Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Zero, Part Six

(Deikel Village)

Rif: Hey… what’s going on over there?
    -(sees the spike-haired dudes)
    -What are they up to this time?

(She runs up stairs)

???: But I already apologized to you…

Goon: You call that an apology?
     -You think such a weak little ‘sorry’ is gonna excuse you from going around knocking into people? That better be a joke!

???: …

Goon: What’s that? You gonna apologize now, runt?

???: You—you really shouldn’t get mixed up with me…

Goon: Huhh?
    -You run into ME and that’s what you have to say?! Hey!

(He knocks the kid down, and her hat falls off)

???: Ah…!

Goon: What?! That dude’s a chick!

(She begins to run off, but he grabs her)

Goon: Hold on!

???: Let me go!

Goon: You still being like that? Don’t wanna apologize that much, huh?

???: I…

Goon: Oh, I know! If you don’t wanna apologize, how ’bout you keep me some company instead, huh? … How’s that sound?

???: Why would I want to do that?

Goon: I’m saying you’d do it to make up for knockin’ me over!

???: If you don’t stop messing around…

Goon: Oh? You’ll do what?

???: I’ll… huh?
    -Hey…! What happened? Why isn’t it here?! My stone!

Goon: Hey, hey… if you don’t stop messing around, then I’m gonna have to do something about it, won’t I?

???: No! Get away from me!

Rif: Why those creeps…!

???: Oh! It’s you…

Goon: What is it?! You got some kinda business with us, apprentice?

    -You bet I have some business with you.  >Playing Hero
    -No, not really.  >Playing Around

Playing Hero
Rif: Get away from her!

Goon: Huh?

Rif: Didn’t you hear me?
    -(steps in front of kid)
    -I said, get away from her.  >To Protect

Playing Around
Rif: I don’t have any business with you, no.

???: …

Goon: That was quick.

Rif: Although…

Goon: Nuh!

Rif: Sorry, but it just so happens I have some important business to discuss with the girl. So, why don’t you do us a favor and get lost?  >To Protect

To Protect
Goon: Why you… this cocky attitude of yours is turning into a real bad habit, Stray’s apprentice.

Rif: What attitude?! If you ask me, a guy picking on a girl is the only thing around here that looks bad!

Goon: What was that, asshole!
     -Before you keep mouthin’ off, you oughta know I've got a need to beat people up who don’t apologize.

Rif: I’m not about to apologize for that. Not when a guy like you deserved it!

Goon: You brat, I’ll knock that smirk right offa your face!

Rif: Bring it on!

???: All of this… this is all my fault…

Rif: Huh? What’s that?

???: It’s only because you got involved with me that you have to do this. That’s why…
    -That’s why I told you before that you shouldn’t concern yourself with me…

Rif: Sorry, but I can’t do that.

???: Why not?

Rif: Why…?
    -Hey, I’m about to fight for your freedom right now. What an uncool question!

???: Wha?

Rif: Anyway, what’s said is said! I’m taking these guys on!
    -I may not be much, but I will protect you!

???: (blushing) …!

(Rif and Goon fight; Rif wins)

Rif: How’s that! Give up yet?

Goon: Kh!

Rif: Now that that’s out of the way, there’s something important I wanted to ask you. You see, I found this just a bit ago.

???: Ah…!

//If before you wanted to use it to make a weapon//

Rif: I wondered if it could be used as weapon materials.

???: No it can’t! It’s very important to me! Give it back!

//Or if you simply resolved to return it to her//

Rif: Is this thing important to you?

???: Yes! Now give it back!

Rif: Ahh, I’m sorry! Of course I’ll give it back…
    -Wait, that’s right! The Summon Creature!

???: What?

Rif: Of course I’ll return this to you, but if you could just tell me about that Summon Creature from before…

(Guys suddenly grab Rif)

Rif: What are you doing?! Let me go! Perverts!

Goon: Can it! (punch)

Rif: Urgh… I can’t believe you guys… would use such cowardly methods…


Rif: Grh…!

Goon: Didn’t I tell you to shut up?

Rif: … Nhh…

Goon: So it’s cowardly, huh? Well, we’re just humble compadres, so it’s only common sense we work together, doncha think?

Creep: That’s right. But if it’s too much for you to handle, we won’t mind if you summon up your Master Summon Creature.

Goon: Not that it’ll do any good. She’s just some Stray!

Rif: This…

Goon: So, little miss, how about you do me the kindness of offering some company to Lord Again and Again?

???: No way!

Rif: Stop this!


Rif: Urrgh…!

Goon: Why should I? You gonna protect her? Huh?!

Rif: This…

???: I’m so sorry…

Rif: What?

???: I’m so sorry… please, just forget about me. If… if I promise to go with him…

Rif: What are you saying! I can’t let you…

(Punch; Rif collapses)

Creep: Hahaha… you’ve already had your turn, so stay out of the way!

Rif: Urggh… I… this is so not cool…

???: …

Rif: No! I can’t let it end like this!
    -I have to help her! I have to… I must…!

//So yeah… “Lord Again and Again.” Literally he said, “keep Shibashi-sama company” where “shibashi” means either “for a while” or “again and again”… it’s a pun, get it? Another thing to note is that Goon had been speaking very casually, but suddenly uses polite language in that line. It’s a hugely noticeable in Japanese, but less so in English, since the English language has less emphasis on politeness.//

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