade: Don't be an idiot. Sure, the Patrol Unit's maintenance costs come out of the Council of Gold...
    -But that's a special allowance we get only occasionally and only to help us protect the town.

Murno: The Council of Gold… that must be the Summoner's Sect…

Rif: Huh?

Tier: Well if that's the case, then that means we just protected the town in your place, right, and so shouldn't we get a special allowance, too?

Jade: If you really want to get something, you shouldn't be talking to me.
    -But you should realize that the Council of Gold keeps a pretty strict hold on their money.

Tier: You don't know if you've never tried it! Who would I have to talk to?

Jade: Who, huh... would Velworen head these decisions... No, you'd probably want to go with Ms. Janna.

Murno: ...!

Tier: In that case, where would I find this Janna person...

Murno: By Velworen, did you mean of the house of Lingwall? He lives in this town?!

Jade: Huh...? Yeah, that's him. Mr. Velworen Lingwall... what, do you know him?

Murno: Uh, well... that is, I just want to meet him...

Jade: Want to meet? What on earth are you...

Tier: This is perfect! In any case, we should go to the Council of Gold and see if we can negotiate with them in person!

Murno: Well, I don’t know if that…

Tier: It'll be fine! I'll be right behind you the whole way! Let's get going!

Jade: Fine! Go wherever you want! At any rate I’ve gotta head over there and report this incident.

Tier: Right, right.

V.E: In that case, I'll leave these kids to you. I need to go find Bostaph.

Rif: What about me, then?

V.E: You stick with Murno for now. And if something comes your way, don’t do anything.

Rif: I’m not going to do anything!

Killfith: Naturally.

Rif: Hey, what do you mean by ‘naturally?!’

Killfith: If we go with them, will you protect Murno?

Rif: Ah, I see… yes, of course.

V.E: Well then, Jade, I'll leave the rest in your hands.

Jade: You got it, just leave it to me. Good luck, V.E.

V.E: Yeah.
    -(she leaves)

Jade: I'll head off too, so anybody who's coming, don't fall behind.

(And everyone follows)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Four Side Quests


Destroyer of Worlds!!!
(Red-haired girl in front of a shop)
Traveling Saleswoman’s Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
    -It seems like my mother wants me to go off and play, but I'd much rather invest in future prospects for our business.
    -You look like a Craftknight. Since you're here, how about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -I’ll hold off on that.

TS’s Daughter: If you upgrade using a “Destruction Switch,” it will add the special attack “DUR Attack” to your weapon.
    -And for a limited time only, I'll be selling a Destruction Switch for only 800 Boam.
    -Would you like to buy one?

    -No thanks

(Obtained Destruction Switch!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

Getting something you can sell to a dude in the Northwest corner for 100 Boam per.
(little brunette kid in southernmost part of town)
Child: Hey, that tree sap—
    -Do you wanna trade it for some durable bark?


(Obtained Durable Bark!)

Child: I really wanted this, so I got a good deal.

Accepting the Quests

And now you have the pleasure of buying your own shapestone.
(blond woman inside a blue-roofed house towards the south)
Woman: I want to order a weapon.
    -You see, it's for a man who wants to knock things down.
    -Looks like it needs Vorpal Iron, though.

(Accept order?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Woman: Shapestone?
    -I guess whether the blacksmith has to prepare it by herself depends on the town.
    -Have it ready for me soon.

Ah, white cat, you sure do get around…
(In an orange-roofed house with red flowers out front a bit further south, there is an old woman)
Cat-Lover: Excuse me, but have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -Could you save her for me? I have a feeling that she might be purring right now.

Completing the Quests

And now you have the pleasure of buying your own shapestone.
(After giving the woman Slice Claws, which is a #08 Knuckles)

Woman: Hooo... well, this looks about right.

(Obtained Conversion Switch!)

Woman: Anyway, thanks again.

Ah, white cat, you sure do get around…
Cat-Lover: Ohh, yes yes!
    -Forgive me. Please take this with my thanks.

(Obtained Blood-Sucking Pump!)

Cat-Lover: Now, no more going off to dangerous places.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Four, Part One

Rif: Turns out, instead of being charged an inn fee, we’ll have to take Tier along with us. Never mind that we only borrowed one room…
     -Why is it we always have to spend the night together in the workshop! Even though we were staying at a long-awaited inn!!

Killfith: Why do you always go on about trivial things? You humans, what does it matter if where we sleep is the same?

Rif: Come on, don’t you get it? I want to taste the spirit of traveling at least a little!

Killfith: If it’s bad sleeping posture you want, you can always sleep on the floor, you know…

Rif: Um…
    -Aaaanyway! I wonder if everyone’s ready to leave yet! Today for sure we'll be going to the Town of Prosban, you know!

Killfith: I can tell you’re just trying to distract me, you know…

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems Tier is coming with us to the Town of Prosban after all...

Killfith: ... Don't cause any more trouble.

Rif: I don't have the self-confidence to say I won’t.

V.E: You're finally up, Rif. Jade already left, you know. We better hurry, too.

Tier: Right, right, let's get going!

Rif: Ah... so you're coming after all?

Tier: Obviously. How else would you find a way to clear up that inn fee?

V.E: Ugh...

(Tier walks up to Rif and hearts her very much)

Tier: Now that that's settled, let's head out, Rif!

Rif: Ah, hold on…

Murno: (annoyed) ...

Rif: Um, that is...

Murno: (grabs V.E’s arm) We've already taken up an excessive amount of time here. We should really head off towards town now, Miss V.E.

V.E: I—I got that, but... geez, ouch—that hurts, Murno!

(Murno starts dragging her away)

V.E: Hey, Rif, be sure to keep on our tails!

Rif: They're going to get lost that way... geez, what is this...

Tier: Don't worry about it. This just means that we can head over to town at our leisure!

Rif: Wait... What are you saying...

Killfith: How miserable... let's just go.

Rif: Right.

Roche: Have a good trip! Take care, everyone!

Thus: Please take good care of our daughter.

Rif: Uh... yes, sir!

(The Bearded Forest)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: In any case, we have to head over to the Town of Prosban. But Master has no sense of direction, so I can't help but be concerned...

Killfith: Unless you want to lose sight of them, stop pausing, will you?

Tier: At the rate we're going, there'll be a fight up ahead. Really, such troublesome people.

Rif: Whose fault do you think it is that we have to go through this in the first place?!

Eventually we find the other half of the party standing and waiting…

Rif: Ah, Master, Murno… thank goodness. Looks like you took the right way.

V.E: You're the one who’s lagging behind. I thought you’d gone off on your own or guessed wrong about which path to take.

Rif: What does that mean? Of course I wouldn't get lost, but I was seriously concerned about you guys.

V.E: Oh geez... thanks for your concern, but exactly how many times have you been to the Town of Prosban?
     -I, on the other hand, can’t count how many times I’ve been there, so I wouldn’t simply get lost! Speaking of which, from this point, we should probably…

(Cue clanging noise)

Killfith: What was that piercing sound…?

Rif: Was that a bell?

Tier: It's the alarm! Something must have happened nearby! I wonder if a big Stray has appeared?

V.E: We still have to continue on towards town... everyone, be careful.

Tier: Well since I'm with Rif, I don't have to worry no matter what kind of Stray it is!

Rif: Yeah! Leave it to me!

Murno: And since I'm with Miss V.E, I also can have some peace of mind. Shall we head off, Miss V.E?

V.E: Er, yeah...

Rif: Um…

Killfith: Ughh...

Rif: What?!

Killfith: I didn't say anything.

Rif: You… ah, never mind, let’s go!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Looks like something appeared near town, so we have to step cautiously.

Killfith: You're one to talk about being reckless. You should learn caution yourself before advising other people.

Rif: Oh, yeah... I'm sorry.

Tier: Hey, hey, everybody gets down sometimes, but you've gotta pick yourself right back up again!

Rif: Whose fault do you think all this is, anyway!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Night Three - V.E

V.E: That was a pretty amazing sigh there.

Rif: Ah, Master…

V.E: What’s wrong? Trying to escape your sudden popularity?

Rif: What are you talking about! It’s your fault that I got into this mess in the first place!

V.E: Don’t blame me for your messes! What kind of a full-grown Craftknight doesn’t take responsibility for her own problems?

Rif: What does it have to do with being a Craftknight?!

V.E: What are you talking about? Top-notch Craftknights are always well-liked. It’s because they’re cool, you know.
    -Because Rob was so popular, girls were always dropping in to visit, drawn to him like moths to a flame.
    -Of course, he never looked as dumbfounded as you do right now.

Rif: That’s probably because I’m a girl…

V.E: Details, details. No one cares about that.

Rif: Right, right. But, why bring up Master Rob?

V.E: No reason, really. I’m just going on as I always do.

Rif: Eh?

V.E: But you know, no matter how many people became aware of him, I was the only one reflected in his eyes.

Rif: Wow, that’s pretty cool.

V.E: Even I lost my heart to such a man, so naturally he’s a first-class Craftknight.

Rif: Hmm. I see.

V.E: Since you’re already this popular, I’d say you also have the capacity to become top-notch.

Rif: Ohh… I see.

V.E: Therefore you need to keep training so you can become a cool woman that could even charm me!

Rif: Right! I’ll do my best!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Night Three - Tier

Tier: Here you are!

Rif: Ah, Tier…

Tier: All right, it’s great that I’ve found you! Now the two of us can have a conference!

Rif: By a conference, you wouldn’t mean about me being a poster girl…

Tier: Oh my! I know you must be really happy, but there’s no need to be shy!

Rif: I’m not being shy!
    -Sure, I’ll admit that I was a bit happy when you asked me to work as a Craftknight, but that’s because I thought you had recognized my skills.
    -But, being a poster girl… there’s no way I’d do that!

Tier: But then, are you saying the plans for the future I’ve built up for us already are no good?

Rif: Whaat?! Plans for the—how did it turn into that?!

Tier: First off, you and me will go to town, and the two of us will take down Stray Summons and help out townspeople…
    -And along the way, this adorable duo will spread publicity for this wonderful inn!

Rif: Wait a minute...

Tier: If we do that, lots of townspeople will come to our shop, because they’ll be so deeply moved by our repair work and such.
    -Once word gets around, the number of customers will rapidly increase!

Rif: Tha—that’s a pretty amazing plan, huh…

Tier: With the two of us working hard, we’ll make this establishment Lyndbaum’s number one inn. Right, Rif? ♥

Rif: Wow… Tier seems more and more like Master…

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Night Three - Murno

Murno: Oh look, it’s Rif.

Rif: Ah, Murno!

Murno: What is it? Are you out here because something good happened?

Rif: Eh…? I don’t think there’s anything that was particularly good, but…

Murno: Really? Not even the schemes for the future you’ve been concocting with Tier?

Rif: Why would you even…! Murno, do you seriously think I would do something like that?!

Murno: We—well… but Rif, you seemed so happy about it…

Rif: Sure, when she asked if I would work as a Craftknight, I was a little bit happy because it felt like she noticed my skills.
     -But I can’t believe she asked me to be a poster girl… I have no idea how it became like that…

Murno: Really?

Rif: It’s the truth!

Murno: But when Tier mentioned becoming a poster girl, your expression did not seem altogether unhappy…

Rif: That’s really only because that was the first time she mentioned that… and it made me kind of embarrassed…

Murno: I knew it! It’s because Tier is cute and cheerful, isn’t it?
     -And I guess I’m just the dark, gloomy girl, so naturally you’d rather go off and have fun with her!

Rif: Eh? Wha?!

Murno: Goodbye.

Rif: Ah, wait…!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night Three - Lemmy

Lemmy: So it was your voice…

Rif: Ah, Lemmy, what are you doing here?

Lemmy: I heard this terrible moaning, and I thought it might have been a Stray Summon.

Rif: Ohh… I see…

Lemmy: It looks like you’re still not feeling well. If only you were always this docile, I might actually be saved.

Rif: Yeah…

Lemmy: Oh, for pity’s sake…

Rif: Can I ask you something? Do you think I would be able to make it as the poster girl for a shop somewhere?

    -Why on earth would you be thinking about that for yourself?

Rif: That’s not exactly what I’m worried about… but, at least you’re at ease…

Lemmy: What a surprise… for you to actually say that kind of thing…
    -Are you telling me that even though you live every day of your life for the fighting matches you love so much, you’re more miserable than I am? That’s the worst joke I’ve ever heard.

Rif: What did you say? I’m seriously worrying over here, you know!

Lemmy: If you’re really all that worried, then just go to sleep.
    -By tomorrow morning, you’ll have already forgotten your troubles.

Rif: Wha—what the heck is that supposed to mean! You’re so irritating!

Lemmy: Look at that… seems you’re already feeling better. That’s good.
     -Although I said I would be saved if you were docile, it isn’t nearly as amusing anymore if you’re not your usual energetic self.

Rif: What the heck! Geez!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Night Three - Killfith

Killfith: What a huge sigh…

Rif: Ah, Killfith…

Killfith: Tch… still feeling as down and hesitant as before, I see. How depressing.

Rif: It’s not that… I really am okay, I was just thinking about things.

Killfith: You may be committed to your nightly walks, but I don’t have such a mind-set.

Rif: I understand that, though.

Killfith: I wonder about that. It still seems like you’re not altogether here.

Rif: Well, it’s just that… it’s true, when she asked me to work as a Craftknight, I was a little bit happy. It felt like somebody had recognized my skills.
          -But I can’t believe it, a poster girl… I can’t figure out how it turned into that…

Killfith: Oh really? I could see your reaction when she said the words ‘poster girl.’

Rif: You…! How could you say that?!

Killfith: Except if you’ve already resolved to protect Murno, you’ll have to decide if you’re prepared what is to come.

Rif: You mean about those enemies we fought today…

Killfith: …

Rif: I know… it’s a secret.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Three - Jade

Jade: What’s up, Rif?
    -That was a pretty amazing sigh, Miss Popularity.

Rif: Can't you have some sympathy, Aniki? I’m seriously worrying over here.

Jade: What do you know about worry? Unless you clearly did something bad?

Rif: It’s not that! I just need to…

Jade: Then who are you going to choose? Murno or Tier?

Rif: Choose—how is that the problem here?!

Jade: Isn’t it? Or is there someone else you like more?

Rif: It has nothing to do with any of that!
     -At first, she’d only asked me to work as a Craftknight, but then she brought up being a poster girl…

Jade: I think in this world, everyone wants to advance things according to their own desires. Given that, if you want to find your own way…
    -You’ll have to do it with your own strength!

Rif: Mmm… I’ll do my best…

Jade: But it’s fine, isn’t it? Considering you have the luxury of worrying about who you like best.
     -Even though I’m a single guy, I can’t seem to find anyone who'll hang out with me, whether they’re happy with me or not…

Rif: You’re so mean! Even though I’m a girl, you completely excluded me from that!

Jade: H-hey, that’s not what I meant to say at all…

Rif: Heehee… maybe you meant that you understand my feelings a little bit?

Jade: Tsh…! You just keep becoming more and more like V.E.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Three, Part Nine

(Inside the inn)

Jade: Yo, Rif, Killfith. Looks like you’ve had a busy day.

Rif: Yeah.

V.E: Hey, just what on earth have you been up to?

Rif: Huh?

Tier: Ahh, Dad. Rif and Killfith just came back.

Rif: Huh? Dad?

Thus: Hello there. I’m Thus, the owner of this establishment.
    -I heard that you rescued my daughter from getting into trouble with some bad men. I’m truly in your debt.

Rif: Ah, no, it's fine... Um, I'm Rifmonica. This is Killfith.

Killfith: …

Thus: I see. I'm told you two forge weapons.

Tier: That's right! A thoroughly-trained Craftknight and Summon Creature that can produce fantastic weaponry that we can sell!
    -At least, that’s what I think!

Rif: Hold on! Are you going on about that again?!

Tier: And then, me and Rif could become this inn’s two lovely young poster girls!
     -I’ve already thought it all through, and I've decided our objective is to advance on potential customers.

Thus: You say you've already decided…

Tier: But first it looks like Rif and them have some things to do, so they have to go to town.
     -That's why I'm going with them. I'm sure there are some things in town that I can put in order while I’m there.

Thus: You want to go with them?

V.E: Hold on, kid! You know, you haven’t even asked me what I think about all this.

Roche: Please excuse our daughter. I am indebted to all of you, so please take the rest of the day at your leisure.
    -Allow me to sharpen a few knives and I’ll whip us up a feast.

Rif: Really?! Sweet!

V.E: You really shouldn't be so delighted. A feast costs money, after all...

Thus: It's all right. It's our way of thanking you for saving our daughter. Of course we wouldn't ask for your money.

V.E: Really?! Sweet!

Tier: What are you talking about, Dad! See, don't you think it's because of this kind of management that our business in the red?!

Thus: Well, perhaps you have a point, but…

Tier: Really, how am I supposed to reel in any money when things are like this!

Jade: Geez... she's a pretty strong-headed young lady, isn't she?
    -Lucky thing you've found such a good partner, huh Rif?

Rif: Why would you even say that!

V.E: If you want to have any prospects as business partners, then you shouldn't be taking money from your future companion's friends, now should you?

Rif: What do you mean business partners?!

V.E: Don't you understand, Rif? It is vital that you learn to live in the moment! Now is when you will open up your own future!

Killfith: (glaring at her) Demon.

Murno: Maybe, with Tier, you really…

Rif: No, that is, I mean...

Tier: Oh? You wouldn't be jealous, would you?

Murno: (blushing) Jea—?!

Tier: For not being chosen as poster girl. Although personally I don't understand why you’d be jealous.
     -Because you know, you seem to be a bit gloomy to work for us as a Craftknight, don’t you think?

Murno: Wha…! What do you mean, gloomy...?

Tier: Look, we're a business too, so we can't bother with kids who aren't bright and cheerful. Reeeaally sorry, though.

Murno: (annoyed) Oh... is that right...

Rif: (slowly turns to look at her) Uhh, Miss… Murno?

Murno: But I wouldn't have any interest in becoming this shop's poster girl anyway.

Rif: Wait, calm down, Murno!

Murno: What do you mean, jealous? I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous.
    -If you two want to be poster girls or partners or whatever, then that's fine with me!

Rif: Huh?! Hold on...

(Murno leaves)

Rif: (stares after her) Ahh...
    -How on earth did it come to this?

Jade: What a heavy atmosphere. I for one couldn’t even move.

V.E: Sooo... where does that leave us?

Killfith: (glaring at her) With one too many demons in the room.

Tier: Anyway! As for the inn price we discussed, it's only natural we'll still charge you. As a wise man once said...
    -“That is that, and this is this!”

V.E: Ooh… what a good saying…!

Tier: In life, you have to apply a firm distinction with money. Therefore, the fee for one person is…

Thus: (annoyed) Look here, Tier!

Tier: D-Dad...

Thus: That is more than enough! All I have been hearing from you is money this, money that.
    -It's shameful!

Tier: ...

Thus: Certainly money is important... but do you think money is everything?
    -Don't you understand? There are many important things that money cannot buy.

Tier: But…

Thus: "But" nothing. I am your father. And I never said that they would be staying here for free.

Tier: Really?!

V.E: That... but just now, didn't you say you didn't need money...

Thus: Yes, we will not take money. Instead...
    -We shall accept your smiling faces.

And there was a pause.

Tier: ... I understand, Dad...

Thus: I see that, Tier… and I'm glad.

Tier: Then, the inn fee is 1000 Boam per person, if you please!

V.E: Whaaat?! You don't understand at all! Even after that amazing speech!

Tier: Amazing speech? You never said anything.

Thus: But, just now—certainly you heard something of what I said, didn't you?

Tier: Dad, don't you get it? If I hadn't done things like lure in customers or become a road guide, this business would have gone bankrupt a long time ago!
     -Like I said, it's because you keep saying nonsense like "your smiling faces" that we don't earn any income!

Thus: If you say that...

Roche: My goodness. Well, there's no point scratching our heads on an empty stomach. Not when I've already prepared some food for us.
    -So, let's everyone eat together.

V.E: Cool!
    -(runs off, delighted)

Tier: Ah, no, she ran away!

Jade: Honestly, V.E sometimes... please excuse her...

Roche: My goodness, you don't have to worry about that. Please, you should have something to eat too. There'll be some cake after the meal.

Jade: Cool!
    -(runs off, delighted)

Tier: Ah! Geez! Wait!
    -Honestly... where on earth is my parents' motivation for profit?!

(Everyone else leaves)

Rif: (still staring after Murno)

Killfith: How long do you plan on standing there like that?

Rif: (smiles sadly) Just a little longer…


-Those men were Murno's enemies, but I don't have any clue what kind of people they were...
-Whenever I think about it, I start to get a little anxious about what might happen from now on.
-Although now, I have two problems. What should do about Tier?… but even saying that sounds so uncool…

Rif: Haaauugghhh…
    -Ah man… how did it ever become like this…
    -Huh? Is someone there? It couldn't be…

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Three, Part Eight

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's head back to the inn, okay?

Killfith: ...

Rif: Are those men from before still on your mind?

Killfith: ...

Rif: ... I understand, and I won't ask anything about it! You already promised Murno.
    -But if that changes, will you tell me then?

Killfith: ... If I feel like it...

As you approach the inn, an unexpected voice unexpected calls out…

Zakk: Heey! Rif!

Rif: (?)

Lemmy: Honestly, why did you have to call out to them, specifically?

Zakk: Ah! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!

Rif: What are you two doing here?

Zakk: We're on our way to transport some ore. We took the Summon Creature Train.

Lemmy: What I want to know is what you are doing here...

Rif: Geez, where do I even start... a whole lot of things, as it turns out...
    -Are you guys staying the night here?

Zakk: Yeah. Going to town by the Summon Creature Train is a two-day trip.

Killfith: How leisurely of you.

Zakk: It's because we brought so much luggage on board. We can't go up or down too steep a slope, you know.

Rif: If you're staying the night, does that mean you're staying at the Smile Cottage Inn?

Lemmy: Smile Cottage? So that was an inn up there...

Zakk: Nah. There's another of Bostaph's Workshops here. We're staying there.

Rif: Is that right... Ahaha, thank goodness...

Lemmy: What a rare sight. You don't seem as energetic as usual. Perhaps it was something you ate?

Rif: Heh… well, they said the meals were delicious, but you know... haha...

Lemmy: …
    -I see… goodbye, then.
    -(walks away)

Zakk: Ah, Lemmy!

Rif: Well… shall we go?

Killfith: Got it.

Lemmy: (…) What's with her...?

Zakk: Looks like they really aren't doing so well. Should we be worried?

Lemmy: Worried? Who?

Zakk: Huh?! I'm sorry, of course we wouldn't be worried at all!

Lemmy: (sigh) Good grief…

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Three, Part Seven

(Side Conversation)
Rif: I didn't even consent to anything, but now we're stuck looking for Tier.

Killfith: Honestly… do you have to involve me in all of your petty whining?

Rif: I'm sorry... but since Murno's waiting for us back at the inn, I guess we should do our best?

Killfith: Tch...

Eventually, in the Concealed Forest, we find Tier—entertaining a couple of guests.

Rif: There she is! But what is she doing?

Killfith: Those are...! Tch... that trash... even this far...

Tier: (!) Ah... it's you...

Rif: What are you doing? Trying to trick somebody else?

???: Hm, an acquaintance of yours? Isn’t that Companion Beast…?

???: Hold on, that Summon Creature is from Sapureth. I don’t believe it, is this who she was talking about…?

Tier: Right, right. Anyway, let’s head over to the inn.

???: Are you trying to tell us these children are the ones we’re looking for? They look completely different!
    -I can’t believe we almost let this girl trick us. We have nothing more to say here. Let's go.

(They start to leave, but Tier grabs onto one of them)

Tier: Wait...! Don't worry about it. Anyway, the inn...

???: Shut up! Get your hands off me!

Tier: Now, now, don’t say that…!

Rif: Gee whiz... still trying to nab people...

Killfith: Those guys are our enemies... we can't let them get near the inn.

Rif: Enemies... wait, what do you...?

Killfith: It's already decided. We have to fight them.

Rif: Fight them...?!

???: Dammit... that's more than enough!

Tier: Kya!
    -(gets flung away)

???: I don't care if you are a child! If you continue to get in our way, we will show you what pain is!

Rif: Tier!

Killfith: Let's go!

Rif: Killfith...

    -Understood! We'll fight them.  >Jumping in
    -Hold on a minute!  >Hestitation

Jumping In
Rif: I got it! We can't just sit here and watch this!

(Rif plunges into battle)

Rif: But I... why should we...?!

Killfith: You want to know?! Forget it... you just sit there and watch!

Rif: Ah! Geez!

(Killfith runs into battle. If he kicks it, Rif steps in to finish)


???: How is it these two are so strong?

???: How should I know?

???: It doesn't matter... they don't fit the kid's description. Let's go.

Tier: Ah, wait! At least have some food before...
    -(turns to Rif, annoyed) I can't believe it... what's wrong with you? Chasing away my third target of the day…

Rif: What on earth are you talking about?! Were you seriously going to argue with those guys?

Tier: Well, of course…. Wait. Maybe—
    -Maybe you fought them because you wanted to protect me?

Rif: Ah, no, that's... to be honest...

Tier: (blushing) Thank you. Umm, it's Rif, right?

Rif: Yeah. Well, actually it's Rifmonica. And this is Killfith.

Tier: Speaking of that... you said you were Craftknights, right?

Rif: What about it?

Tier: (Isn't it wonderful?! This couldn't get any more perfect...!)
    -Then how about you two use your abilities as Craftknights to work at our inn?

Rif: Huh?!

Tier: You’re borrowing that Summon Creature's power to forge weapons, right? That's why they possess such fantastic strength.

Rif: Well, it's something like that, but...

Tier: Then, aren't the weapons you forge something really special?! A product like that could become our inn's specialty!
     -With you repairing our weapons, the number of our customers should increase exponentially!

Rif: Huh?!

Tier: Please, help our inn!

Rif: Whaaa?!

Tier: So will you? Will you?! Pleeease?!

Rif: Agh, cripes... I wonder what I should do...

    -I guess it can't hurt to think about it…  >Maybe
    -No way! Absolutely not!  >Nope

Killfith: You've gotta be kidding me. There's no way I'd help you!

Tier: Ehh?! Whyyy?!

Killfith: Why I should I have to work for the sake of your shop?

Rif: And besides that, right now we have to get to Prosban, so we can't stay here.  >She shall not be discouraged

Rif: We are still making our way to Prosban, so we can't stay here as blacksmith's assistants.  >She shall not be discouraged

She shall not be discouraged
Tier: So what you're saying is, you only can't do it for now?

Rif: I think you might be missing the point…

Tier: You said it's just for now that you can't… so that means I definitely have a chance to make you work for us!

Rif: Eh?! Wait, how do you figure that?!

Tier: Now that that's settled, I'll go let Mom know.
    -(runs off)

Rif: She's pretty fast...

Killfith: These humans...

Rif: Killfith... what on earth did those men want? Does it have something to do with Murno?

Killfith: There's nothing I can tell you.

Rif: What do you...

Killfith: I made a promise with Murno that I wouldn't speak of it. Do you want me to violate that promise?

Rif: A promise... I see...

Killfith: ...

Rif: Then shall we head back to where everyone else is?

Killfith: Might as well…

//As a side note, they don't use the word for "Guardian Beast" in this game like they did in the other two. Ever. Instead, everyone says "partner," "comrade," or "assistant." In a previous version of this page, I had the goons call Killfith a "Guardian Beast," but I decided that was silly, since the term "Guardian Beast" is a very noble capacity in the previous two games. Here, what they're literally saying is "Summon Creature companion," but since that sounds awkward, I changed it to "Companion Beast."//

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Three, Part Six

(Marneil Inn Town)

Rif: This is Marneil Inn Town.

Murno: Where is it that you can receive treatment?

Tier: I can be treated at the inn there. It's called Smile Cottage. I'd be very much indebted to you, so please...

Rif: Then, shall we go?

Tier: Also, if any of you are tired, you could stay for a bit. It has really great food.
    -The home-made cake especially is enchantingly delicious.

Murno: Cake...

V.E: Cake, huh... even the word makes me a bit sentimental...


Murno: (blushing) Ah…

Rif: Ah, was that...

Killfith: (glares) What? You heard nothing.

Rif: Er... uh, no, of course not.

Murno: Umm…

V.E: I guess we could stop for a bit. We'll just take a short break here.

Rif: Sweet! Let's go!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Taking a rest at the Smile Cottage Inn!

Tier: That's right! Let's hurry!

Murno: Don't hurry too much! What if your injury gets worse?

Tier: Uh, yeah, that's right, huh...

Killfith: What happened? You were so energetic all of a sudden.

Tier: N-no I wasn't, don't be silly~.

V.E: ...

(Inside Smile Cottage)

???: Hello! Welcome to Smile Cottage!

Tier: We have guests! Four who would like to stay the night.

V.E: Hold on a second! Who's staying the night?!

Tier: Didn't you just stay you wanted to rest here, though?

V.E: C-certainly I said that, but I never said we'd spend the night!

(Jade walks up)

Jade: Oh, hey, looks like you guys finally made it.

V.E: Hold up, what are you doing here?

Jade: Yeah, well, it’s just that, I came across this troubled girl, and I couldn’t just abandon her, could I?

V.E: You were just looking to get some cake, weren't you?

Jade: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! I wouldn’t be lured by cake.

V.E: You've got some cream on the edge of your mouth.

Jade: Gah!

V.E: Just kidding.

Jade: Gh...! Why you...

V.E: Must have been a really good cake. Though, there's no need to lose your temper.

Killfith: Indeed. You realize throwing a tantrum only makes you look bad, right?

Tier: Anyway! Mom's cuisine is the best in Lyndbaum, you know!

Murno: Your mom?!

Roche: Yes, I'm her mother, Roche. And it appears my daughter has invited you here by force, so you have my apologies for that.

Rif: Daughter?!

Tier: Yep, I'm this establishment's poster girl, Tier!

//The term Tier refers to herself here is actually “kanban musume”… which literally means “a pretty girl who attracts boys to her parents’ shop.”//

(insert pause here)

(group exclamation points, yay)

V.E: We were set up!

Tier: But since you're already here, you might as well partake of some delicious cuisine, and there's also a workshop so you can have us repair your weapons for you.

Rif: Except I'm a Craftknight! I repair my weapons myself!

Tier: Then, if you would do us the favor of staying the night, maybe I could forgive you for pulling those weapons on me, hmm?

Roche: What do you—they attacked you?!

V.E: Miss, I assure you there were some extenuating circumstances…

Tier: And because of those circumstances, how about we make it 1000 Boam per person, if you don’t mind.

Rif: Geez... I should've known this was about money!
    -Don't you think trying to cheat us out of our money is a little underhanded?

Tier: What? Saying that I cheated you... how mean...

    -It wasn't mean at all!  >Not Backing Down
    -Maybe it was a little mean…  >Softer Approach

Not Backing Down
Rif: Of course you cheated us! You said that you were injured, but wasn't that a lie?  >Liar

Softer Approach
Rif: Well... maybe I went a little overboard with that…?

Killfith: What are you talking about, of course she was cheating us. She claimed to be wounded, but that was obviously a lie.  >Liar

Tier: How could you, calling me a liar... so mean!
    -(takes off)

Roche: Ah, wait! Tier?!

V.E: Gee whiz, look at what you did now.

Rif: Why are you saying it's my fault?!

Roche: Please excuse her... sometimes that girl... well, in any case, I should go bring her back.

V.E: Wait. What about the store?

Roche: Well... I suppose until my husband gets back, the store will have to be left unattended for a bit.

V.E: No.

Jade: Didn't even think about it...

V.E: Well, since it was Rif's fault, how about you let us look for her instead?

Rif: Hold on a second!

Jade: Since the number of Strays around here went up, it's gotten pretty dangerous. It'd probably be best if we went out and searched.

Roche: I'm sorry, Miss…

V.E: I'm V.E. This is Rifmonica and Killfith. And he's Jade.

Roche: I’m sorry for the trouble, everyone. There’s a workshop inside, so please feel free to make use of it.

V.E: While we're doing that, can you help us out by letting Murno stay here?

Murno: Eh?

V.E: It could get dangerous outside.

Murno: … All right.

Roche: I understand. I'm sorry for the trouble, but please find my daughter for me.

Jade: No problem. Then, let’s comb through the neighborhood.

Rif: Hey, wait…

(Jade and V.E leave)

Rif: Ugh...

Killfith: Hm? What is it?

Rif: I don't get how it's my fault!

Killfith: How trivial.

Rif: What the heck.

Murno: Good luck out there, Rif.

Rif: Yeah. I guess we're off, then.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Three, Part Five

(Side Conversation)
Rif: A match with Tier, huh…

Killfith: You’re not scared, are you?

Rif: I was thinking about after the match, actually.

Killfith: Heh… don’t let your mind wander too far off.

And once you’ve prepared…

Tier: Are you ready now?

    -All set to go.  >Time to hit a girl with glasses!
    -I need a little bit more time.

Time to hit a girl with glasses!
V.E: Listen up, you two. If you don't win this match, we won't be able to continue ahead!

Rif: Yeah... understood...

Murno: Good luck, you two.

Rif: Okay! Let's go, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

(Rif and Tier fight; Rif wins)

V.E: All right! Rif, Killfith, nice work!
    -We just got a free ride!

Rif: Master...

Killfith: Her aura right now has such a fierce radiance… I can't believe she's so happy just because it's free...

V.E: Well, young lady, have we impressed our mettle to your satisfaction? Now, according to our deal, how about you...

Tier: ... (mumble)

Rif: Eh? What?

Tier: You're so mean... You seriously fought against a girl like me...

Rif: Wait just a minute! Weren't you the one who said she wanted a match?!
    -And anyway, I'm a girl, too, you know...

Tier: Ah, ouch...!

Murno: Are you all right? Were you injured?

Tier: I'm okay, I think... ah, ouch!

Murno: Does it hurt…? But you have a potion, don’t you? Then…

Tier: I can't. I can't use a potion that I'm selling...

Murno: But... how else are you going to get treatment?

Tier: I'll be okay... Marneil Inn Town is pretty nearby. If I can just get there...

Murno: Rif...

Rif: Huh?

    -… I understand.  >Okay
    -What...?  >Durr

Rif: I understand. We'll take her up to the inn town.

Murno: Thank you, Rif.  >To Town

Killfith: You want us to take her to the inn town? Fine, if that's what you wish.

Murno: Thank you, Killfith.  >To Town

To Town
Tier: I'm sorry... then, please help.

Murno: Shall we go now?

V.E: Hey... the money...

Tier: Ouch…

V.E: Hmm...
    -Guess it can't be helped...

Killfith: ...

V.E: What's that look mean?

Killfith: Nothing.

V.E: Forget it! Let's just go!

Rif: Gotcha.

Tier: Mwaha...

Murno: ? Are you okay?

Tier: Eh? Yeah, sure! Let's head off!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's take Tier up to Marneil Inn Town.

Tier: I'm sorry for all the trouble...

V.E: Oh really? In that case, about our deal earlier...

Tier: Ouch!

Murno: Does it hurt? Are you all right?

Killfith: ...

V.E: Quit looking at me like that!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Three, Part Four

(Above Ground)

Tier: Good work, everybody~. Just a little bit further up by the Summon Creature Train Station is Marneil Inn Town.

V.E: Sounds like we reached the halfway point. At this rate, we'll be in town before the day is out.

Rif: Halfway there, huh?

Killfith: Can you still walk?

Murno: Ahh, I’ll be fine, I think.

Tier: Then, please follow me!
    -(starts to walk, but stops) (!)
    -Huh?! That’s...!

Rif: What?

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's find out what Tier's looking at!

Killfith: ... Why me.

Closer up, you can see something blocking the path.

Killfith: Tch... a Stray Summon.

Tier: I've seen that one before. Even though it's itty-bitty, it's pretty ferocious... but this is the first time I've seen it in this area.
    -I knew it, something funny's been going on lately…

Rif: Didn't you have to come this way before? How could you not have noticed it?

V.E: Well, I guess it can't be helped... I’d say it’s about time for a strong and cool-looking adult to step up to the plate.

Tier: (Wonderful...! This is simply perfect...!)
    -Please step out of the way.
    -(pulls out a bow)

Murno: Huh? Tier...?

(She fires an arrow into its backside. It is not pleased.)

Stray: Grrr...

V.E: (annoyed) Hold on, what do you think you’re doing?!

Tier: Hey, let go! I'm taking care of that Stray!
    -Ah! There'll be a special fee for this too, of course!

Rif: You want us to pay you to get rid of it?!

V.E: What are you talking about! You should be leaving this kind of thing up to an adult!

Rif: (annoyed) Hold it! This time, leave this to the two of us.

Murno: Over there... it's coming this way!

Killfith: No way around it... we'll have to finish this.

Rif: Yeah! Let's go!

(Fight Doran)

Tier: Come on, you should let me beat it up. After all that trouble I went through...

V.E: What exactly have you been mumbling about this whole time? This girl...

Murno: Are you all right, Rif? You weren't hurt?

Rif: I'm just fine! Didn't even break a sweat!

Tier: If you were hurt, I could sell you a potion for cheap, you know.

Rif: Going on about money again...

V.E: You are ridiculously prepared, aren't you? You sound like an old woman who's lived here her whole life.

Tier: Except your regular old lady doesn't know to be fully prepared as a matter of course when going into a forest full of so many dangers.

Killfith: And yet thanks to your careless attack, you put us through a lot of annoyance.

Tier: Wait, what?! You didn't fight it already, did you?
    -That's no good, you should have left it up to me.

V.E: Don't be absurd!

Tier: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you know. No matter what you might think, I'm very strong.

Rif: Strong...

Tier: What... you don't believe me?

Rif: Well...

    -To be honest, I have a hunch she might be amazingly strong.  >Glasses=Super Strength
    -She doesn't look strong at all.  >Wuss~

Glasses=Super Strength
Rif: You're strong? Yeah, I believe you.

Tier: Nooo... From the way you said it, I don't think you believe me at all!

Rif: What the heck…  >Proof

Rif: How am I supposed see strength I can't see?

Tier: What a thing to say… but much of what a customer says is both a good thing and a bad thing...

Rif: Well, what can I say…  >Proof

Tier: Then let's have a match. I'll even let you fight with that Summon Creature ally of yours!

Rif: Huh?!

Killfith: If you take back that idiot thing you said just now, I'll pretend I didn't hear you.

Tier: Well, since I'm not going to take it back, I guess you'll just have to have a match with me...
    -Or else I won't let you go any further!

Rif: What should I do?

V.E: I guess it can't be helped... if we want to progress further, we'll have to fight her, so we'll be disrupted no matter what.

Rif: I see... Guess there's no point trying to dodge it...

V.E: However, if you're only going to have a match, that's nothing interesting...

Tier: What do you mean?

V.E: How about this? If they win the match, you refund our guidance fee.

Tier: Re... Whaaat?! You want me to give your money back?!

V.E: It's fine if you don't want to. Maybe you just don't have the confidence to win?
     -I mean, if you don't even have that much drive, I don't see why I should approve of this match.

Tier: ...

V.E: Good, then! You don't have a choice now! You have to win, Rif!

Rif: Ah... right...

V.E: Remember, you have to adjust your preparations for each individual match!

Killfith: That woman... she's always doing things.

Murno: I guess so…

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Three, Part Three

(In the cave)

???: Ah, a Summon Creature! How rare around here~

Rif: Oh? This is my partner, though.

???: Well! I'll bet you're a smart Summon Creature.

Killfith: Don’t patronize me, fool.

???: What a delightful person...
    -Well, never mind that. You wouldn't all be going towards town, would you?

Murno: And who on earth are you...?

???: Ah! No, no, I'm not anyone suspicious or anything!
    -I'm just Tier, the adorable road guide!

Rif: Eh?

Tier: Thanks to all these earthquakes, this area's full of more holes than a slice of Swiss Cheese. Further up it really starts turning into a maze.
    -So, if you wanna find your way through, you'll definitely need a road guide.

Rif: Oh, is that right.

Tier: (Wonderful...! This person's perfect...!)

V.E: And exactly how much would we be indebted to this road guide? Eh, Miss Tier?

Rif: Huh?! You want to take our money?

Tier: Oh?! Ohohohohoho...
    -Che! You're pretty sharp.

V.E: So, how much?

Tier: 200 Boam. But that's only because it's really easy to get lost further up.
    -So, if you wanna find your way through, you'll absolutely need a road guide

V.E: Hmmm... I'd have to check to make sure, but I don't think I have that kind of money on me.

Tier: What about you? Do you want a guide?

Rif: Eh~?
    -Maybe we should try asking for a guide...  >Paying for a Guide
    -We can cut through the road by ourselves!  >Carving a Path

//"Paying for a Guide" is waaaay further down//

Carving a Path
Rif: I think we'll be okay.

Tier: What?! But I’m giving you such a good deal, and you’ll really need a guide!
    -I'll be right here in case you wise up and change your minds.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: For the time being, let's set our course for town!

Killfith: Are you sure you don't want to ask that road guide for help?

V.E: I don't have the money.

Rif: You should just worry about making sure we arrive, Master.

V.E: Why don't you look your master in the face and try saying that again?

Murno: Wait, don't fight!

Rif: Fight?

V.E: Haha... Murno's so nice! You really are a good kid.

Murno: ?

Further into the cave…

Tier: Hey there~

Rif: When did you get here?!

Murno: ...

Killfith: You just get more suspicious by the second.

Tier: I already old you, I'm just a cute little road guide! That's not suspicious at all!

Murno: I wonder about that...

Tier: So, looks like up ahead it's full of even more holes that you can easily fall through, so I thought...
    -Maybe you'd like a road guide now~?

Rif: Again?

V.E: This place looks like a mole came by and dug a few families’ worth of burrows throughout, and I for one am getting fed up.

Tier: (Wonderful...! This time for sure, it's perfect...!)

V.E: By the way, what was the fee, again?

Tier: Yes, yes, of course, 200 Boam, thank you very mu~uch!

V.E: Hey, hey, we came this far without a road guide. The price is the same as before, but isn't it too much now?

Tier: Oh?! Ohohohohoho...
    -Che! How nit-picky!

V.E: How about we halve the price?

Tier: HUH?!
    -Che...! Guess it can't be helped...
    -You got it. Half price, 100 Boam it is.

Rif: Half price, huh... what should I do?

    -If it's half price, maybe we should ask for a road guide…  >Oh Lead Us
    -Let's keep cutting through the path by ourselves!  >No Thanks!

Oh Lead Us
(Paid 100b)

Tier: Thank you for your patronage~!
    -Che! Got an abominable profit from the second target of the day.

Rif: Target?

Tier: Nothing, never mind~. Pay no attention to what I just said there~.

V.E: ...

Tier: Anyway, please follow me. Around here, there are a lot of Strays, so please take care~.
    -(runs off)  >Following

No Thanks!
Tier: There are a lot of holes up ahead. It's a lot more troublesome.

V.E: Is that right? Well, with the new fee, I'll be able to pay for it.

Rif: Really?!

V.E: Yeah. So please be our road guide.

(V.E paid the fee!)

Tier: Thank you for your patronage~!
    -Che! Got an abominable profit from the second target of the day.

V.E: Did you say something?

Tier: No, nothing. Now around here, there are a lot of Strays, so please take care~.
    -(takes off)  >Following

Paying for a Guide
Rif: Then please lead us!

Tier: Road guide fee is 200 Boam, thank you very mu~uch!

(Paid 200b)

Tier: Thank you for your patronage!
    -Managed to put target number two in quick order. What a good day is today!

Rif: Target number two?

Tier: Nothing, never mind~. Pay no attention to what I just said there~.

V.E: ...

Tier: Anyway, please follow me. Around here, there are a lot of Strays, so please take care~.
    -(runs off, but the screen follows her)
    -Now, you'll want to go down this hole!

Further along…
Tier: Just go up these stairs!

Further along…  >Following

Tier: Now, you'll want to go down this hole!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's follow Tier.

Killfith: Do you really think we can depend on that human?

Rif: I think it'll be all right. Didn't she already say she was just a cute road guide?

Murno: I think what he means, to put it simply, is whether we can rely on a complete stranger.

Rif: Eh? (Is she angry?)

V.E: Ah, those exquisite adolescent years.

Further along…

Tier: If you go up these stairs, you'll come out above ground!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Three Side Quests


It actually says you obtained Some Sticky Tree Liquid
(woman standing by the top of the stairs in Deikel Village)
Woman: Hey, that potato dumpling you have there.
    -Wouldn't you like to trade that with this sticky liquid I found on some tree trunks?


(Obtained Tree Sap!)

Woman: Wait, why do I feel like I just lost?

Have you gone away?
Cat-Lover: Snowflake isn’t here right now, but…
     -I sensed he had a strong desire to send me a message that he has gone on a trip somewhere… that’s what I believe.
    -It seems that's why this friend of his came to introduce himself to me. Ahh, alas.

(This isn’t actually a quest, but it does explain a little side-quest you can get in Marneil Inn Town…)

If you hit the target in Bazan Forest…

???: You there!

(blue-haired woman runs up)

Rif: Ummm… where did you come from?

???: I am one possessed of a ceaseless love for archery, and I just happened to be passing by!
    -You may call me the Archery Maiden!
    -I see that you also make habitual use of a bow.
    -That is why I want you to take this!

(Received Rock Star Crystal!)

Archery Maiden: From now on, please take care to devote yourself!
    -(runs off)

Double Strike for Sale
(Red-haired girl beside the ruined pillar)
Traveling Saleswoman’s Daughter: My mother is a traveling saleswoman. Right now, our traveling store is starting to become a lot more popular with two kinds of people, Craftknights and blacksmiths.
     -I have plans for the future to make our shop big, so for now, I need to work hard to earn enough to pay for travel expenses. But, that’s beside the point.
     -By the way, you look like a Craftknight. How about I give you a little inside information on upgrading?

    -I’ll listen.
    -I’ll hold off on that.

TS's Daughter: All righty. So if you upgrade using an “Acceleration Spring,” it will add the special attack “Double Strike” to your weapon.
    -Ah, but keep in mind that, depending on the weapon type, the special attack might not be added.
    -But for one time only, I’ll be selling an Acceleration Spring for only 350 Boam.
    -Would you like to buy one?

    -I’ll buy.
    -I won’t buy it.

(Obtained Acceleration Spring!)

TS's Daughter: Thank you~.

If you hit the target it the Concealed Forest…
Archery Maiden: Hello again! Take this prize!

(Received Wing Fossil!)

Archery Maiden: Please continue devoting yourself!

Accepting the Quests

Kicker Potion Needs
(old woman standing by the Deikel Village gate)
Old Woman: Why? I need a Kicker Potion, yet I haven’t been able to obtain one.

Be sure to complete this quest before rescuing Tier
(dark-haired man standing inside the inn)
Man: Hey, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -If you don’t mind looking for her, I have a hunch she might be purring right now.

A Woman Has Needs Too
(blond woman at the train station)
Woman: I would like to order a weapon.
    -An “Iron Arrow” Bow.
    -But it seems I need some Large Ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Woman: I’ve already prepared part of the order. Here, a shapestone.

(Obtained Bow Shapestone!)

Woman: Ahh, please hurry, I want to shoot some targets.

Completing the Quests

Kicker Potion Needs
Old Woman: Isn’t there anywhere I can find a Kicker Potion?
    -Ohh, that’s it! Please give it to me.

(Hand over the Kicker Potion?)

Old Woman: As thanks, I’ll give you this.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Old Woman: I won’t forget this kindness you’ve done me.

Be sure to complete this quest before rescuing Tier
Man: Ahh, Miss White~
    -As thanks for bringing her back, please take this.

(Obtained Bow Shapestone!)

Man: Now, it’s no good to be wandering off to dangerous places, sweetie~.

A Woman Has Needs Too
(After giving the woman an Iron Arrow, which is a #05 Bow)

Woman: Here, I want you to take this. You really helped me out.

(Obtained Rock Star Crystal!)

Woman: Ahh, even though I want to shoot some targets, there aren’t any targets around here. Mmm, how troublesome.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day Three, Part Two

(Rif and V.E fight; Rif wins)

Rif: I did it!

Murno: Amazing! Rif!

V.E: Dammit... for me to have actually lost…
     -Seems that passively lying around like a dog in the summertime has dulled my skills. How pathetic…

Rif: Master, it's only because you're injured…

Killfith: Honestly, get a grip... between the you right now and how you were back then, it's no contest.
     -Unless you think you can get that bad just by passively taking care of the house for a short while?

V.E: Heh... Thank you, Killfith. That was very sweet of you.

Killfith: N—no it wasn’t! Don't be an idiot!

V.E: Regardless of the circumstances, the two of you had sufficient strength to win against me.
    -You've become strong, Rif.

Rif: Tha... Thank you, Master!

V.E: It’s probably thanks to Killfith, though.

Killfith: Hmph... obviously.

Rif: What's that supposed to mean?!

V.E: However, since you were able to win against me, I suppose I'll have to let you guys tag along.

Rif: Master...

V.E: If that's all settled, then you guys better get ready to leave soon. Murno too.

Murno: I'm already prepared, Miss V.E.

V.E: Good work, Murno! Then let's head off to the gate. Don't doddle, Rif.

Rif: Got it! We'll meet at the gate!

(They begin to walk away, but V.E stops abruptly and sweatdrops)

V.E: Tssaah~… I just realized, it wasn’t just Rif, but Killfith and Murno…
     -I was taking on the sword-edge of three different people’s desires. No wonder it had such an enormous force… although…
    -It seems like that kid has found someone to fight for. I’ll bet you’re happy too, Rob…

Murno: Um… Miss V.E?

V.E: Ah, sorry, I got distracted. Let’s go, shall we?

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Okay! We have to make sure we're all set to go to the Town of Prosban!

Killfith: Then why do you keep slowing us down?

Rif: That's right, Murno's waiting at the gate, too.

Killfith: It—it has nothing to do with her!

In the next area, Rif is mysteriously drawn to a glowing blue sword to endure a series of informative blurbs.

Info: If you use the item “Portal Shard” inside of a dungeon, you can instantly return to the portal in the last village or town you visited.
     -To go back to the dungeon, simply face the activated portal and push the A button and you will return to wherever you left off.
     -An activated portal is good for one round trip, and will shut down once you leave the village or town.

(In front of the Gate)

V.E: Are you ready to go?

    -I was born ready!  >Road Trip!
    -Um, just wait a bit longer…

Road Trip!
V.E: Then it’s time to depart. Ready, Murno?

Murno: Yes.

V.E: Then as I've asked, Rif, Killfith.

Rif: Right!

Killfith: Tch... how annoying.

V.E: All right. Let's go!

Rif: Sweet!

(Bazan Forest)

Info: This teleporter, when activated, can be used to instantaneously move from place to place.
    -To activate, simply stand above the teleporter and push the A button to strike it with your hammer.
    -This particular teleporter is currently not activated.

(Side Conversation)
V.E: Set your sights on the Town of Prosban! Now, everyone, the road leading up to town may look nice, but don't forget there are Strays everywhere.

Rif: Master, if you have no sense of direction, how are we ever going to get there?
    -All of that time spent training for the match would've been a waste if we just got lost.

V.E: What are you talking about! I already told you, that was only a test!

Rif: I know, I know. This time it was just a test, but we can do the real thing later!

V.E: Geez, what am I gonna do with you...

Murno: I'm starting to get a little concerned...

Killfith: Just try to ignore them.

They eventually come upon a fallen bridge...

Rif: Aniki did say the bridge had collapsed...

V.E: It must have been pretty terrible, huh. The earthquake, I mean.

Murno: Even to this kind of place…

Killfith: Murno...

Rif: I guess it can't be helped. We'll just have to find a detour.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Three, Part One

Rif: Come on, we have a match set with Master before the departure! Let's show them how powerful we've gotten by forging the highest order of weapon!

Killfith: I honestly don't want to know what goes on inside that head of yours...
    -I wonder if it'll really be all right to bring this idiot into town...

Rif: You know, you don't seem very energetic. I used to be partners with Master, and she's always had a strong mind-set.
    -If she doesn't approve of us, you, me and Murno will all have to stay here and house-sit.

Killfith: House-sit? With you?
    -That’s it. We have to win no matter what.

Rif: Uh, yeah... I don't know where it came from, but please keep that attitude up.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's make sure we're prepared for the match with Master!

Killfith: Of course. And if you even think about losing today…
    -I'll kill you.

Rif: Wow, you really don't want to house-sit, do you?

V.E: I see... so your feelings won't change.

Rif: (?)

Murno: Yes...

V.E: I understand. If that’s true, I guess those kids just aren't giving you enough support.

Murno: ... I'm sorry.

V.E: What are you talking about? It’s no good not to have a firm pair supporting you.

Murno: … Right!

Rif: Um...

V.E: Oh, Rif. If you're already prepared, I'll be waiting outside.

Rif: Ah, right!

V.E: Jade has already returned to town, you know, and I don't have a lot of free time, either. I won't wait up for you forever.
     -Besides, you might actually have a chance if we start before I’ve finished finding a way to fight with this shoulder of mine.

Rif: Understood.

Murno: Um...

Rif: What?

Murno: (blushing) Um...
    -Good luck.

Rif: Huh?
    -Yeah! Thanks, I'll do my best!

Killfith: Guess I don’t really have a choice but to give it a shot…

Rif: I thiiink we might have just been caught eavesdropping on something weird, but who cares! We’ll definitely win!


V.E: So? Were you able to prepare a weapon good enough to satisfy me?

    -Of course I was!  >Test
    -Please give me a little more time.

V.E: Which one do you want to show me?

(They bring out a weapon. As she examines it, Murno walks out)

Murno: Rif... Killfith...

V.E: Hmmm...

Rif: So?

V.E: I must say... I can easily feel both your souls emanating from this. Killfith especially did well.

Killfith: Obviously.

V.E: However, a Craftknight must be able to handle a weapon in order to be fully grown.

Rif: Master… you're really not going to let go of this match, are you?

V.E: Listen well. Only an amateur would let an injury like this slow them down.
     -If you're anxious about whether you’ll be forced to stay here and house-sit, how about we put an end to this?

Rif: ...!

Murno: … Rif…

Rif: Let's do this, Killfith…

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

V.E: Bring it!

(Rif and V.E fight)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night Two - V.E

V.E: I thought you might be here.

Rif: Master.

V.E: Even though it’s the night before the match, you look pretty composed.

Rif: It’s not really that. It’s just, there's no point trying to wiggle my way out of it now, you know?

V.E: You’re talking pretty big… it’s painful to see you getting so elated just because you managed to beat Jade.

Rif: That’s not why! It’s because everything—all of the fighting and the results of the training I’ve gone through till now—makes me want to work even harder.
    -You'll see!

V.E: It seems like you're finally starting to understand what true strength is.

Rif: True strength...? I don't really understand something complicated like that.

V.E: Real strength is not just about power... how should I say this. It's that the strength of the soul is also important.
     -It's said among Craftknights that if you invest your own soul in a weapon that you created that you can feel your partner's soul as well.

Rif: To feel a weapon you invest in... I'm not sure, but I got a feeling I might understand.

V.E: Ohh? Sounds like you might have even experienced it once.
    -Then, tomorrow, you show me that strength of yours.

Rif: Yeah. I'll do my best!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Night Two - Murno

Murno: So you were here, Rif.
    -So… how are you preparing for tomorrow? Do you think you’re ready?

Rif: I know I said it was a sure thing, but Master has always been my partner, you know? But I guess it’s useless trying to wiggle my way out now.

Murno: Even though you helped me so much today, I still can’t seem do anything…
     -But I still want to do something, so if you think of anything I can do to help you, please tell me, okay? I want to be useful.

Rif: It’s all right. I’ll be just fine. In fact, rather than that…
    -It’s my fault you had to go through so much today. It must have been really rough on you.

Murno: No, it wasn't a problem, really… I could only stand on the sidelines gaping while everything was happening.

Rif: Even though I said I would protect you, you still ended up suffering through so much…
    -Therefore... I’ll definitely win tomorrow’s match so I can protect you on the way to town!

Murno: Huh? Ah... thank you.

Rif: By the way, why on earth did you suddenly want to go to town so badly?

Murno: (blushing) That’s… actually…

Rif: Is it another secret?

Murno: Y-yeah…

Rif: Ahaha… everything seems to be a secret with you, huh?

Murno: Well… this secret is a bit different from the others, though…

Rif: Oh, uh, really?

Murno: I’ll head back now.

Rif: Ah… did I say something wrong?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Night Two - Lemmy

Lemmy: I thought someone…
    -So it's you after all…

Rif: What do you mean ‘after all?’

Lemmy: I saw a suspicious silhouette, so I simply came to investigate.

Rif: When you say suspicious, do you mean me? How am I suspicious?

Lemmy: I suppose you haven't realized... you're plenty suspicious.

Rif: What does that mean?

Lemmy: You're here every night, without fail, disturbing this place.

Rif: I... can't really deny that...
    -That reminds me. How are those guys who were hurt?

Lemmy: Their injuries weren’t anything serious, so they have recovered... no, I shouldn't say that, should I...

Rif: What do you mean? How bad have they gotten?

Lemmy: No, it's not that they're injured, but they've become oddly quiet, as if they are reflecting on something... which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Rif: I see. Then they're all right. I was especially worried about Sarge.

Lemmy: Because you beat him up in another petty quarrel?

Rif: It wasn't a quarrel! It was a match!

Lemmy: Oh? What's the difference?

Rif: It's completely different! It's like, you know... the heart of it or something?

Lemmy: Heh... heart, huh... I envy you sometimes.

Rif: Hey... you're not making fun of me, are you?

Lemmy: Who knows.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Night Two - Killfith

Killfith: I thought you might be here…
     -Hanging around a place like this even though we have a match set with Master… Have you given up already?

Rif: It’s not that, but Master has always been my partner, you know? Though I know it’s useless trying to wiggle out of it now.
     -But, rather than dwelling on that, I should just get ready for tomorrow if I’m not going to sleep, you know?

Killfith: How like you to come to such a wise conclusion.

Rif: Anyway, Killfith, I wanted to thank you for your patience today.

Killfith: Patience?
    -(irritated) Being your partner is a constant exercise in patience.

Rif: That’s so mean! I was just talking about when we were taking back the demon stone!

Killfith: ?

Rif: You actually wanted to just beat those guys up and take the demon stone back by force, didn’t you?
    -But, for my sake, you held back… so thank you.

Killfith: Holding back for your sake…. Don’t be an idiot!
    -I just wanted to watch you suffer.
    -I can’t believe you even went so far as a dogeza for those imbeciles…

Rif: Ah, geez… I must have looked pretty lame doing that.

Killfith: You did. I'd never be able to do something so pathetic.

Rif: You don’t sugarcoat anything, do you?

Killfith: I guess being able to debase yourself like that is just another decisive difference between you and I…
    -And for Murno…

Rif: Huh…? What is it, Killfith?

Killfith: Tch… how long do I have to deal with this simpleton…

Rif: Wha—what’s that supposed to mean?!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night Two - Jade

Jade: Oh, if it isn’t Rif.
     -You got a match with V.E tomorrow. Is it really okay to be standing around in a slack-jawed daze?

Rif: I’m not in a daze or anything. I know there’s no point trying to wiggle my way out of it now. It’s just that Master has always been my partner, you know?
    -Anyway, what are you doing out here, Aniki?

Jade: I’m staying as a guest with Chief. He’s kind of a fussy guy, so I figured I’d just step out for a bit…
    -… Hey. I told you not to call me Aniki.

Rif: Are you staying at the Chief’s place because you didn’t bring any money with you? You could always stay the night with us.

Jade: That’s easy enough to say, but with Murno and Killfith already staying at your place, wouldn’t that just cause a lot of problems?

Rif: Well… I don’t really know about that, but Master is injured…

Jade: And since she’s got such a hard head, there’s no way she’d ask for help. It’s for Rob, you know.

Rif: For Master Rob?

Jade: Don’t worry about it! And you can win tomorrow. If you were able to win the match against me, it means your training’s been adding up.

Rif: Aniki, when I fought against you today, were you really testing my skills?
     -If you had been serious, I don’t know if I would have been able to win, even with Killfith there.

Jade: Ohh, what an unusually humble opinion, coming from you.

Rif: I mean, whenever you're seriously angry, you’re flat-out terrifying. I’d definitely recognize that face right away.

Jade: What was that?

Rif: See? Scary.

Jade: In any case, you gotta make sure tomorrow’s match is a solid win so V.E can have some peace of mind.
     -Besides, you already won against me. If you even think about losing the match with V.E, I won’t forgive you.

Rif: Hey, hold on there…

Jade: Is that understood!

Rif: Yes, sir!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Two, Part Ten

(Side Conversation)
Rif: We have to make sure we’re prepared for the battle against Aniki!

Killfith It’s probably been a long time since I’ve battled against an opponent like this… Heh, it’s not a bad feeling…

Rif: That sounds pretty promising, Killfith. I get the feeling we can do this, too.

Killfith: You are really such a simpleton. But you can muster up some measure of power, so I suppose you’re useful enough.

Jade: Are you ready for the match?

    -All set and ready to go!  >Drill Fight!
    -Actually, there’s something I forgot…

Drill Fight!
Jade: All right! It’s time to see what you’re made of!
    -Against Jade the invincible!

Rif: Let’s go, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you want.

(Rif kicks Jade’s ass)

Rif: I did it!

Jade: Tsssh… I guess the little shrimp did well enough…

Rif: Well, Aniki? You’ll admit we’re not just all talk, right?

Jade: If you devote yourself to your training, it might even be enough someday to catch up to Rob’s strength.
     -But at the very least, if you wanna take the road to town, I’d say your strength now is enough to make it.

Rif: Really?! All right!

Jade: However, thanks to these earthquakes, the bridge that connects us to the town collapsed. But there is a way around it…
    -And since V.E’s got no sense of direction, she’ll need a reliable companion.

V.E: Who’s got no sense of direction?! The rock in my heart is like a compass!

Jade: I still got no clue what you’re talking about with that rock stuff… In any case, I’ll show Rif the way.

V.E: I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t give my consent!

Jade: Huh?! Hey, what do you mean?

V.E: I already said it, didn’t I? My apprentice would never lose to you!
    -It’s only natural she would win! Nothing special!

Jade: What are you talking about, of course it’s impressive!

Rif: Then what do I have to do so I can go?

V.E: I guess it’s become unavoidable. If you want to go, you have to test yourself against my skills!

Rif: Wait, Master. Is it really a good idea to have a match? Your arm is still injured…

V.E: I’d think this kind of injury would be a good handicap so you might stand a chance.

Jade: Hold on a sec! What’s that mean? Are you saying my skills are less than yours when you’re injured?!

V.E: Tomorrow, you have up until we depart to prepare a weapon you think is good enough to stand against me.
    -If your skill matches up, you’ll lead off with Murno.
    -And when I finally prove to you it’s no use, you and everyone else will be good and take care of the house! Is that understood?

Rif: Yes, ma’am! All righty! Let’s do our best, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Jade: (annoyed) Dammit! Quit ignoring me! I’m Jade the invincible!


-I probably should have started preparing for tomorrow’s test right away, but first I just had to clear my head and think about everything that had happened today.
-Anyone who holds Govan’s Demon Stone will be plagued with misfortune…
-That’s what Murno said, but what on earth is that supposed to mean…? Maybe Murno has been going through a lot of hardship…?

Rif: It’s just no good at all… what Murno might’ve been trying to say… it’s more than I can figure out by myself.
    -Right now I just have to focus on the match with Master! It’s for Murno, too… I think.
    -(?) Huh? Who’s there? It couldn’t be…