Thursday, January 6, 2011

Night Two - Killfith

Killfith: I thought you might be here…
     -Hanging around a place like this even though we have a match set with Master… Have you given up already?

Rif: It’s not that, but Master has always been my partner, you know? Though I know it’s useless trying to wiggle out of it now.
     -But, rather than dwelling on that, I should just get ready for tomorrow if I’m not going to sleep, you know?

Killfith: How like you to come to such a wise conclusion.

Rif: Anyway, Killfith, I wanted to thank you for your patience today.

Killfith: Patience?
    -(irritated) Being your partner is a constant exercise in patience.

Rif: That’s so mean! I was just talking about when we were taking back the demon stone!

Killfith: ?

Rif: You actually wanted to just beat those guys up and take the demon stone back by force, didn’t you?
    -But, for my sake, you held back… so thank you.

Killfith: Holding back for your sake…. Don’t be an idiot!
    -I just wanted to watch you suffer.
    -I can’t believe you even went so far as a dogeza for those imbeciles…

Rif: Ah, geez… I must have looked pretty lame doing that.

Killfith: You did. I'd never be able to do something so pathetic.

Rif: You don’t sugarcoat anything, do you?

Killfith: I guess being able to debase yourself like that is just another decisive difference between you and I…
    -And for Murno…

Rif: Huh…? What is it, Killfith?

Killfith: Tch… how long do I have to deal with this simpleton…

Rif: Wha—what’s that supposed to mean?!

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