Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Two, Part Three

(Side Conversation)
Rif: If I remember correctly, there’s a road in Deikel Mine that goes around the main gate. Let’s check it out!

Killfith: And if you’re mistaken, exactly what kind of suffering should I be preparing myself for?

Rif: What are you talking about? This is gonna be a blast!

(Inside Deikel Mine)

Rif: (pauses at the side passage)
    -I knew it… this is the passageway!

Killfith: What about it?

Rif: I have a hunch that a long time ago, people used to go through here to get outside the village.

Killfith: Tch… Are we resting all of our hopes on your memory?

Rif: What’s that supposed to mean? I know what I’m talking about. This is the right way.

Killfith: Are you sure you’re not just making this up?

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Okay! We’ll take the way through Deikel Mine and come out on the path to town!

Killfith: Can’t you be quiet for two seconds while we walk?

Rif: What? I’m only talking so you won’t get lonely.

Killfith: Me? Get lonely? Tell me you’re joking. Aren’t you the only one here who would get lonely?

Rif: Oh, it’s okay to feel lonely, you know.

Killfith: What the—listen to me when I’m talking to you!

And eventually they encounter a big ol’ Stray.

Killfith: Tch, a Stray Summon, huh?

Rif: This is probably a different guy from the one everyone is trying to get rid of on the road leading to town.

Killfith: As far as I’m concerned, it’s just another annoyance in our way.

Rif: True enough. And the only way to keep going is to go through him.

Killfith: Sounds good to me.

Rif: Right. Let’s win this!

They fight Metal Horse.
If Rif & Killfith defeat him pretty easily, go to That Was Easy
If they have a hard time defeating him, go to Unprepared

That Was Easy
Rif: That was pretty quick!

Killfith: Which is surprising, given what a slow ally I have…

Rif: Anyway, let’s forge on ahead!

Rif: (despondent) I think we were a little unprepared for that one...

Killfith: Tch... that kind of  that opponent thinking they can get away with whatever they want...

Rif: We just have to pull ourselves together and keep moving forward!

(Bazan Forest)

Rif: We did it! We’re outside!

Killfith: (!)

Rif: (?) What’s wrong?

Killfith: There are two humans approaching.

Rif: Oh, crap! We’ve gotta hide!

Man: … Are you sure there’s nothing to worry about? Those earthquakes that’ve been happening lately made that bridge collapse.

???: That was something of a surprise, but at least it didn’t take out all of the road.

Man: Well, thanks for your help back there. You saved me.

???: There’s no need for thanks. It was nothing! Not for someone like me…
    -Who happens to be invincible and unrivaled.

(After a short pause)

Rif: Are they gone?

Killfith: Looks like it.

Rif: You know, that last guy sounded kinda like Aniki…

Killfith: “Aniki”… doesn’t that mean “elder brother?” I didn’t know you had siblings.

Rif: Ah, I don’t, that’s just what I call him. He’s another Craftknight, and he was a friend of Master Rob’s.
    -I know that he had gone to the town, Prosban. I used to train with him a long time ago, but…
    -I haven’t seen him since Master Rob died.

Killfith: Do you think he’s here now?

Rif: I don’t know… but anyway, let’s go exterminate that Stray!

//Apologies for the insert of a Japanese word (aniki), but it felt way too awkward trying to translate aniki as “Big Bro” for the entire game. They pulled it off with Razzy in the first Swordcraft Story, but given her personality, the usage worked well for her and just added another charming quirk to her character. It helped that she wasn’t the main character.

And, as a side note, “aniki” is a term that younger gang members (yakuza) often use to refer to older, more experienced members. That’s not the intended usage here, of course, but “aniki” is considered manlier/tougher than “oniisan,” which is the term more typically used to refer to a big brother.//

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