Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Night Eight - V.E

V.E: Yo, Rif!
    -I’m sorry about what happened today. Looks like you ended up drawing the short end of the stick.
    -All because Jade said there wasn’t anyone in Slenge Mines…

Rif: Come on, Master, calm down…

V.E: Moreover, that Anise and whatever those other guys are called put our Rif through so much horrible suffering…
    -I’ll never forgive them for that…

Rif: Kinda sounds like you want revenge.

V.E: That’s not it. Not that I can explain exactly why it isn’t it, just know that it’s not the same thing at all.

Rif: Gee, thanks for clearing that up…
    -By the way, um… When Master Rob… when he died, he went out by himself, didn’t he?

V.E: Well that came out of nowhere… And don’t you remember? I think we were both at the house when it happened, right?
    -There was a report of a suspicious guy wandering near the Town of Prosban, and since it made him uneasy, he decided to check by himself…
    -Bostaph, who was on patrol at the time, happened across him. He came back, his body riddled with wounds, and Rob’s memento in his hand…
    -I could only accept what he’d picked up…

Rif: And, um… he didn’t meet anyone called Voijin, did he?

V.E: Voijin… geez, let me think… wait, didn’t you mention someone with that name during the conference earlier?
    -Wasn’t that the name of Anise’s boss? Why would you ask me if he’d met with a creep like that?!

Rif: Yeah, you’re right… of course… nevermind, then.

V.E: What’s going on? You think there might be some connection between Rob and that Voijin guy?

Rif: No way! There couldn’t be any kind of connection, no way, no how!

V.E: What is that suppose to mean? Honestly, you…

(fade to black)

-That’s right, there couldn’t be something like a connection between them. Master Rob couldn’t have killed this “Voijin” person…
-I’ve decided. Anise must have been lying!


  1. Aren't you taking a bit too many liberties with the
    リフモニカ 「そういうのは復讐っていうんじゃ…」
    ヴィー 「それはチガウぞ どうチガウかはこのアタシでも上手く説明できないけどね」

  2. Furthermore, the ピック is obviously referring to a musical kind of pick, like for a guitar or a bass, since V.E.'s from Earth is a fan of rock who was really into music and left her house to form a band when she got summoned to Lyndbaum. In other words, the memento that Bostaph brought back to V.E. is the pick that she once gave to Rob.

    1. ACK! I never realized that!! My apologies; you're absolutely right to correct me here. As I note in my Disclaimer, I'm still studying Japanese, and in fact, when I started translating, I knew next to nothing about Japanese. That's why there are a lot of details, like V.E. being from Earth and loving rock'n'roll, that COMPLETELY went over my head. I know more Japanese now, but as you can see, I still have a lot to learn. The main reason why I started this blog is because I love this game series so much, but nobody else (at the time) was working on a translation, and it didn't seem like anyone would. Of course, there's a fan-made translation ready now, but at this point, I'm translating more for the sake of practicing my Japanese, even though (as mentioned) I still have a lot to learn.

    2. Well that's very good (at least even better than me, cause I don't know jap, lol) translation, looking forward to finish this project!

  3. It's been a long time!
    Please, keep going...

  4. It's been a long time
    Please continue!

  5. Please continue!