Monday, October 14, 2013

Day Eight, Part Nine

After Rif and Killfith win against Red Wing…

Rif: Whew… thank goodness we somehow made it through that…
    -I can’t believe we got to fight against Red Wing…

Lemmy: I’m not going to thank you just for doing whatever you want.

Rif: I don’t really want to be thanked. Besides, we could only defeat him because you fought with him first.

Lemmy: Eh?

Killfith: In other words, that Red Wing joker was severely weakened from his fight with you… tch… took all the fun out of it.

Rif: Which means Red Wing was only defeated thanks to the combined efforts of you, Killfith, and me—

???: Rif…! Killfith…!

Lemmy: Sounds like everyone’s making a racket.

Rif: Heeyy! We’re over heere!


(The whole gang rushes in, consisting of Jade, V.E, Tier, and Zakk)

Jade: Don’t you know how to wait! I mean, it’s a relief you’re okay, but geez! Anyway—

Tier: Rif! Killfith! Are you all right?!

V.E: For the time being, it looks like you’re safe. That’s good, at least.

Zakk: Lemmy! So you were here!

Lemmy: Zakk, you too…?!

Jade: Anyway, you guys should fall back and leave the rest to me! ’Cuz after all—

Zakk: That’s right! We should go, Lemmy! It’s really dangerous!

Tier: Hurry hurry! If we don’t run away, it’s going to suck up our blood and eat us!

V.E: (?) Wait, where is Red Wing hiding, anyway? I’m not sensing him at all…

Jade: I guess Red Wing was smart enough to beat it once he heard me coming, considering—

Rif: Oh, Red Wing? Yeah, we knocked him out just now.

Jade: (annoyed) Let me finish a sentence already!
    -Wait, what? You knocked him out?!

Zakk: As expected of Lemmy! I wish I could’ve seen your battle!

Lemmy: Ah… no… actually, I didn’t finish off Red Wing…

Tier: Are you trying to tell me Rif and Killfith did it?!

Rif: Well, as much as I’d like to take the credit, that’s not quite how it happened.
    -Actually, Red Wing was defeated by all three of us.
    -Right, Lemmy?

Lemmy: (stunned) …

V.E: I see. You guys did very well. You managed to grab a huge victory thanks to the power of your friendship.

Lemmy: (blushing) Wha?! No! There’s no friendship or anythi—

Jade: So I guess you really managed to get rid of him… but it’s too bad for you guys, since it means—

V.E: Guess this means it would’ve been fine to capture that lot just now, huh?

Jade: This just isn’t my day…

Rif: You ran into Anise?

V.E: I wanted to capture them right then, but since I thought you were being attacked by Red Wing…

Lemmy: You had to let them go… even though we heard their plans after so much trouble…
    -They deceived Master Bostaph. I absolutely cannot let them get away with this… I need to hurry and notify him.

Jade: Do you mean that, Lemmy? If you want to testify against them, then you should come with us to the Council of Gold and—
    -Ah… sorry… I forgot that Miss Janna’s…

Lemmy: It’s fine, Mr. Jade. It’s between my mother and I, so you don’t have to worry about it.
    -Let’s hurry to the Council of Gold.

(Multiple exclamation points!)

Rif: Wait, back up a second! Did you say your mother?!

Tier: Y-you and Janna… now that I think of it, you do look like you could be her son…

Lemmy: I do…?


-After that, we went to the Council of Gold and explained the situation.
-With Lemmy backing us up, even Bostaph believed that Anise and her gang are up to no good.
-Thanks to that, any suspicions about Murno have also been cleared up, and in order to protect Govan’s Demon Stone, they agreed that Anise and her gang have to be apprehended.
-Although I wanted to go out and settle everything once and for all, I felt Anise’s words weighing down in my chest…

Rif: (…) Could Master Rob have been a murderer?
    -There’s no way it could be true… just no way…
    -(?) Looks like someone’s coming this way. Maybe it’s…

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day Eight, Part Eight

Killfith is in the next room over, handcuffed.

Rif: Killfith, are you okay?!

Killfith: Never better… I just got these annoying handcuffs slapped on me again…

Rif: What a horrible thing to do…! Give me a second, I’ll get you out of them!
    -(breaks the handcuffs with her hammer)
    -All right! They’re off!

Killfith: What on earth was all that noise about earlier?

Rif: Lemmy came to save me, and now he’s fighting Red Wing all by himself…! Anyway, we have to get out!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Are you okay, Killfith? Come on, we have to get out of here!

Killfith: I got it…

(In the main cavern room, there is rumbling coming from the next room over…)


Rif: What? Lemmy…

Killfith: Sounds like they’re having a party over there. What’s the plan?

Rif: The plan…
    -We have no choice but to run away now. >No Choice
    -We have to go save Lemmy! >Engage Hero Mode

No Choice

Rif: I think, for the time being, we have to find a way out of here…

Killfith: I get it. You’re saying we should abandon Lemmy.

Rif: I don’t want to… but…

Anise: He killed my lord, Voijin!
    -You’re his apprentice. Surely you cannot be surprised that I curse you as well…?

Lemmy: I’ll deal with that Stray somehow.
(End Flashback)

Rif: Kh…!
    -It’s no good after all… I can’t run away now… that would be way too uncool!
    -Let’s go help Lemmy!

Killfith: Whatever you wish.

Engage Hero Mode

Rif: Do you even have to ask?
    -There’s no way we’re going to leave Lemmy to fight that thing by himself!

Killfith: That sounds like something you’d say. Well, as it pleases you.

Rif: Uh… thank you!

In the next room up, we see Lemmy standing by himself.

Rif: Thank goodness you’re safe…
    -Where’s Red Wing?

Lemmy: I defeated it… I think.

Rif: Amazing! All by yourself?!

Lemmy: Huh?! Uh, yeah…

Killfith: (!) Above you!

(A giant bat with red wings swoops onto the ground, knocking Lemmy aside.)

Lemmy: Urgh…

Rif: Crimany! Are you okay?!


Killfith: Here it comes!

(Rif and Killfith fight off Red Wing)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day Eight, Part Seven

Rif slowly rouses from unconsciousness…

Rif: Uh… ugh… mm…

(Rif wakes up, handcuffed, in a cave with Gillan and Anise standing near her.)

Gillan: Are you waking up, little miss…?

Rif: Nn…
    -(gets up slowly, shaking her head)
    -(?) Where… this place… ouch… what… is this?
    -(panics, looking around)
    -Wh… where’s Killfith…? What have you done with Killfith?!

Gillan: Such a disrespectful mouth… you should address your elders properly, especially when they’re as beautiful as I am.

(Gillan walks up to Rif and punches her. Rif falls to her knees, panting.)

Rif: (…) Ugh…

Gillan: Heeheehee… you don’t have to play tough, you know. You can scream louder if you want.
    -The place where we’re standing is the nest of the sca~ary Stray Summon everyone’s been talking about.
    -What idiots you are, to be puttering around a place like this without a care in the world. You have no idea what position you’re in.

Rif: Nest…? This is Red Wing’s…

Gillan: What’s this? Are you scared, little miss? How adorable.

Rif: (gets up) Screw you… I’m not scared at all!

(Gillan punches Rif again, forcing her back to her knees)

Gillan: Didn’t I tell you to address me properly?

Rif: Ugh…

Gillan: Although they say that little Red Wing has returned, it’s all right. See that over there?

(Screen moves to a box with blinking red lights at the entrance of the cavern room)

Gillan: Even though little Red Wing is just in that cave, that thing over there is sealing the passageway, so it won’t be able to come in here.

Rif: … Killfith… where is …?

Gillan: That Summon Creature was being so gloomy, so I left him with Pike in the next room over.

Rif: With that guy!

Gillan: He really loves tormenting Summon Creatures, you know… I wonder how it’s going by now…

Rif: N… no… I won’t let you get away with this!

(Gillan, annoyed, punches her twice, once for each cheek)

Gillan: A kid with a brain this rotten… it’s like you’re asking me to teach you some manners.

Anise: (…) While she is definitely a fool, it seems she can make some rather good weapons. Maybe we should take those next?

Rif: Stop it!
    -For someone as villainous as you… to take our precious weapons…

Anise: Villainous…?
    -Ha! What… are you going to say that you yourselves have done nothing wrong?

Rif: What do you…?

Anise: What an excellent opportunity. Come, I will tell you the truth about your mentor, Rob.
    -That man was a murderer.

Rif: (!) A… mur…?!

Anise: He killed my lord, Voijin!

Rif: (!) Tha… but… Master wouldn’t…

Anise: Ha…! What’s with that face? Are you going to say you believe in him? That your Master wouldn’t do that kind of thing?
    -(Whips out her spear and points it at Rif)

(Rif and Gillan are both shocked)

Rif: …!

Anise: He did it… your Master killed my Voijin!
    -You’re his apprentice. Surely you cannot be surprised that I curse you as well.

Gillan: Hold just a minute there, Anise… if she dies, we won’t be able to use her as a hostage!

Anise: There are many different ways of obtaining the demon stone without exposing our hostage.

Gillan: That… that may be true, but…

Anise: I know… wouldn’t it be exquisite for her life to be taken by the very weapons she herself had forged?

Rif: …!

Gillan: Anise… you’re serious…

Anise: Don’t worry. They’re a naïve bunch of fools. Even without seeing the hostage is alive and well, there is no doubt they will obtain the demon stone for us.
    -I will honor Voijin’s memory by carrying on his mission, and finish what he started!

Rif: Mission…? What in the world are you planning to do with Govan’s Demon Stone…?

Anise: What, she asks… that’s right… how about I tell you one last thing…
    -What you don’t understand is that everything that Voijin did was to liberate humankind from Summon Creatures.

Rif: Liberate from Summon Creatures…? What are you talking about…?

Anise: Ha! You really are a thoughtless little fool!
    -Do you have any idea how much suffering humans have had to endure because of Summon Creatures? Have you never even considered it?!

Rif: Because of Summon Creatures…!

(Flashback to the bloodied pendant and V.E crying in the rain)

Rif: (…) People’s suffering…

Anise: That is why we must use the demon stone’s power—to liberate us from humankind’s suffering!

(A blast of purple lightning interrupts Anise’s speech)

Rif: Wha… what on earth?!

Anise: Is that a Summon Creature? Who’s there?!

???: I can’t believe that you were thinking such a ridiculous thing.

(Enter Lemmy)

Gillan: Little boy… what are you doing here? What happened to our lookouts?!

Lemmy: They fled once they realized they were found out by someone of higher rank than they.
    -But what I care about is that you cretins deceived Master Bostaph…!
    -I won’t let you get away with that.

Anise: You think we deceived him? Ha… what are you talking about, he…

(Another blast of lightning cuts her off, destroying the seal)

Lemmy: Honestly, just look at the state you’re in.

Rif: You…? Why’re you…

(Pike comes in)

Pike: Hey! What’s going on here?!

Gillan: Look! The barrier is broken!

Anise: This is bad…! Now Red Wing can get through!

Pike: Bah. Should we call a retreat?

Gillan: Obviously! Well, au revoir!

(They flee)

Anise: Hey, you guys…!

(From the next cave over, there is a high, keening noise)


Anise: Dammit… no way around it.

Lemmy: That must be the rumored Summon Creature… come on, we have to get out of here.
    -(Breaks Rif’s handcuffs)
    -Come on! Hurry up!

Rif: Thank you, Lemmy… but my hammer… over there… my weapons too…

Lemmy: Hammer?
    -(Looks towards the other side of the room)
    -Over there, huh… okay.
    -(Grabs the bag and brings it back to Rif)

(Regained possessions!)

Lemmy: Is that it? We need to go!

Rif: I can’t…! Killfith is…

Lemmy: Is this really the time for that…?! If we don’t hurry up and get out of here, then Red Wing will…!

Rif: I can’t just run away and leave Killfith behind!

Lemmy: (…) Oh for pity’s sake…! You do whatever you want, I’ll deal with that Stray somehow.

Rif: Wha—?! You can’t…

(Lemmy runs off)

Rif: Lemmy! Darn it… Killfith!

//Fun fact: the Japanese word Anise uses when she calls Voijin her lord is 主, and can mean anything from “lord” to “master” to “employer” to “husband” or “lover.” Although it is usually used to mean “lord,” there is some room for interpretation, particularly when you consider Anise’s behavior and her words.//

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day Eight, Part Six

Cuddling Kills
(Gillan wraps his arms around Rif’s neck and starts nuzzling her.)

Rif: HUH?!
    -What are you doing?! Let me go! Let me go now!!

Killfith: Rif!

Gillan: You’d best behave, Summon Creature. If you don’t, then—well, I do have a nice grip on the little miss’s neck…

Killfith: …!

Pike: So what’s the plan now?

Anise: I know… we should exchange these kids’ lives for Govan’s Demon Stone… what do you say?

Rif and Killfith: (!)

Rif: What did you say? Stop it! Let me go! You’re disgusting!

Gillan: (…) Oi, you want me to strangle you…?
    -(grip tightens)

Rif: (!) Th-that hurts… owowow!

Gillan: And now, this… this is for calling me disgusting…
    -(Grips even tighter)

Rif: (panicking) AAUUGH!

Gillan: A little punishment is necessary… for a kid like this…

Anise: Heh… that sounds good. Be my guest.

(Gillan releases Rif)

Gillan: Heheheh… prepare yourself, because there is plenty of punishment awaiting you.

Rif: Wh-what the heck! Who do you think you are, you…!

Gillan: First of all, let’s shut up that big mouth of yours!

(Punches Rif in the face twice, while Killfith panics behind her)

Killfith: Rif?!

(Rif collapses to the ground and blacks out, as does the screen.)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day Eight, Part Five

Halfway through, Killfith stops, looking across the gorge.

Killfith: Who’s there?!

Rif: What is it, Killfith? Is someone there?

Killfith: Tch… ran off.

Rif: There’s no one there. Could it have been your imagination?

Killfith: Tch. I thought I just spotted that slow-moving dullard.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems that Anise is in the Slenge Mines after all. Let’s go in!

Killfith: Maybe we should plant an ambush for them, to pay them back for those other times…

Rif: Hold up…! Don’t make threats!

Killfith: You call that a threat?

//Now would be a good time to finish your side quests, if you haven’t already.//

(In the next area, a gang headed by Anise is waiting.)

Anise: Do you always drag your feet? I was getting tired of waiting.

Rif: Why you… you… creeps…!

Pike: You can thank our Summon Creature lookout for discovering you. You didn’t even realize you’d been spotted.
    -Stupid brats!

Gillan: What are you saying? They came out all the way here just to become my little brother. Isn’t that right?

Rif: Huh?! That’s not it at all!

Killfith: You are the ones we’ve been looking for. No doubt about it.

Gillan: (blushing) My!

Rif: Don’t give him any weird ideas!

Anise: (…) However, the fact that you were able to follow this guy here is an inexcusable failure.

Man: But if the next lookout had come to relieve me like he was supposed to, then this never would have…

    -Instead of quibbling about who should have been doing what or where, you should hurry up and seize those brats!

(The funny-hatted man, annoyed, faces Rif)

Rif: Bring it!

(Man, Rif and Summon Creature fight. Rif wins.)

Man: (…) Dammit… These brats…

Anise: (sigh) This guy is completely useless…

Gillan: Leave this to me. You just watch and see how it’s done.

(The man steps onto the sidelines while Gillan and the others walk up to Rif)

Rif: (…) Kh…!

>Go to Cuddling Kills

If you take the path to the right, our heroes will stop as they see the Summon Creature paused up ahead.

Killfith: It’s him!

Rif: The Summon Creature from just now!

(The Summon Creature turns around, annoyed, and attacks; Rif wins)

Rif: Whew… that took me by surprise.

Killfith: Tch… someone might have overheard our battle with that garbage heap just now…

Rif: Even so, let’s try and go as far as we can!

Killfith: Heh… figures you’d say that.

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems that Anise is in the Slenge Mines after all. Let’s go in!

Killfith: We might have drawn some attention this way during our fight with that piece of garbage back there.
    -Well, it makes no difference either way. We’ll wipe out the whole lot of them regardless.

Rif: Come on, Killfith, settle down, just settle down…

(In the next area, two men are arguing.)

First Man: I already told you I didn’t forget, and anyway I’m here now so I’ll take your shift, I just thought… huh?

(Man notices Rif)

First Man: Ah!

Killfith: (to Rif) Don’t just stand there gawking.

Second Man: What are you staring at? I told you, hurry up and stand guard! … Huh?
    -(turns around and sees Rif)
    -You little runt! How did you get here?

First Man: (smirking) Aw, did you get followed? What a schmuck… have fun reporting that.

Second Man: Shut yer yap! We’ll be fine as long as we grab ’em, right?

Rif: No way you’re grabbing me!

(Fight ensues)

Man: Dammit… these guys…

(Crap! The cavalry!)

Anise: Do you make a ruckus wherever you go?

Rif: It’s you!

Anise: (to nameless minions) I will teach you both a lesson after this for letting them infiltrate so far into our territory.

Man: Y-yes, ma’am…

Gillan: (blushing) I’m so happy. You came all the way out here just because you wanted to become my younger brother, didn’t you?

Rif: Huh?! That’s not it at all!

Killfith: You are the ones we’ve been looking for. No doubt about it.

Rif: Wait a… Don’t give him any weird ideas!

Gillan: ♥ Really?! I’m so happy!

>Go to Cuddling Kills

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day Eight, Part Four

(Outside Benson’s Workshop, Tier and Zakk walk up)

Tier: Ah, Rif, how was the conference?

Rif: Not good at all… if we can’t get a hold of any evidence that Anise and her gang are bad people, they won’t do anything.
    -So, we decided to split up in order to find them…

Tier: (to Zakk) Hey, I don’t suppose you know something, do you? Aren’t you like the eyes and ears of this town?

Zakk: Of course I know!
    -But, until everything is cleared up, Master wouldn’t want me to betray those people.

Rif: What are you talking about? Eyes and ears? That’s the first I heard of it.

Zakk: That’s because you’re not important enough to feed information.

Tier: Isn’t that just another way of saying you don’t know? You were actually lying about being this town’s eyes and ears. How aw~ful.

Zakk: I do too know! They’re in the Slenge Mines! The mines just outside of the West Gate!

Rif and Killfith: (!)

Killfith: What…? Wasn’t that near where that guy said the Red Wing is?

Zakk: Yeah, but they really are there! I overheard those guys talking before!

Rif: Hmm, I see… and we don’t have any other leads… should we try going there…?

Tier: If it’s that dangerous, maybe it’d be a good idea to invite Miss V.E and Jade along?

Rif: But Master is searching Lute Caves, and Aniki’s gone to Bayreat Forest…

Tier: Crimany, what an annoying situation. Guess there’s nothing for it.
    -The only solution is for us to go track down Miss V.E and Jade.

Zakk: (!) By “us,” do you mean me too?

Tier: Of course I mean you too! You spilled the beans, so obviously you should ask for Jade!

Zakk: Ugh… I got it.

Killfith: (…) Exactly whose side is this kid on, again?

Zakk: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Tier: Time is money, so let's not waste any!
    -Catch you later, Rif!

Rif: Take care, okay?

Zakk: You too.

(Tier and Zakk depart stage left)

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It seems Anise is somewhere in Slenge Mines. Let’s check it out!

Killfith: It sounds like there’s a ferocious Summon Creature known as Red Wing residing there. This should be fun…

Rif: That’s one thing I hope we don’t find there!

(In front of the West Gate, we find out why the gatekeeper’s letting us through)

Gatekeeper: The usual gatekeeper caught a cold, so today I’m substituting for him. What a pain…
    -It seems there’s a scary Stray called Red Wing out there, but if you want to go I won’t stop you.

(In the Slenge Mines, Lemmy is standing in front of a gorge)

Rif: Huh? Lemmy, what are you doing here?

Lemmy: W-what, you ask?

Rif: Didn’t you know? They’re saying there’s a scary Stray called Red Wing around here.

Lemmy: I know about that! And anyway, what are you doing here if you know it’s dangerous?

Rif: What are we… Zakk told us that Anise and her gang were hiding around here.

Lemmy: Zakk… saying too much again…

Killfith: Hmph. And what exactly are you doing in a place like this?

Lemmy: M-me?! Weapons, I… that’s right, I just came to forge weapons.

Rif: Oh, is that what you’re doing? Specially came to a dangerous corner of the world so you could forge, huh?

Lemmy: But I was on my way back just now.

(He rushes off in a panic)

Rif: (…) What’s with him? And what was he so upset about this whole time? I got a really bad feeling about this.

Killfith: Hmf, no kidding.

(While trekking through Slenge Mines, Killfith suddenly stops Rif.)

Killfith: Tch… over there…

(Nearby, a bad guy stands beside a large ogre-looking Stray.)

Man: What are those guys doing! We were supposed to change shifts ages ago! Dammit…
    -(paces back and forth)
    -(…) Forget it, I’ll go call them over!

(The man departs.)

Rif: That must have been one of their comrades! Their hideout has got to be nearby!
    -We’ve gotta go after him!

Killfith: Cool it… what are you planning to do about the watchdog?

Rif: You don’t think we’ll have to knock him out, do you?

(The Stray walks away.)

Rif: (?) What? It doesn’t want to keep a lookout?

Killfith: How am I supposed to know?

Rif: Anyway, let’s keep moving.

At this point, there will be a difference depending on which path you choose:
    -Path on the left >Leftways
    -Path on the right >Rightways

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day Eight Side Quests


Didn’t another kid give you that Mountain Spring Water before?
(Purple-haired kid just north of the shops)
Child: Do you wanna trade that Mountain Spring Water…
    -… for my Common Ring?

(Obtained Common Ring!)

Child: Hehehe… sucker.

If you hit the target in Slenge Mines
Archery Maiden: Good to see you again! Take this prize!

(Received Kitchen Ore!)

Archery Maiden: Be sure to continue your devotion to the bow!

Stray Extermination

//Today’s Stray Extermination quests are hosted by Velworen.//

Velworen: Ahh, it’s you… would you like to know a little secret?

Rif: Eh? Not really…

Velworen: I came to the Council of Gold because Ms. Janna asked for my help in processing the Stray Summon Extermination requests.
    -But it seems like everyone strong enough to take on the requests is busy with something else now that the budget is running low.
    -We have some nigh-impossible-to-do requests that haven’t yet been fulfilled. It’s getting to be a bit worrisome.

Rif: Okay…

Velworen: Considering all that, I would consider it an act of mercy if you two could undertake one of the Stray Extermination jobs.

Rif: An act of mercy, huh?

Velworen: If you can finish up the job, I’ll reward you with raw materials that can help strengthen your weapons!
    -Ms. Janna told me that, as a blacksmith, that would be far more useful to you than money, so that should be fine, right?

Rif: Right…

Velworen: Well, let me know if you feel inclined to take on a job.

Upon talking to Velworen again:
Velworen: Ah, you’re not here to do the new Stray Summon Extermination job, are you?
    -It seems there is one Boulderhide running amock in Slenge Mines.

(Accept the job?)

(Obtained Council’s Dispatch Notice!)

After defeating a single #78 Stray, talk to Velworen:
Velworen: I heard you exterminated the Stray. Thank you. Here’s your compensation.

(Received Scroll of the Essential Point!)

Remember the blond purple-y guy we love so much? I know I don’t.
Receptionist: Hm, you want a job? Today’s job is very serious. Are you going to give it a shot?
    -There have been 20 Last Muppets spotted in Slenge Mines. Do you think you can handle them?

(Accept the job?)

(Obtained Council’s Dispatch Notice!)

After defeating twenty #72 Strays, talk to the blond receptionist:
Receptionist: Hm, it looks like you finished the job. Good work. Here is your compensation.

(Received Scroll of the Art of Health)

Accepting the Quests

It’s funny how no one questions you barging into their house
(Under a blue-roofed house just south of the shops, there are two people dressed in purple)
Woman: I wonder if you’d be able to lend a hand…

Man: There’s a weapon I want to order.
    -I really want a sword called Gimmick Sword, but…
    -It seems it needs some Gallic Ore.

(Accept request?)

(Received an order for a weapon!)

Man: If you can do it, I’ll be really pleased.

What is an Cat Lady without any cats?
Cat Lover: Excuse me, have you seen a white cat anywhere?
    -She had only just come back home, but suddenly she’s not here.
    -If you find her somewhere, please offer your assistance. I’m sure that she’s just purring away right now.

I like to think of this guy as “Leprechaun-esque”
Green Merchant: Are you going to do some exploring? While you’re at it, there’s this Blood-Sucking Pump… though you probably won’t be able to find it.
    -Although, if you can prove me wrong, I might be willing to trade.

Completing the Quests

It’s funny how no one questions you barging into their house
(After giving the man a Gimmick Buster, which is a #20 Sword)
Man: Here. Instead of money, let me give you this.

(Received Sash Ore!)

Man: Please come by any time.

What is an Cat Lady without any cats?
Cat-Lover: Oh, yes yes!
    -Sorry for all of the trouble. Please accept this as thanks for everything.

(Received Sash Ore!)

Cat-Lover: I just hope she doesn’t find herself in anymore dangerous places.

I like to think of this guy as “Leprechaun-esque”
Green Merchant: Ohh, that’s it right there.

(Trade the Blood-Sucking Pump?)

Green Merchant: Thank you. In exchange, why don’t you take this?

(Received Sash Ore!)

Green Merchant: Come by again.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day Eight, Part Three

(Outside the Council of Gold)

Jade: Well now! For the time being, how about we sniff out those guys’ whereabouts?

(For some reason, Rif, Killfith and Murno are surprised. It's like they don't know him at all.)

Rif: Wait a second, Aniki! Didn’t she just say that the Patrol Unit should focus on their job?

Jade: It’s fine. After all, it’s still patrolling, isn’t it? Nothing to worry about!

V.E: Honestly. You are such a man…
    -Okay! Then let’s split up and search for them!

Jade: I have to disagree with Rif and Murno on one point, because I don’t think that band is coming back to this town…
    -First, we should try searching the town’s perimeter. Leave the Bayreat Forest near the South Gate to me!
    -V.E should cover Lute Caves, and Rif can take care of the Bearded Forest up until Marneil Inn Town.

V.E: Couldn’t they also be near the west gate down the stairs? What are we going to do for over there?

Jade: It should be fine to leave Slenge Mines alone for now. Rumor has it there’s a dangerous Summon Creature there called “Red Wing.”

Killfith: “Red Wing”…? Heh… what’s that supposed to be, a red birdie?

Jade: That’s right… and it’s huge enough to swallow a man whole.
    -That “birdie” is dyed in deep red with the blood of its kills.

Rif: Amazing! So that Red Wing is really something cool…!

Killfith: It’s cool?

Jade: As long as you don’t approach it, you won’t get hurt, since it doesn’t seem to move around much, but…
    -Well, considering how few there were of those guys, if they decided to hide there, they’ve probably been eaten by now.

V.E: All right! Shall we start investigating, then?

Murno: Um… then I…

Jade: Since that demon stone you’re carting around is so important, you should lay low and go back to the workshop. Isn’t that what Ms. Janna said, too?
    -‘Exercise some prudence?’

Murno: But…

V.E: Aha… what Jade is trying to say is that Murno needs to keep a strict guard over the demon stone.
    -And since Master Benson is at the workshop, it would give us some peace of mind, you know?

Murno: All right… I understand.

V.E: (to Rif) On a related note, Rif, Killfith, I’m gonna ask you to be Murno’s escort to the workshop.

Rif: Got it! Just leave it to us!

Jade: Then let’s go! Just be sure to pay extra attention so you don't get lost. Especially V.E.

V.E: Although your undying concern for me moves me to tears of joy…
    -… if you keep throwing that crap into the wind, it’ll eventually end up in your eyes.

Jade: Don’t worry about me. I’ll just dodge so it’ll get in Rif’s face instead.

Rif: Hey! I’m right here!

V.E: Then, we leave it to you!

(Jade and V.E leave; Jade to the south, V.E to the east)

Rif: (…) Geez, what the heck…

Murno: Will you lead the way, Rif?

Rif: Ah—right! Let’s go to the workshop!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let’s escort Murno to the workshop!

Murno: I’m sorry. It’s my fault that you have to do something like this, since I’m so useless…

Rif: What are you talking about? You’re protecting the demon stone. That’s super useful!

Killfith: It’s a serious responsibility. You’ll have to give it your utmost.

Murno: Thank you, Rif, Killfith…

(Rif and the others arrive at Benson’s Workshop)

Rif: Um, Master.

Benson: Hm?

Rif: We’re going to go out for a little bit. Please look after Murno while we’re gone!

Benson: Hm.

Murno: I’m very sorry for the trouble.

Benson: Hm.

Murno: Thank you very much.

Benson: Hm.

Rif: (…) Man, it looks like they can communicate just like that… I’m a little embarrassed that I can’t follow…
    -(stares at Killfith) …

Killfith: (annoyed) What?

Rif: Hm.

Killfith: What’s that! Don’t be disgusting, I’ll kill you!

Rif: (shocked) Di—?!
    -(disappointed) It seems I just can’t do it…

Eliez: Do your best, big sis!

Rif: Eh?! Ahahahaha…
    -Okay! Let’s go and find out where Anise and her gang are hiding!

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Now then! Time to find out where Anise is hiding!

Killfith: We have to go along the road up till Marneil Inn Town. You’ll do your part by doing your absolute best.

Rif: Yeah! I won’t let a single clue pass us by!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Eight, Part Two

(Scene fades back in with Eliez running up to the workshop)
Eliez: I'm ba~ack!
    ‑(goes inside)
    ‑Is everyone still not here yet?

(Inside the Council of Gold)

Rif: … And that's everything.

Bostaph: …

Rif: Um…

Velworen: (while looking at the demon stone) So perhaps Govan's Demon Stone really is concealing such extraordinary powers…
    -I can’t believe that something so amazing was hidden in that Mishews Village!

Jade: Do you mean the Council of Gold already knew about that village?

Janna: Around the time this town was established, we sent out a thorough investigation of this area. That was when we discovered it.
    ‑However, since we believed the village had very little worth, we refrained from getting too involved.

Velworen: At that time, I was sent to this town to offer our greetings.
    ‑I discovered some rather interesting ruins. I've lost count of how many times I’d wandered through them.
    -But after the deaths of Rob and the others, I was no longer permitted to enter them…

Janna: In any case, what you’re saying is that if we return this demon stone to your village, the Stray Summons should settle down.

Jade: Except Anise's gang is trying to get their hands on it.

Velworen: It's hard to believe they’re such evil people… what will you do, Bostaph?

Bostaph: What shall I do, you ask...? I don't intent to do anything.

V.E: (annoyed) Hold on, what are you—

Bostaph: I have a contract with her group. Unless you can offer me definitive proof, I see no reason to doubt them.

V.E: That ‘group’ laid hands on my precious apprentices! Are you really going to stand up for those creeps?

Bostaph: As long as they continue to bring down Stray Summons, yes.

Killfith: Wake up. Those cretins…

Bostaph: Silence!

(Le shock!)

Bostaph: A Summon Creature should keep his mouth shut!

Killfith: …!

Janna: (…) Certainly, Bostaph does have a point.
    -It would not be good to rake these people over the coals simply on these children’s word.

Rif: But that…!

Janna: (To Bostaph) I am sorry to ask this so bluntly, but we will need you to put together a dossier of the party in question.

Bostaph: I am not of such poor principles that I would betray those I have a contract with. I will not do as you ask.
    -Excuse me.

(Bostaph leaves)

V.E: Hold on a minute there!

Jade: Forget it, V.E! Bostaph’s not gonna listen to anything we say right now.

V.E: … Tch! I suppose making a move in public would only make a scene.

Jade: That’s right. First things first, we should try to do some of our own investigating.

Janna: I think it would be good for you not to forget your job as a member of the Patrol Unit. The damage caused by Strays has been increasing.

Jade: You really know how to rub salt in it, don’t you? That’s fine, though. I get what you’re saying.

Murno: (…) Um… if that’s everything, then the demon stone…

Velworen: Ah, sorry, of course.

(Govan’s Demon Stone has been returned to Murno)

Janna: Hold on! Why are you returning it? If we had a little longer to inspect it, then…

Velworen: But if we have this in our possession, we will also end up being targeted…

Janna: Ah… I-I suppose… all right then.

    -(to Murno) But will you be all right, Ms. Murno? Until Anise and her gang’s identity comes to light…
    -I also have my doubts about whether you manipulated Summon Strays, since the details are not perfectly clear yet.

Murno: …

Janna: From your explanation today, it seems that we will not have to place you under arrest, but please be sure to exercise some prudence in the future.
    -In accordance with the aforementioned conclusion, we expect that you will offer us Govan’s Demon Stone at another time so that we might inspect it.

Murno: Yes, ma’am…

Janna: Then, we are adjourned for the day.

(fade to black)