Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Prank

(Rif wins the match with Tram)

Rif: I won! I did it, Murno!

Murno: Rif... Thank goodness…

Tram: I can't believe I lost... I guess I'll finally have to admit that potato dumplings are not suitable bait for fishing.

Rif: Huh?! No, just because you lost, you don't have to go that far.
    -Besides, I use potato dumplings as bait all the time! It's not as good as using lobsters or clams, though.

Tram: Haha... we sure know some high-class fish, don't we.

Gallahan: Easy for you to say. If I don't use a wooden fishing pole, I can't catch anything because the power meter goes too fast!

Rif: Speaking of that, do we eat the fish after we catch them or do we sell them?

Tram: That's a good question. They always seem to turn into points after I catch them.
    -Although perhaps the fisherman at the pond simply uses a point system to measure how much you earned per fish.

Killfith: See there, Murno?

Murno: Yes, they really do have a lot of pointless arguments.

Tram: Come to think of it, I wonder why he sits there and lets us use lobster as bait. Does he do that for everyone?

Murno: If that's true, all the fishing being done must be devastating to the local economy.

Tram: Not to mention all the fishing necessary to obtain lobsters and clams to use as bait. By the way, do you think Magdorad eats lobster?

(Group exclamation points)

Rif: Magdorad is the one Anise summoned before, right? Are you suggesting we use lobster to lure him out of Anise's clutches?

Tram: Oh my, no, I was just wondering aloud if he might like it as a treat.
    -But unlike the Phantom Dragon, Magdorad doesn't seem to do so well in water, so perhaps not.
    -I have to find out what kind of food he likes best.

Rif: Are you planning to use him somehow?

Tram: Before you go jumping to conclusions, I would never abuse my powers as a Summoner in such a way.
    -I would only tie the food to a string and dangle it in front of his face so I could get rides everywhere.

Rif: …

Tram: Don't give me that look. Do you have any idea how trying it is to have to walk everywhere?

Rif: Actually, yes. Even though there's a train station at my home town, I can't afford to take it.

Tram: I wish we had a train station in Louise Village. I hate being stuck in the same place all the time.

Rif: Well, you could, you know, leave.

Tram: Anyway, shall we go find a suitable snack for Magdorad?
    -Dragons are highly revered by our people, largely because they often have an intelligence equal to or sometimes greater than our own... so we'll be the talk of the town once they see me and Murno riding around on one!
    -(takes Murno's hand, much to Killfith and Rif's annoyance)

Murno: Why me—?!

Rif: Yeah, why does Murno get to ride on Magdorad? I want to ride on a dragon!

Tram: But you already defeated Magdorad, so there's no way he'll let you get on his back.
    -Besides, Murno's way cuter.

Rif: Hey, I'd be cute if I were a blond!

Tram: Good luck with that.
    -(leaves with Murno)

Killfith: Tch, taking Murno again...! Hey, you! Quit dragging your feet before I drop you off another cliff!

Rif: Why me?

Gallahan: Good luck with that.

//Happy April Fool's Day!//

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