Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night Four - Jade

Jade: Ah, Rif.
    -You're here?

Rif: Yeah. When I went for a stroll, somehow or another…

Jade: I see… I was a little worried.
    -When Murno and Killfith suddenly started saying they were thinking about leaving some time, I thought you might have gone with them when they did…

Rif: I'm sorry…

Jade: What really happened? You can always rely on me to be your strength, you know?

Rif: Thank you, but…

Jade: I see… you can't, huh?

Rif: I'm sorry, Aniki…

Jade: You don't have to apologize. I don't mind. But, I want you to promise me just one thing.
    -If you get into something dangerous, don't stick your neck in any further than absolutely necessary.

Rif: Wha?

Jade: I'm a part of this town's Patrol Unit. If something dangerous starts to heat up, it's okay to ask for our help.

Rif: But...

Jade: You don't live in this town, so you don't need to jump into any of its problems by yourself.
    -Even under normal circumstances, you're the type to act first and ask questions later. Of course we’re gonna worry about you.

Rif: Sorry…

Jade: Hey, no, it's not like I'm mad or anything!

Rif: Yeah. I know.

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