Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two, Part Eight

And so we find Sarge and a couple of his friends.

Sarge: You know what you gotta do here?

Rif: Please! Give that demon stone back. It’s very important to Murno.

Sarge: Demon stone, huh? That’s a pretty big name. Sure does shine a lot, it’s kinda amazing. Makes sense it’d be important.
     -But if you really want it back as much as all that, then bowin’ yer head to me shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

Rif: Grr…

Killfith: …

Sarge: I know! How about, if you’re not humble enough, I break the demon stone? That okay? Somethin’ valuable like this?

Killfith: …

Sarge: So, how bout it? You ready to apologize yet?

Rif: …
    -I’m ready to apologize.  >Humility
    -I can’t say it with sincerity.  >Honestly

Sarge: Then get ready and come back.

Rif: I understand… I’ll apologize…

Sarge: Teeheehee… that’s a good girl.

Rif: (bowing) I’m sorry. Please, return Govan’s Demon Stone to me.

Sarge: Hey, hey, is that it? That’s not a proper apology.

Rif: …

Killfith: …

Rif: Please excuse all of my impertinence until now… I’m very sorry.

Sarge: Hoh, do you really want this demon stone back?

Rif: Yes…

Sarge: Cuz I get the feeling your heart’s really not in it all that much.

Killfith: Bastard…

Rif: That’s…

Sarge: Now, you wouldn’t happen to know what a dogeza is, would you?

Rif: Dogeza?

Sarge: Seems like it’s pretty famous in Silturn. All ya gotta do is kneel down and put your head on the ground.

Creep: Heh, that sounds pretty good. She should do that!

Killfith: !

Rif: If I do this dogeza, will you return Govan’s Demon Stone to me?

Sarge: So long as you put your heart into it this time, I don’t see why not.

Rif: Fine then.
    -(kneels to the ground)

Sarge: Hyahahaha! What a loser!

Creep: I can’t believe it, she really did it!

Rif: …

Killfith: Hey. Hurry up and hand over the demon stone.

Rif: Killfith…

Sarge: I wonder if I should…

Killfith: What was that?!

Sarge: Heheheh…

Killfith: You bastards… do you honestly think you’re ready to take me on?

Sarge: You better watch it. A Summon Creature shouldn’t get so cocky!

(A huge rumbling interrupts and a giant metal Stray appears)

Creep: Wh—! Yaaaugh! (runs away)

(Jade runs up)

Rif: Aniki!

Jade: Leave this guy to me! You just run!
    -(takes the fallen guy and runs)

(Rif begins to leave, but notices that Sarge hasn’t moved)

Rif: Why isn’t that guy doing anything?!

Sarge: I—I can’t—

Rif: Watch out! Come on, Killfith!

Killfith: You—ugh!

(Rif and Killfith fight Bruiser and win)

(A whole bunch of people enter)

Jade: Rif, Killfith! Are you all right?

Rif: We didn’t even break a sweat! I told you, I’ve gotten a long stronger. Right, Killfith?

Killfith: …

Rif: Never mind that, how was that guy who got hurt?

Jade: He’ll be fine. He’s undergoing treatment at his workshop.

Rif: (notices Lemmy) Hey, why did you come here?

Zakk: What’s that mean! Lemmy came because he heard you were…

Lemmy: I only came by because I heard that one of our workshop’s people was left behind.
    -You seem rather quiet, Sarge.

Sarge: Yeah… I can’t believe I was saved by that shrimp… makes me feel like crap…

Rif: How about as thanks for saving you, you return Murno’s precious demon stone?

Sarge: As thanks?! I never asked you to do nothing, so shut the hell up!

Rif: What the heck! I apologized already! That thing is all I want!

Sarge: Che… sure, there’s a debt between us…
    -Fine. I’ll give it back.

Rif: Yay!

Sarge: But only on one condition.

Rif: Condition? Like what?
    -Hahahhn, I see. You want me to keep it a secret that I saved you, is that it?

Sarge: No, not that!

Rif: Then what is it?

Sarge: Have a match with me! And if you win, I’ll give you back the demon stone.

Killfith: What a useless condition.

Sarge: Can it! I’m just one of a herd a’ people crowded together in Bostaph’s Workshop!
     -After I lost that time, I haven’t been able to show my face in the ground room. That’s why I want just one more match!

Rif: … But… a match…?

Sarge: Please, I'm askin' ya…!

Rif: …
    -Understood! Let’s have a match.  >Yes
    -No… I can’t do the match.  >No

Rif: I can’t do it. We can’t resolve this by fighting…

Sarge: It’s not a fight! It’s a contest! And if you want me to give this demon stone back, you’ll accept this match!

Rif: Well… so, just a match?

Sarge: That’s right! I wanna show you that I can throw you down with a special attack I thought up!

Rif: Augh! Geez, I guess there’s no way around it!  >Match Is Set

Rif: You’ve got your match, then.

Sarge: All right! I wanna show you that I can throw you down with a special attack I thought up!

Rif: That right? I’m sure it’ll be interesting!  >Match Is Set

Match Is Set
Jade: Well, this has turned out unexpectedly interesting, hasn’t it?

Lemmy: (sweatdrops) More like absurd.
    -(walks away)

Zakk: Huh?! Lemmy?
    -(follows after)

Sarge: I’ll give you some time to recover from the battle with that metal bulldozer.
    -I’ll wait here, so come back prepared.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: After the match with Sarge, we can finally take back Murno’s precious Govan’s Demon Stone!

Killfith: Tch… After all of the trouble he’s put us through, maybe we should start with erasing him from the face of this planet.

Rif: Oookay, I’m gonna go over there, away from this person making disturbing threats…

Sarge: You done preparin’ for the match?

    -You bet I’m prepared!  >Heck Yeah!
    -Actually, there’s one thing I forgot…

Heck Yeah!
Rif: All right! Let’s go, Killfith!

Killfith: Whatever you want.

(Rif and Sarge fight)

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