Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Three, Part Nine

(Inside the inn)

Jade: Yo, Rif, Killfith. Looks like you’ve had a busy day.

Rif: Yeah.

V.E: Hey, just what on earth have you been up to?

Rif: Huh?

Tier: Ahh, Dad. Rif and Killfith just came back.

Rif: Huh? Dad?

Thus: Hello there. I’m Thus, the owner of this establishment.
    -I heard that you rescued my daughter from getting into trouble with some bad men. I’m truly in your debt.

Rif: Ah, no, it's fine... Um, I'm Rifmonica. This is Killfith.

Killfith: …

Thus: I see. I'm told you two forge weapons.

Tier: That's right! A thoroughly-trained Craftknight and Summon Creature that can produce fantastic weaponry that we can sell!
    -At least, that’s what I think!

Rif: Hold on! Are you going on about that again?!

Tier: And then, me and Rif could become this inn’s two lovely young poster girls!
     -I’ve already thought it all through, and I've decided our objective is to advance on potential customers.

Thus: You say you've already decided…

Tier: But first it looks like Rif and them have some things to do, so they have to go to town.
     -That's why I'm going with them. I'm sure there are some things in town that I can put in order while I’m there.

Thus: You want to go with them?

V.E: Hold on, kid! You know, you haven’t even asked me what I think about all this.

Roche: Please excuse our daughter. I am indebted to all of you, so please take the rest of the day at your leisure.
    -Allow me to sharpen a few knives and I’ll whip us up a feast.

Rif: Really?! Sweet!

V.E: You really shouldn't be so delighted. A feast costs money, after all...

Thus: It's all right. It's our way of thanking you for saving our daughter. Of course we wouldn't ask for your money.

V.E: Really?! Sweet!

Tier: What are you talking about, Dad! See, don't you think it's because of this kind of management that our business in the red?!

Thus: Well, perhaps you have a point, but…

Tier: Really, how am I supposed to reel in any money when things are like this!

Jade: Geez... she's a pretty strong-headed young lady, isn't she?
    -Lucky thing you've found such a good partner, huh Rif?

Rif: Why would you even say that!

V.E: If you want to have any prospects as business partners, then you shouldn't be taking money from your future companion's friends, now should you?

Rif: What do you mean business partners?!

V.E: Don't you understand, Rif? It is vital that you learn to live in the moment! Now is when you will open up your own future!

Killfith: (glaring at her) Demon.

Murno: Maybe, with Tier, you really…

Rif: No, that is, I mean...

Tier: Oh? You wouldn't be jealous, would you?

Murno: (blushing) Jea—?!

Tier: For not being chosen as poster girl. Although personally I don't understand why you’d be jealous.
     -Because you know, you seem to be a bit gloomy to work for us as a Craftknight, don’t you think?

Murno: Wha…! What do you mean, gloomy...?

Tier: Look, we're a business too, so we can't bother with kids who aren't bright and cheerful. Reeeaally sorry, though.

Murno: (annoyed) Oh... is that right...

Rif: (slowly turns to look at her) Uhh, Miss… Murno?

Murno: But I wouldn't have any interest in becoming this shop's poster girl anyway.

Rif: Wait, calm down, Murno!

Murno: What do you mean, jealous? I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous.
    -If you two want to be poster girls or partners or whatever, then that's fine with me!

Rif: Huh?! Hold on...

(Murno leaves)

Rif: (stares after her) Ahh...
    -How on earth did it come to this?

Jade: What a heavy atmosphere. I for one couldn’t even move.

V.E: Sooo... where does that leave us?

Killfith: (glaring at her) With one too many demons in the room.

Tier: Anyway! As for the inn price we discussed, it's only natural we'll still charge you. As a wise man once said...
    -“That is that, and this is this!”

V.E: Ooh… what a good saying…!

Tier: In life, you have to apply a firm distinction with money. Therefore, the fee for one person is…

Thus: (annoyed) Look here, Tier!

Tier: D-Dad...

Thus: That is more than enough! All I have been hearing from you is money this, money that.
    -It's shameful!

Tier: ...

Thus: Certainly money is important... but do you think money is everything?
    -Don't you understand? There are many important things that money cannot buy.

Tier: But…

Thus: "But" nothing. I am your father. And I never said that they would be staying here for free.

Tier: Really?!

V.E: That... but just now, didn't you say you didn't need money...

Thus: Yes, we will not take money. Instead...
    -We shall accept your smiling faces.

And there was a pause.

Tier: ... I understand, Dad...

Thus: I see that, Tier… and I'm glad.

Tier: Then, the inn fee is 1000 Boam per person, if you please!

V.E: Whaaat?! You don't understand at all! Even after that amazing speech!

Tier: Amazing speech? You never said anything.

Thus: But, just now—certainly you heard something of what I said, didn't you?

Tier: Dad, don't you get it? If I hadn't done things like lure in customers or become a road guide, this business would have gone bankrupt a long time ago!
     -Like I said, it's because you keep saying nonsense like "your smiling faces" that we don't earn any income!

Thus: If you say that...

Roche: My goodness. Well, there's no point scratching our heads on an empty stomach. Not when I've already prepared some food for us.
    -So, let's everyone eat together.

V.E: Cool!
    -(runs off, delighted)

Tier: Ah, no, she ran away!

Jade: Honestly, V.E sometimes... please excuse her...

Roche: My goodness, you don't have to worry about that. Please, you should have something to eat too. There'll be some cake after the meal.

Jade: Cool!
    -(runs off, delighted)

Tier: Ah! Geez! Wait!
    -Honestly... where on earth is my parents' motivation for profit?!

(Everyone else leaves)

Rif: (still staring after Murno)

Killfith: How long do you plan on standing there like that?

Rif: (smiles sadly) Just a little longer…


-Those men were Murno's enemies, but I don't have any clue what kind of people they were...
-Whenever I think about it, I start to get a little anxious about what might happen from now on.
-Although now, I have two problems. What should do about Tier?… but even saying that sounds so uncool…

Rif: Haaauugghhh…
    -Ah man… how did it ever become like this…
    -Huh? Is someone there? It couldn't be…

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