Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Four, Part Three

(Side Conversation)
Rif: It sounded like Murno has some kind of business with the Council of Gold... what on earth could she want with them?

Killfith: She said she wanted to meet with that Velworen guy, but other than that, I don't know.

Rif: I see... In any case, we better keep going.

(The Town of Prosban)

Jade: The Council of Gold is at the end of this road up ahead, on the inside of the bend… just stick to my tail.

Rif has only gone a few steps when a voice calls out…

Zakk: Ah, Rif, is tha—ack!


Rif: You really have to be more careful with your feet.

Zakk: Shut up! I was just in a rush because I've got to report things and stuff!

Rif: Is that right?
    -By the way, be sure to take good care of our Master, since she just headed over to your workshop.

Zakk: Huh?! Your Master? What for?!

Rif: Well, a bunch of stuff, you know. Like to discuss things…

Killfith: Tch… Is this really the place for idle chatter?

Rif: Oh, that's right. we're in a bit of a hurry ourselves. We don't have time for small talk.

Zakk: That’s right, I’m in the same boat!

Rif: Then shall we go?

Further ahead, Rif pauses.

Rif: Um, I think the Council of Gold might be…

Killfith: Tch...! It's this way. You need to remember at least that much…

(He scooches her towards the left)

Rif: Oh yeah, on the inside of the bend.

(In front of a big, white-and-gold building)

Rif: So this is the Council of Gold.

Jade: You bet. Summoners come here to settle the accounts of the Town of Prosban.
    -Right now, all the members have probably gathered together. Ready to go?

Tier: Okay! I'm definitely going to get that attack fee!

Jade: I don't think that Ms. Janna will actually pay you, but do your best anyway.

Murno: Hmm...

Rif: Murno...
    -Hey, Killfith, what kind of a person is Velworen?

Killfith: I don't know.

Rif: Is that true?

Killfith: You talk too much.

Jade: Well, come on.


Jade: ... So please help us out with all that.

Tier: Finally I'll have a meeting with who's in charge!

Murno: Thank you very much.

Jade: Well, it was me asking. Of course they'd listen. Because after all…

Rif: They're probably terrified of you.

Jade: No, it’s because I always do good things around here! And just who are you calling scary?

Tier: Muahaha… In that case, I'll be able to receive my attack fee...

Jade: You're going to have to negotiate that by yourself.

Receptionist: Presenting Lady Janna.

Janna: Welcome, I am Janna Mortier. Are you the ones who wanted to meet with Lord Velworen?

Tier: Ah! Yes yes! That's right!

(And so someone with long, flowing black hair enters)

Velworen: It... it's you!

Murno: Ah...

Velworen: I thought you... Mishews Village's... what are you doing here?

Rif: Mishews Village?

Murno: Um... I…

Velworen: (!)

Murno: (crying) Um...

Velworen: Eh...? Ehhh?!

Killfith: Murno?!

Rif: (annoyed) Why is she crying? What did you do to her?!

Velworen: Wha...?! But, I...

Murno: Stop, Rif. It's not that... that's not it at all...

Rif: Murno...

Murno: Eh... um, I…
    -Um... I would like to tell you a story.

Tier: Th—that's right! Um, the Stray's...!

Murno: But... because it's my... the village's story... telling it here…

Velworen: Ah, I see. Then... let's go to my room.

Janna: Lord Velworen?

Killfith: I’m coming too.

Murno: I'm sorry, Killfith. I'll be all right by myself. You stay here with Rif.

Rif: So... you won't let me go with you either?

Killfith: Tch... whatever you wish.

Murno: Thank you, Killfith.

Rif: Killfith…

(Murno and Velworen leave; Janna is not pleased.)

Janna: Hold on just a minute. I—

Tier: (grabs hold of her) Ahh...! Ms. Janna, there's something else! Please listen to me!

Janna: Hold on, what are you doing?

Tier: Well, you see, I beat up a Stray and protected this town, so I thought...

Janna: You thought...?

Tier: Ah! Um... I thought... a reward... I wondered, since it seemed like I should receive one, if...

Janna: Oh my... are you telling me you want money?
    -Ohohohoho… what a lovely story that is.

Tier: But... um...!

Janna: However, young lady, whatever it is you seem to think about reality, it is not lovely.
    -But have a nice day. I will simply inform you that this is an adult's world.

Tier: Eh? But… wait…!

(Janna walks away, Tier still hanging off her arm)

Jade: Something tells me our colleagues won't be back for a while.

Rif: Then, what should we do now?

Jade: It'd be a bother for you to stay here, so you might as well come to my workshop. I'm sure Master Benson will be ecstatic.

Rif: I—is that right?

Jade: Of course he will. My master loves a good, spirited blacksmith.
     -So, don't worry about those guys. We'll just leave a message up front so they'll know we headed over to the workshop.

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