Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night Two - Jade

Jade: Oh, if it isn’t Rif.
     -You got a match with V.E tomorrow. Is it really okay to be standing around in a slack-jawed daze?

Rif: I’m not in a daze or anything. I know there’s no point trying to wiggle my way out of it now. It’s just that Master has always been my partner, you know?
    -Anyway, what are you doing out here, Aniki?

Jade: I’m staying as a guest with Chief. He’s kind of a fussy guy, so I figured I’d just step out for a bit…
    -… Hey. I told you not to call me Aniki.

Rif: Are you staying at the Chief’s place because you didn’t bring any money with you? You could always stay the night with us.

Jade: That’s easy enough to say, but with Murno and Killfith already staying at your place, wouldn’t that just cause a lot of problems?

Rif: Well… I don’t really know about that, but Master is injured…

Jade: And since she’s got such a hard head, there’s no way she’d ask for help. It’s for Rob, you know.

Rif: For Master Rob?

Jade: Don’t worry about it! And you can win tomorrow. If you were able to win the match against me, it means your training’s been adding up.

Rif: Aniki, when I fought against you today, were you really testing my skills?
     -If you had been serious, I don’t know if I would have been able to win, even with Killfith there.

Jade: Ohh, what an unusually humble opinion, coming from you.

Rif: I mean, whenever you're seriously angry, you’re flat-out terrifying. I’d definitely recognize that face right away.

Jade: What was that?

Rif: See? Scary.

Jade: In any case, you gotta make sure tomorrow’s match is a solid win so V.E can have some peace of mind.
     -Besides, you already won against me. If you even think about losing the match with V.E, I won’t forgive you.

Rif: Hey, hold on there…

Jade: Is that understood!

Rif: Yes, sir!

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