Sunday, July 6, 2014

Night Eight - Murno

Murno: Ah, Rif…
    -Um… thank you.
    -Thanks to your help, it seems that the townspeople finally believed my story…

Rif: I’m just glad it turned out so well. It looks like even Bostaph will help in capturing Anise’s gang.

Murno: But once again, you had to suffer through so much hardship because of me. I’m so sorry.

Rif: Don’t worry! Those guys put me through the wringer too, you know. It’s not like it’s somebody else’s problem.

Murno: Rif…

Rif: And anyway, those guys… with Master Rob, as well…

Murno: Eh? What…?

Rif: Ahh, no… it’s nothing.
    -In any case, I also have some business to settle with those guys… So, next time for sure…
    -I’ll definitely catch them…!

Murno: Rif, don’t do anything too rash. No matter what happens, you absolutely have to come back, okay?

Rif: I understand, Murno. Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to come back for you, okay?

Murno: Thank you, Rif.

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