Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Five, Part Eight

In the next area...

Lemmy: ... Therefore, I cannot permit you to be excessively violent. I must put a stop to this.

Anise: That's enough of your fool's talk. I don't need to accept any of your useless mandates. And if you continue to put yourself between us and that girl…
    -I will simply deal with you first!

(Rif and Killfith run up.)

Killfith: Murno!

Murno: You... you shouldn't... you shouldn't have come here....

Rif: Murno…

Pike: They seem to be in pretty good shape for someone who just fought you, don’t they? Or did you just go easy on them?

Gillan: Be quiet, you! I only let her go because she's my younger brother now.

Rif: (annoyed) Quit messing around already! What did you do to Murno?!

Anise: You really are too persistent for your own good. Your attitude is exactly the same as his and it pisses me off…
    -Just like that bastard Craftknight Rob!

Rif: (!) Wha... Rob?! What do you... how do you know Master?!

Anise: Don't worry, I'll get around to exacting my revenge on you later. For now, why don't you play with my friend here?

(She raises her spear and a glowing orange orb of light appears)

Anise: Under the name of Anise, I open the gateway to a different world! In accordance with the ancient vows and through mine own powers, I summon thee…

(Huge wingless dragon appears)

Magdorad: GROOOAARR!

Rif: That's Magdorad?

(Enter Jade)

Jade: Rif! Killfith!
    -What is that Summon Creature?! Is it another Stray?! Lemmy!

Lemmy: I'm afraid that's incorrect! That person over there just summoned it...!

Jade: (annoyed) Summoned? What is this? What the hell do you think you're doing?

Anise: This has nothing to do with you or any of your friends. Unless you want to get hurt, I suggest you stay there and watch quietly.

Jade: (glares) You say you're going to hurt me? That's a pretty funny threat... you really wanna try it?

Lemmy: Put a stop to this nonsense immediately! If you do not, Master Bostaph shall not let this pass easily.

Anise: Didn't I make it clear this is none of your business? Pike, Gillan! Subdue these two!

Gillan: (looking at Lemmy) Dibs on playing with the cute little boy here.

Lemmy: Uck! Repulsive…

Gillan: What did you say?! I'll mince that ugly mouth of yours into shreds!

Pike: Then I guess that leaves me with the mean-looking one, huh? Looks like someone got to you before me, though...

Jade: Instead of worrying about my injuries, you should be more concerned about that hair of yours...
    -Because I'm going to give it a little buzzcut.

Pike: Why you—don't think you can make fun of my hair and live to tell about it! I'll smash your face in!

(They move to the side for a clear playing field)

Rif: Lemmy... Aniki…

Anise: Now then, if you hand over that demon stone now, I might just spare those kids' lives over there. What do you think?

Murno: But... Rif... Killfith... I…

Anise: Ahahahaha… so powerless, so miserable—what a wretched little girl!
    -On top of not even being able to protect yourself, you’ve even gotten other people’s lives involved. How are you going to clean up the mess you made?!

Murno: I—I...

Killfith: (to Rif) Don't tell me you're afraid of that orange behemoth.

    -I might be a little scared...  >Nervous
    -No, I'm not scared.  >Fearless

Rif: To face something that big... I can't help but be scared...

Killfith: Tch, how obnoxious... listen up. I'll teach you a method that even you can use to win.
    -Aim for the Summoner. As long as you can win against her, you won't have to directly attack him.

Rif: I see! If we do that, this’ll be a cinch!  >To the Rescue

Rif: I'm all right... I know we can do this!

Killfith: Hmph. So long as you're not just saying that…

Rif: Sure, that Summon Creature is strong, but the Summoner is still nearby... if we could get close to her...
    -I mean, as long as she's here, it would be stupid to go straight for the big guy!

Killfith: Looks like you've thought things through for once.  >To the Rescue

To the Rescue
Anise: Still no answer, hm? Then let's start with wiping out just the girl.

Murno: W—wait, I understand, so—


Murno: Rif…

Rif: You don't need to hand over anything. We won't be defeated by a person like that!

Murno: But…

Anise: If you keep bragging about things you can't possibly do, I'll have to teach you a lesson! Be ready to regret your words!
    -Now! Magdorad!! Burn them to a crisp!!!

(Magdorad roars)

Rif: Now's our chance, Killfith!!

Killfith: Whatever you wish!

(Magdorad spits out a fireball, but Rif and Killfith dodge, coming back around to face Anise)

Anise: H—how did you...?!


(They engage in battle with Anise)

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