Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Two, Part Four

Still in Bazan Forest, Rif and Killfith do not get very far before a voice calls out to them…

???: Hey, you! What are you doing there?

(A man with blue hair walks up)

???: …

Rif: Ack!

Killfith: This guy… who is… just what kind of person is this?

???: Hey, aren’t you a Summon Creature? What the hell are you doing here?

Killfith: He must be another enemy!

Rif: What? Killfith?!

???: Are you trying to pick a fight with me? You’re a pretty lucky guy. As it turns out…
    -If you apologize now, I won’t have to teach you a lesson!

Rif: What? Wait a second, Aniki, hold up!

Jade: (annoyed) Are you still calling me that, Rif? My name is Jade.
    -Jade the invincible!

Rif: Geez… calling you Jade after all this time? I’ll stick with Aniki, if that’s all right.
    -And since when are you invincible?

Jade: Even if it’s been a while, time doesn’t mean a thing. Fighting with Rob that day, I came to know pain, but I’ve gotten back on my feet since then.
    -That’s why I am Jade the invincible.
    -Since that day, I’ve thrown away nicknames like ‘Aniki.’

Rif: You say that, but I don’t think you’ve changed that much.

Jade: Everything’s changed!

Killfith: Thi—this guy is the Aniki you were talking about?! So… he’s not an enemy…?

Rif: Why would you think he was?

Killfith: Are you kidding me? That face of his screams ‘bad guy.’

Rif: Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. But even though Aniki has a pretty scary face, he’s actually a good person. Right, Aniki?

Jade: (angrily) Scary face? Just whose face is scary, huh?

Rif: That face is scary.

Jade: What is that Summon Creature doing here anyway? He’s not your friend, is he?

Rif: Actually, this is Killfith. And actually, he’s my comrade—my partner.
     -Because, uh, you know… as a Craftknight, it’s necessary to have a partner and such things and Master, you know…

Jade: Your comrade? Partner? This scrawny little kid?

Killfith: Insult me like that again and I’ll kill you.

Jade: At least he’s got some spunk. If only he knew how to watch that rotten mouth of his.
    -Try to become more like me, why doncha?

Killfith: Wh—why you… become like you? I’d rather—

Rif: Hey, hey, now.

Then another blue-haired dude comes strolling along.

Gate Watcher: Ah! Rif! When did you sneak out here?

Rif: Well, see, about that…

Gate Watcher: I get it! You wanted to take down the Stray Summon, didn’t you? I know the feeling.
    -Tough luck, though. That Stray you were aiming for? Jade already took care of him.


Jade: Oh I get it now. You guys were looking to take care of some business, huh? Come on, let’s get back to the village.

(Back in Deikel Village)

Jade: So why were you two going through the trouble of trying to exterminate that Stray Summon?

Rif: Well… I think that my partner and I could have become a lot stronger if we faced off with it. That is…

Lemmy: …? What is?

Jade: Ahh… I think I get it. I just don’t understand that kind of nonsense.
     -Seems to me that it’s no good to hate being defeated so much that you’ll let any challenge get to you.

Rif: What’s that supposed to mean?

Jade: Aren’t you guys Craftknights? Don’t you think it’s a little off to go looking for a fight?
    -That’s not how Rob became a top-notch Craftknight.

Rif: It’s nothing like that! I’ve been training hard every day since you left, and if I had a match with you now…
    -I bet we’d be on even ground. That’s how strong I’ve become!

Jade: As long as you keep saying stupid things like that, you’ll never grow up.

Rif: Are you calling me a child?!

Lemmy: (annoyed) As my presence here was obviously not needed, would it be all right if I excused myself?

Jade: Oh, that’s right. I don’t have time to waste on this stuff, either.

Rif: S-stuff!

Jade: I still need to talk with V.E.

Gate Watcher: If it’s V.E you’re looking for, she left the Chief’s house not too long ago. Looks like she headed back home.

Jade: Got it. Thanks, man.

Rif: Hold on a second! I’m not done talking to you yet!

Killfith: He’s already gone.

Rif: I wonder if what he needs to talk to V.E about has something to do with Rob? I’m kinda curious…
    -We may as well head home.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Looks like Aniki went to talk with Master, so let’s go back and listen in.

Killfith: I can’t trust that man. Hurry up!

Rif: I told you Aniki is a good person, didn’t I? You don’t have to worry about Murno.

Killfith: Tch… you simpleton, a guy like that…
    -Tch, just hurry up! I’m going to put him in his place!

Rif: Wha… just hold on a second!

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