Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Three, Part Four

(Above Ground)

Tier: Good work, everybody~. Just a little bit further up by the Summon Creature Train Station is Marneil Inn Town.

V.E: Sounds like we reached the halfway point. At this rate, we'll be in town before the day is out.

Rif: Halfway there, huh?

Killfith: Can you still walk?

Murno: Ahh, I’ll be fine, I think.

Tier: Then, please follow me!
    -(starts to walk, but stops) (!)
    -Huh?! That’s...!

Rif: What?

(Side Conversation)
Rif: Let's find out what Tier's looking at!

Killfith: ... Why me.

Closer up, you can see something blocking the path.

Killfith: Tch... a Stray Summon.

Tier: I've seen that one before. Even though it's itty-bitty, it's pretty ferocious... but this is the first time I've seen it in this area.
    -I knew it, something funny's been going on lately…

Rif: Didn't you have to come this way before? How could you not have noticed it?

V.E: Well, I guess it can't be helped... I’d say it’s about time for a strong and cool-looking adult to step up to the plate.

Tier: (Wonderful...! This is simply perfect...!)
    -Please step out of the way.
    -(pulls out a bow)

Murno: Huh? Tier...?

(She fires an arrow into its backside. It is not pleased.)

Stray: Grrr...

V.E: (annoyed) Hold on, what do you think you’re doing?!

Tier: Hey, let go! I'm taking care of that Stray!
    -Ah! There'll be a special fee for this too, of course!

Rif: You want us to pay you to get rid of it?!

V.E: What are you talking about! You should be leaving this kind of thing up to an adult!

Rif: (annoyed) Hold it! This time, leave this to the two of us.

Murno: Over there... it's coming this way!

Killfith: No way around it... we'll have to finish this.

Rif: Yeah! Let's go!

(Fight Doran)

Tier: Come on, you should let me beat it up. After all that trouble I went through...

V.E: What exactly have you been mumbling about this whole time? This girl...

Murno: Are you all right, Rif? You weren't hurt?

Rif: I'm just fine! Didn't even break a sweat!

Tier: If you were hurt, I could sell you a potion for cheap, you know.

Rif: Going on about money again...

V.E: You are ridiculously prepared, aren't you? You sound like an old woman who's lived here her whole life.

Tier: Except your regular old lady doesn't know to be fully prepared as a matter of course when going into a forest full of so many dangers.

Killfith: And yet thanks to your careless attack, you put us through a lot of annoyance.

Tier: Wait, what?! You didn't fight it already, did you?
    -That's no good, you should have left it up to me.

V.E: Don't be absurd!

Tier: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you know. No matter what you might think, I'm very strong.

Rif: Strong...

Tier: What... you don't believe me?

Rif: Well...

    -To be honest, I have a hunch she might be amazingly strong.  >Glasses=Super Strength
    -She doesn't look strong at all.  >Wuss~

Glasses=Super Strength
Rif: You're strong? Yeah, I believe you.

Tier: Nooo... From the way you said it, I don't think you believe me at all!

Rif: What the heck…  >Proof

Rif: How am I supposed see strength I can't see?

Tier: What a thing to say… but much of what a customer says is both a good thing and a bad thing...

Rif: Well, what can I say…  >Proof

Tier: Then let's have a match. I'll even let you fight with that Summon Creature ally of yours!

Rif: Huh?!

Killfith: If you take back that idiot thing you said just now, I'll pretend I didn't hear you.

Tier: Well, since I'm not going to take it back, I guess you'll just have to have a match with me...
    -Or else I won't let you go any further!

Rif: What should I do?

V.E: I guess it can't be helped... if we want to progress further, we'll have to fight her, so we'll be disrupted no matter what.

Rif: I see... Guess there's no point trying to dodge it...

V.E: However, if you're only going to have a match, that's nothing interesting...

Tier: What do you mean?

V.E: How about this? If they win the match, you refund our guidance fee.

Tier: Re... Whaaat?! You want me to give your money back?!

V.E: It's fine if you don't want to. Maybe you just don't have the confidence to win?
     -I mean, if you don't even have that much drive, I don't see why I should approve of this match.

Tier: ...

V.E: Good, then! You don't have a choice now! You have to win, Rif!

Rif: Ah... right...

V.E: Remember, you have to adjust your preparations for each individual match!

Killfith: That woman... she's always doing things.

Murno: I guess so…

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