Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day Seven, Part Twelve

(Everyone gathers together)

Rif: Everyone...! Even Lemmy!

Lemmy: I wasn't looking because I was worried or any such nonsense, it's simply that Zakk…

Jade: Sounds like someone's grasping at straws.

Tier: I'm just so glad!

V.E: Thank you, everyone…

Rif: (...) Um... Really, thank you.

V.E: Hey.

Rif: Yes!

V.E: As touching as this reunion is, I think it's about time for you to explain to us what exactly you've been doing for the past couple of days.
    -(with a pleasant smile) And don't leave out any details, okay?

Rif: Weell…

(fade to black)

Rif: … And that's when we started heading back this way.

V.E: That's an awful lot to take in, but I think I got the gist of it. All that's left is to figure out what to do about it.

Jade: If Govan's Demon Stone was put back, the Stray Summons that've gotten out of control might settle down, but if those people are still aiming to get it...

Tier: They definitely want to use it for something bad! We've gotta track down those guys!

Lemmy: (...) So I gather that everyone else here believes their story?

Rif: (annoyed) Excuse me? Are you saying that we're lying?

Lemmy: Those people have a binding contract with Master Bostaph to exterminate Strays for the sake of this town.
    -And yet you seem to be implying that they were looking for the demon stone in order to bring Stray Summons under their heel.
    -Are you trying to tell me that the contract is false? Are you accusing Master Bostaph of being a liar?!

Killfith: If the shoe fits.
    -Why else would he screw around with those cretins if not to obtain the demon stone's powers?

Lemmy: Don't you dare insult Master Bostaph!

Rif: But—I'm telling you, we're not lying!

Jade: Knock it off! Calm down, you guys!

V.E: Why do I get the feeling this is one fight we won't be able to stop?

Lemmy: Shut up! If you won't take back what you said of your own accord, then I will silence you by force!
    -(takes out his sword)

(Rif and Lemmy fight; Rif wins)

Lemmy: Dammit...! Why...?!

V.E: After fighting personally with Rif, I'm sure you understand just fine. They're not lying to us, you know.

Lemmy: So Bostaph is connected with a group of people who attacked a village...? Something like that, I just can't...

Rif: (...) Lemmy…

Lemmy: (!) That's right...! They must have tricked him!
    -If I don't tell him right away...!

Rif: Wait! Just what are you—

(Lemmy leaves)

V.E: (...) Good grief... he's already gone...
    -Somehow I get the feeling his association with those people isn't a simple matter of not asking enough questions.

Jade: It doesn't exactly look like there's anything we can do, though, is there?
    -If Lemmy let himself doubt for once second, the reality is that it’d be impossible for him to do anything.

Killfith: Tch...! What a simplistic way of thinking.

Rif: So, what should we do now?

V.E: After the day you've had, you kids should just head back to Jade's place for some well-earned rest.

Rif: Seriously, that's it?

Jade: Sure, why not? Just leave the rest up to us.

Murno: ...

V.E: It's all right. That alone would take a load off of everyone's mind, trust me.
    -Just do like Rif does and don't over-think all these complicated problems.

Murno: ... All right...

Tier: Come on, let's go back already!

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